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Succulent Subscription Box – $8 for First Month + Free Shipping!

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Succulent Subscription Box

Succulent Subscription Box – $8 for First Month + Free Shipping! 

We have recently learned about a fun new subscription box which seems perfect for the winter time when we need some fresh items in our homes for some pops of greenery & color, to bring the outdoors inside. Succulent Studio, is a succulent subscription box where you will receive two 8 week old succulent plants in the mail each month.

These are the perfect size to have around your home – in your kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom & more – anywhere you could use some pops of green! They also work well for apartments or dorm rooms, as well as for your office. They would make fun gifts to give to friends or neighbors too when they arrive to your home or give the gift of the subscription.

Each succulent subscription box from Succulent Studios will contain 2 8 week old plants grown in southern California. They use only organic materials & fertilizers. They are then shipped to your home in 100% plastic-free packaging with biodegradable pots, so they are all ready to grow.

One fun fact I learned from their site is that succulents actually produce oxygen at night (when other plants are producing carbon dioxide) so this makes them a great option to have in your bedroom while you sleep. And succulents conserve water, so they are definitely the easiest plant for those of us who are not blessed with the gardening gene.

Succulent Studios Discount:

You will pay $10 / month + shipping. Right now, they are offering a 20% discount on your first box + free shipping! This drops the price to just $8 for the first box  + free shipping. You do not need a discount code, this price should show up when you go to checkout.

Once you are signed up, you will receive a box with 2 succulent plants each month. If you choose to cancel, you can cancel at any time online under your account information.

I like that they do allow you to skip a month or gift a month to a friend, too, if you’d like that option to take a break one month.



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