Planet Fitness Teens Free with Summer Pass!

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Planet Fitness Teens Free

Planet Fitness Teens Free with Summer Pass!

What a cool offer –  Planet Fitness is offering free workouts for teens at their facilities all summer long thru their Planet Fitness Teens Free Summer Challenge program!

Sign ups for this program actually start May 15 this year & will run through August 31! You can sign up to get a reminder to sign up for the program now. This is available for teens ages 14 – 19.  They can work out for free as much as they want during this time period.

There are over 2400 Planet Fitness locations around the US & Canada & I found a number of locations here in the Northwest too.   Teens must work out at the location they originally sign up at.

There will be fitness classes available & teens can take those classes for free  through the Planet Fitness PE@PF program. There will be classes at least once a day, Monday thru Friday.

One of my teens participated in the free Planet Fitness for teens program last summer, and she really enjoyed it. She had friends also sign up, so they were able to coordinate their times together at the club. The facility we went to was very clean, there were helpful employees and all the equipment she needed to do great workouts. It created a love for working out for her, and she continued on with a regular membership into the rest of the year. I think this is such a great program personally!

Planet Fitness Teen Membership

Is Planet Fitness Free for Teens Really?

Yes – they have brought back the Planet Fitness Teen Summer Challenge, which means that teens can enjoy the fitness club completely free!

Plus, all participants are entered into Planet Fitness’ Scholarship Sweepstakes! At the end of the summer, Planet Fitness will be awarding scholarship prizes too.

How to Sign Up for the Free Planet Fitness Teen Memberships:

  • Sign ups start May 16, but start by signing up for the High School pass here (it is basically pre-registration). They will then send you a reminder when the actual signs ups open on May 15, and you can then sign up for your free membership from May 15 to August 31.
  • Teens under 18 must bring a parent/guardian to sign up, or you can do it online. Once the parent/guardian waiver form is signed, then they can workout alone.
  • Teens who are 18 and over do not need a parent or guardian to be present when they sign up
  • You can sign up in the club, or online signups available this year too. Sign up at the location you want to work out at.

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