Teen Tix – $5 Tickets for Teens To Movies, Theater, Concerts, Museum Events & More!

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Teen Tix – $5 Tickets for Teens to Many Local Events!

If you have a teen between 13 and 19, you might want to check out the Teen Tix program. Teens can get free and discounted tickets to many events throughout the Seattle area. They have recently added a few venues in Tacoma too!

Teen Tix is a free arts access pass that allows teenagers to purchase $5 tickets to theater, dance, music, movies and visual arts events on the day of the event. Teens sign up for free, and then are able to purchase tickets to various performing arts venues for $5 each. There are even free events sometimes available to teens.

If your teen is a member of Teen Tix, there are opportunities for you to get in to events and venues for $5 too! For some events, Teen Tix tickets are 2 for $10, so your teen can bring you along too! 2 for $10 days are Sundays at most partners except museums, and Thursdays at their museum partners.

In addition to the discount tickets there are some events or venues that are always free to Teen Tix members (easiest way to find these is to go to the Calendar option, then select free on the left hand side).

Find all the details you need to sign up here, and the specifics of how it works.

Be sure to check out their FAQ page here too, for more details you will want to know on the program.

Things to Know about Using the Teen Tix passes:

  • Always bring your Teen Tix pass – you can just show your Teen Tix digital pass (it’s a QR code) on your phone or you can print off a paper pass or even request a physical pass to be sent to you. This is required in order to get the $5 tickets, though. It’s free to sign up for this program.
  • Teen Tix are almost always $5 for the tickets (with some exceptions for free events as well as some special events/galas that might have a higher price)
  • 2 for $10 deals – certain venues will offer 2 for $10 tickets – meaning your teen + someone else of any age (including the parent) could get in for $5 too – so $10 total on certain days. (The venue should say whether or not they offer this on the event page).
  • Typically the $5 tickets are only available on the day of the show. If you want to know if they will have tickets, it’s a really good idea to call ahead to make sure they will have teen tix available for the show before you drive to the location. Some locations may start selling them as soon as the box office opens (for example , the box office may open 1 1/2 hrs before the show). There is the chance that they could have a sell out, though, & no tickets will be available. {There could be a chance that they would let you buy the Teen Tix tickets ahead of time, too, so always worth a call to find out.}
  • Always bring your student ID – some venues may require a school ID (or other proof of your age) so always carry that with you along with the Teen Tix pass
  • Always bring cash – some venues may only accept the $5 for the ticket in cash, so always make sure to have the cash just in case
  • Always check the Event calendar – want to find events you can use your Teen Tix pass – just check the Event calendar to see all the events, museums, etc you can use your pass at as it’s always changing.

Here are some examples of events that are currently available, to give you an idea of how cool this program is:

Carmina Burana ballet

This fall 2022, the Pacific Northwest Ballet is offering $5 teen tickets to the Carmina Burana ballet. They have the $5 tickets for teens, but are not offering the 2 for $10 (for an adult & teen).  Here are the times::

  • Sat, Sep 24, 2022 12:00pm
  • Sat, Sep 24, 2022 2:00pm
  • Thu, Sep 29, 2022 12:00pm
  • Fri, Sep 30, 2022 12:00pm
  • Sat, Oct 1, 2022 12:00pm
  • Sun, Oct 2, 2022 1:00pm

A few more requirements for the Pacific Northwest Ballet:

  • Proof of vaccination OR a negative PCR test administered within the last 72 hours.
  • Photo ID
  • Masks to be worn at all times

The Griswolds Broadway Vacation

There is also a new show at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle & teens can get $5 tickets to The Griswold’s Broadway Vacation musical. The show starts this Saturday September 10th & there are tons of ticket days thru Sunday October 2nd, 2022.  There are 12 teen tickets per performance set aside for each show. Unfortunately this is not one where you can get 2 tickets for $10 (so unfortunately you can’t get in for $5 with your teen, but it’s still a great savings for them).

Ansel adams exhibit

One other event that I saw that is popular right now is the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Museum of History & Industry . They have several Teen tix promos they are offering for this exhibit.

  • Youth 14 and under get in FREE when accompanied by an adult.
  • 2 for $10 Thursdays: A TeenTix member may purchase a $5 ticket for themselves and for another person of any age ($10 total) on Thursdays at this venue. Always call ahead to plan for companion tickets.

Here are more options you’ll typically find of available venues/tickets:

  • Various exhibits at museums like Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, MOHAI (Museum of Science & Industry)
  • Performances & plays – such as shows at the Seattle Children’s Theater, Benaroya Hall, Pacific Northwest Ballet (at McCaw Hall) & more.

These are just some ideas of some fun events we found in the current calendar. There are tons to choose from, including things like dance and art classes too. It really is a fantastic program, and the pass is good for teens from their 13th birthday to their 20th!

Using Teen Tix to see Swan Lake at the Pacific Northwest Ballet

Swan Lake at the Pacific Northwest Ballet

We just used the Teen Tix program for the first time to go to the Pacific Northwest Ballet at McCaw Hall to see the Swan Lake performance. I was so excited to find the Pacific Northwest Ballet on Teen Tix.  What an amazing deal to get my teen daughter’s ticket for just $5! They said that the $5 tickets could be anywhere we wanted to sit, too ( that were still available the day of the performance).

We made sure to call the theater the day before to make sure they would have Teen Tix available & they said they did have them available & that we could arrive as early as 1 1/2 hrs before the performance, when the box office opened to get our Teen Tix.

We unfortunately were not able to get there that early due to prior commitments, so we arrived about 30 minutes before the show & still were able to get the Teen tix for my daughter. They told us that we could pick any available seat & I would just pay the price for that seat & she could get her seat for $5. She was required to show the Teen Tix digital pass as well as a student ID, so make sure to always bring both with you.

Red Curtain at the Pacific Northwest Ballet

Thankfully when we arrived, there was a sign saying they were offering 1/2 price last minute tickets for groups of people including educators, military, art professionals, students & seniors. Since I am a homeschool parent, I had a homeschool parent ID with me, so they let me buy my ticket for 1/2 price so we decided to sit on the main floor, so that was quite a treat! Amazing seats to see the performance!

It was my daughter’s Christmas experience gift – we had let her choose a ballet performance from the Pacific Northwest Ballet for this year  for her gift & this is what she chose! But just because it was a gift, didn’t mean that we wouldn’t try to still get discounted tickets if they were available. And since we got her ticket for $5 & mine for half price, we splurged a little on the seats on the main floor to get better view seats (still the back half of the theater) but so worth it to be able to see it up closer (than our typical nose bleed section :) ).

Definitely such a cool experience & amazing for her to get her ticket for just $5! What an awesome program & we can’t wait to take advantage of it more often with both of my girls!

More Discount Ticket Options:

Another program you might be interested in, is the Goldstar Comp Train. This one provides free tickets to certain events for everyone (you just have to pay service fees which are usually around $3 to $7).


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