Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza – Affordable Meals for Busy Families #PapaMurphysLaw

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Papa Murphy's Pizzas - Affordable Meals for Busy Families

If you’ve been a reader long here at Thrifty Northwest Mom, then you know how much we love Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake pizzas as we love to share their coupons and deals with all of you. Sia and I both love to feed our own families Papa Murphy’s pizzas for not only their affordability but also their fresh and delicious ingredients. In our family, we eat Papa Murphy’s pizzas once a week. It’s something I look forward to at the end of every week as a break from cooking as we love to pick up Papa Murphy’s pizzas on Friday evenings so we can enjoy some family time with a movie or game night.  Friday nights are also a very busy night as we have gymnastics after school for my daughter, so Papa Murphy’s saves dinnertime for us so we don’t have to stop for fast-food and gives us that family time at home without having to rush around to put together a last-minute meal.

I love that I can find something so convenient (as there are stores all around) which makes it easy to drop in and pick up a pizza to go and it’s a meal that we always know our girls love. But the best part is that not only do they have fresh,quality ingredients, but they are so affordable for families.  You can get a whole meal, too – pick up a salad, bread sticks and cookies for dessert. I love to do this occasionally as we then have everything we need for a meal together with no hassle.  It just takes the guesswork out of having to come up with a fast meal on those busy or tiring nights.

This is what Papa Murphy’s” law is all about, saving busy moms like me from chaotic nights where I’m scrounging up a last-minute dinner. I am one who does not enjoy cooking, so having to come up with a meal last-minute at the end of a busy day of school activities can really get me stressed. Instead, Papa Murphy’s Law allows me to pop a pizza in the oven once we’re all home to enjoy it & have a relaxing meal and then enjoy our game night together as a family.  The opposite of Murphy’s Law, where everything seems to go wrong when you’re rushing around, which always seems to be the case for me! :)

What we Love about Papa Murphy’s:

Papa Murphy's Pizzas - Perfect for family or friend get-togethers

Convenience – Nothing beats the convenience of Papa Murphy’s pizza as you can cook the pizzas on your timeframe and not have to worry about the pizzas getting cold or having to eat at set time. Friday nights, as I mentioned are our family night with board games, movies, etc and we are rushing around with sports & meetings after school, so we can pick up a pizza earlier in the day or  on our way home and pop it in the oven when we’re finally ready for family time together.

Customization – With Papa Murphy’s pizzas, you can customize the pizzas according to your needs. One of my girls is a pickier eater and not much of a fan of marinara sauce, so she loves that she can get the white sauce at Papa Murphy’s and then we can order half and half with the toppings so that each our girls gets to choose what they love. No arguing about toppings when we can just split it half & half.

Fresh Pizza Ingredients – Papa Murphy’s offers all fresh ingredients, all of the time. The pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, veggies and more are prepared fresh every day in the store. They also offer chicken raised without antibiotics (RWA) for all their chicken products.

Affordability – I like that there are so many different options of ways to save even more at Papa Murphy’s. You can follow their website or follow on Facebook to see the most current deals. Plus, you can sign up for text or email offers for more savings at times as well.

Gluten Free Pizza – If you’re looking for a gluten-free option, they do now offer gluten-free crusts at Papa Murphy’s stores.  However, just note that Papa Murphy’s is not a certified gluten free kitchen.

Papa Murphy's Pizzas - Perfect for busy schedules

Ways to Save More at Papa Murphy’s:

Papa Murphy’s pizzas are very reasonable, but if you are looking to save even more, here are a few ways to stay up on the coupons & deals available:

$5 Faves Pizzas – This is a frequent way we get Papa Murphy’s pizzas, especially for the kids, by taking advantage of the $5 Faves pizzas. The Faves pizzas are lighter (less hearty) versions of their regular pizzas. They only offer pepperoni, sausage or cheese. However, you could always add a topping at home. {You typically cannot make substitutions/customizations to these types of pizzas since they are made to be a quick option for people to grab & go.}

$10 Tuesdays – Every Tuesday, buy any large pizza for just $10! This is always a popular deal and should be available at any Papa Murphy’s location. What a good way to branch out and try a new pizza to see how you like it! Or one of your favorites that is typically more pricey than others.

Follow PapaMurphy’s online – Check the Papa Murphy’s website frequently to see what deals are available. I always check this before I head to Papa Murphy’s to make sure there isn’t a coupon or discount I could take advantage of with my order. I ordered pizza this weekend and checked the website to see there was  a special coupon code. Turned out they had $8 large and $10 family size pizzas, so that saved us money using that coupon code as long as we ordered online.

Sign Up for Email Offers – If you head to the Papa Murphy’s website, click on “Sign Up for Offers”.  You can sign up for the Dinner Circle which will send you exclusive coupons & promos to your email & you can even have them send them via text, too. I’ve gotten offers for 50% off online using their promo code, so this is a very good way to save. Make sure you sign up for these offers!

Coupons by MailPapa Murphy’s always is offering coupons that come in the mail with your grocery store circular. We keep these in the car so we can have these handy when we’re heading to the store spur of the moment. I love how many coupons they always offer on their already-affordable pizzas!

Certificates with the Local Schools – you should check with your local school to see if they participate in a program with Papa Murphy’s where they provide Papa Murphy’s certificates for free Mini Murph’s pizzas if kids meet their Accelerated Reader (AR) reading goals.  My girls each came home with certificates for free pizzas a month or so again after meeting their AR goals for the semester. Not only did they get a free pizza kit each, but the certificate also added $2 off each regular size pizza.

Certificates for Free Mini Murphs

In this picture, we got 2 large Papa Murphy’s Faves pizzas plus 2 Mini Murph’s. With the certificate for each girl for their free pizza & discount on regular sized pizzas, we only paid around $7 for all of these pizzas. I love a company that will team together with the schools to provide incentives for progress at school.

As you can see, there are definitely a lot of different ways you can take advantage of further savings when buying Papa Murphy’s pizzas. Papa Murphy’s pizzas are not only affordable, but they are pizzas that the whole family loves!












  1. Check the in-store specials! Each location runs different deals. I’ve seen military Mondays, service members & their families get buy one get one free (one location the free pizza was a faves, another was any pizza). Also get a punch card, buy 10 get one free. Sometimes if you order online, they’ll give an extra punch

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