Firstleaf Wine Review + 6 Bottles of Wine for $39.95 & FREE Shipping!

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First leaf Wine Subscription

Firstleaf Wine Review + 6 Bottles of Wine for $39.95 + FREE Ship with Promo Code Offer!

Plus Review of Firstleaf Wine Club Subscription

What a great sale on wine we have to share with you, if you are a wine lover or if you would love to have a variety of wine on hand for gifting to friends & family.  Firstleaf is a wine subscription box service & they have a special offer for you!

Get 6 bottles of wine for just $39.95 + free shipping! That works out to just $6.66 per bottle of wine! Just use promo code: Flash39 to get this low price offer (through 7/28).

When I went thru & filled out my profile, the retail value of the 6 wines they will send me is $102.99 – but the actual price I’d pay is just $39.95 shipped for all 6 bottles after the coupon code savings! Plus, it will give you free shipping on future shipments for one full year (a $180 value).

Firstleaf only sells high quality wines & 92% of them are award-winning wines, so this is an amazing deal to get 6 bottles for such a low price!

Make sure to check out Sia’s post about making a Blind Wine Tasting kit – which would make a fun gift idea!

How it works:

Head to FirstLeaf  & start filling out the profile with your favorite wines & dislikes, as well as other questions they will ask to determine which wines to send you. (You can skip this if you’d like, but it will be more personalized to your likes if you fill it out. But if you’re giving as a gift, you could skip & they will send you a variety)

Enter your email address.

They will give you a list of the wines you will be sent in your box & a description of each wine. {If you see any wines you don’t like – they have the option to switch it out with another as well.}

Click on the orange button “Get my Wines Now”.

Use promo code: Flash39 to drop the price down to $39.95 and offer free shipping for a year.

Note you have to be a first time purchaser to get this offer.

You’ll fill out the payment info & order your box of 6 bottles of wine.

When I placed my order, they did offer me the option to double my order for the same deal (so you would get two boxes of 6 wines for $39.95 each and free shipping). Look for that if you want to stock up.

Note: This will sign you up for a wine subscription service; however, if you decide you don’t want to continue at any time, you can cancel in your account or pause deliveries…it is really easy to do. 

Firstleaf Wine Club Box:FirstLeaf Wine Subscription

Firstleaf is a wine subscription box  where you can try new bottles of wine based on your preferences & discover new wines that you may love. Once you try the wine, you can then go into your account & rate the wine, so they discover what your likes/dislikes are & will send you new wines based on your ratings & preferences.

They also offer a guarantee that if you do not like the wine club selection that they send, they will give you Firstleaf credit for 100% of the price of the bottle (minus shipping), so you can try a new wine.

Firstleaf Wine Bottles

This is a subscription service so when you order your first box you are signing up for the wine subscription service. The price of each wine subscription shipment (after this first box) is $90 + free shipping, which works out to $15/bottle. And they have the 100% satisfaction guarantee for every bottle.

However, you can cancel at any time in your account. Or you can change the frequency of the shipment, if you’d like more time to try the wines & see how you like the subscription service.

Firstleaf Review – My Personal Experience Subscribing:

Firstleaf Wine Box

We ordered the Firstleaf wine box with the Black Friday offer & it came within a week or so –  it was very quick to ship.

Firstleaf wine in box

The packaging is in a large box & it has cardboard packaging, wrapped all around each bottle, keeping it very secure. Everything arrived perfect!

They also include a card that describes each wine in the box. This makes it really fun if you want to use the wines for a tasting party, or just to enjoy and learn for yourself.

Another fun thing I loved about my box, was that the wines they send are wines that make wonderful gifts if you need something to give away too ( I love having a stash of easy to grab last minute gifts when needed).

So far I have loved each wine in my box. I have some favorites, and prefer some over the others, but have loved trying and drinking them all.

Once you have tried your wines, you can go back to your Firstleaf account to rate each one. This will help them determine what wines to send in your next box.

Another thing I really like about this wine club, is that I can control my shipments. You are able to cancel anytime after that first box, if you do not want to continue. I enjoyed mine so much that I know I want to continue, but I can go in and update the ship dates I want for my next box, making that really convenient.

You can also tell them things like how many bottles of red and how many of white you want as well. And they will show you the wines you have coming ahead of time on your future boxes, so you can choose to swap any of those out too if you are not happy with the selection. It gives you quite a bit of control over your account, which is nice.

Head here and get your first 6 wines for just $39.95 shipped with promo code 

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