Regal Movie Ticket Prices + Discount Days + More Ways to Save!

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Regal movie ticket prices

Regal Movie Ticket Prices + Discount Days + More Ways to Save!

Who else loves to go see a movie in the theater, especially for some of the big releases? This is one of my husband’s favorite things to do – to see movies on the big screen for the whole experience. But boy, the movies have gotten pricey over the years. So, we look for any & all ways to save at the theaters. Most of the theaters near us are Regal Theaters & I know there are many Regal cinemas around the country, so we wanted to focus Regal movie ticket prices and ways to save on those with Discount Days and more.

One of our favorite ways to save are the Regal Summer movies every summer. But there are so many more ways to save all year long! And you can find all of the current Regal discount tickets & other savings on their Promotions page to see what the latest offers are, as they are always changing.

Regal Groupon Offers

Groupon offers discounts on Premier Movie Tickets here for Regal Cinemas. These are a good price if you like to go to the more expensive movies, or evening times (the matinee prices will often beat these though).

Regal Crown Club

The overall best way to save at Regal theaters is by joining the Regal Crown Club. This is their rewards club & you will save any time you visit the movies & buy tickets as well as concessions. The more you spend, the more rewards you earn.

If you’re not a member of the Regal Crown Club,  it is free to join at any time. Plus, you will earn free points for movies you watch all year long with your movie & concession purchases. We are members & have earned free movies & concession discounts & freebies & more. We love this rewards program!

They also have a bonus program for people who visit the movies frequently called the Crown Jewel bonus program. You’ll get bonus points for how many times you visit:

  • Emerald – Receive 250 bonus credits after 6+ visits/year
  • Ruby – Receive 500 bonus credits after 10+ visits/year
  • Diamond – Receive 1,000 bonus credits after 20+ visits/year

Regal Discount Days

Regal Saturday Discount

Regal Saturday Kids Flicks

Regal Theaters have a new promotion for Saturday mornings at select theaters. They are offering Saturday Morning Kids Flicks -they will be offering favorite family-friendly movies during the first showtime of the day. Movies like The Super Mario Bros, Harry Potter, Trolls, Shrek, The Lego Movie  & more. These Saturday morning family movies will be just $2/ticket for the first showtime of the day. {Always call your theater first to make sure this is available as it sounds like it’s not available at all theaters}

Regal Tuesday Discount 

Regal Value Days

Head to the movies on Tuesdays & you’ll get $5 – $7 movie tickets & 50% off popcorn (the price depends on the area you live in) with your Regal Crown Club card. This is a great time to take the whole family to the movies & it will be quieter too so you’ll have more choice in where you sit , too!  These discounted movie tickets apply to every showing on Tuesdays too! {FYI: If a holiday falls on a Tuesday, then this may not be available, though}

When buying your tickets online, make sure you’re logged into your Regal Crown Club account or log into the app when buying tickets. Buying tickets in person- show your Crown Club card & use it at the concessions stand too.

Regal Monday Discount 

regal mystery movie mondays

Right now, Regal theaters are offering a Mystery Movie Monday offer at select theaters. For just $5, head to Regal theaters on Mondays & see a new release BEFORE it is open to the public. But, you won’t know what the movie is going into it (just the rating) – for example, for Monday Feb 5th, it. shows it’s a PG-13 movie.

If you are a Regal Crown Club member, you can also get a $9 small popcorn + soda as well.

Regal Summer Movies

Don’t forget about the Regal Summer Movies program – Regal Summer Movie Express offers $2 movies all summer long on Tuesday & Wednesdays at select theaters across the country.  They typically start in June – August, so make sure to check the latest info to see what movies will be showing this summer!

{Don’t forget – Cinemark movie theaters also offer discounted summer movies – for $1.50/ticket.   Check out all the info about the Cinemark summer movies. }

Regal Military Discount 

As of right now, there are only 7 states where you’ll find a Regal military discount (you can see the list here!) which is a bummer. I’m hoping that more Regal theaters will start offering a military discount, so keep asking your theater & contact Regal to let them know you’d love to see more widespread military discounts offered.

Costco Regal Movie Tickets

The Costco Regal Movie Tickets packs are a great deal to have on hand or give as gifts. You can get movie ticket bundles in store, or Costco online offers two different packages for $27.99 and $29.99 depending on what kind of ticket you want (premium or all access). Both packages include 2 movie tickets and a $10 eGift card to use at Regal Cinemas (could use for concessions or towards another ticket purchase).

Regal Concessions Discounts

The best way to save on Regal concessions is with the Regal Crown Club as you can earn points to use towards concession upgrades, concession discounts & freebies. And it will entitle you to special discounts on concessions on different days too.

Groupon Offers – find discounts for popcorn and snack packs here.

Mondays – you’ll get 25% off candy at Regal theaters with your Regal Crown Club. You can also get a $9 small popcorn + soda as well if you go to the Mystery Monday movie.

Tuesdays – 50% off popcorn with your Regal Crown Club card

Regal Refillables

Regal Refillables – Purchase a reusable popcorn tub and/or soft drink cup & you’ll get affordable refills for 2024. Just bring these refillables with you whenever you go to a movie at Regal theaters & you’ll get a popcorn refill for $6 & a drink refill for $4. So you’ll get popcorn + soda for $10 total if you buy both & bring them with you! Great offer!

The price for the refillable soft drink cup originally is $14 & the refillable popcorn tub is $22 or buy both for $32. Then don’t forget to bring them with you when you head to the movies all year long.

These are just a few ways to save at the movies this year – what are your favorite ways to save at Regal Theaters?


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