DIY Smores Kit – Perfect for Backyards, Camping & More!

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Backyard Smores Kit for Summer Gatherings

DIY Smores Kit – Perfect for Backyards, Camping & More!

Nothing says summer to me like a delicious, gooey s’mores treat over a fire pit! One of my all-time favorite parts of summer is eating s’mores while sitting around the fire! I know many of us are changing plans this summer & will be spending a lot more time at home, so we thought this Backyard Smores Kit was the perfect idea to bring the fun of summer right to your backyard!  This summer may not be quite what you were hoping for if you had any trips planned somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some special family memories right in your own backyard.

table top fire for smores

If you do not have a firepit to use, you can grab one of these table top fires to make smores with too!

Add one of these Smore kits to your Summer Bucket List of ideas for your family to enjoy this year.

S'mores Basket for Summer

This idea is courtesy of my good friend Kelly, who created this super cute backyard s’mores kit for evenings spent around their fire pit. She also created one for me, too, so I will show you pictures of both hers & mine to see two different looks based on your style. I am so excited to use it all summer long for evenings together with my family around the fire. We don’t have a fire pit yet at our house, just a portable fire pit, but I am now more motivated than ever to create a fire pit this summer!

Smores kit for the Backyard

I love the idea of a backyard s’mores kit because we are always having to run around & grab all of the ingredients last minute & try to find everything. Then, we make multiple trips outside to bring all the items, so this way it’s all compact, in one place & ready to go! You can always keep it stocked with the ingredients & by using glass jars, it keeps everything fresh without getting stale. (Just make sure to keep it in a cool location if you’re storing chocolate in the jars so it doesn’t melt).

smores kits

This backyard s’mores kit was built around this awesome Hearth & Hand basket by Magnolia at Target. It’s so heavy duty & sturdy to carry the ingredients back & forth. With it being wire/metal, it’s perfect for going back & forth from indoors to outdoors, too. And the best part is how cute it is! It seriously just brings it all together in such a fun way!

Once we start having get-togethers & BBQ’s again – this Backyard S’mores Kit will definitely be a hit with not just your family ,but all your guests, too! It’s convenient, a time-saver & a darling addition to any outdoor get-together!

And what a fun and unique gift idea to give someone for a birthday, Father’s Day or maybe someone who is feeling a bit down on being home – cheer them up with this fun way to enjoy their time at home!

Items Needed for these Smores Kits:

Ingredients for Smores Baskets

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Wire Storage Basket (black)  – this is seriously a heavy-duty, sturdy basket which is great to transport all your items to & from the fire pit

Marshmallow Sticks (these are the ones used & we have had these for several years & love them, especially having a compact bag to keep them all contained)

Mason Jars for storing s’mores ingredients such as marshmallows, chocolate pieces, etc (you can really use any size mason jar to store your s’mores ingredients. My friend Kelly used all 16 oz size jars to store her ingredients, except for the graham crackers. I used a regular 32 oz jar for my marshmallows & 8 oz wide mouth jars for the other ingredients).

Storage for graham crackers – use what you have for storing graham crackers. We used these glass wider containers with lids as they seemed to be the perfect size for storing two rows of graham crackers.

Cloth Napkins – we used cloth napkins so they don’t get soggy/ruined if they get damp outside & to be more eco-friendly too. Just toss them in the laundry after your night around the fire to be ready for another night around the firepit.

Box of Matches (you might want a glass container for these to stay dry)

White Cardstock (if you want to label the tops of your mason jars with ingredients) – take the inner lid of the mason jar & trace the circle on the white cardstock to cut out circles. Label with a sharpie & then add them to your mason jars for a pretty & functional label for your items

And here’s a look at my Backyard S’mores Kit (minus the marshmallow sticks as I totally forgot to stick them into the photo)! The main difference is just the color of the cloth napkins & different size jars to use – just to show you a different look!

Hershey Smores Kit

Here’s what it would look like as a gift – you can put it all together or give them the ingredients & the basics & let them use the items they have on hand to make it unique to them!

What are your favorite s’mores ingredients to have on hand that you’d add to your s’mores kit? 

Thanks to my friend Kelly for the use of her photos of her s’mores kit!

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