Coach Factory Outlet Sale – Up to 70% Off & FREE Shipping – Plus Tips to Save the Most on Coach Bags!!

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coach factory outlet sale

Coach Factory Outlet Sale – 70% Off Sale Going On Now!

Many people are familiar with the Coach Outlet stores in various outlet malls throughout the country, but did you know you can also get those same great Coach deals, by shopping the Coach Outlet Online sales?

The Coach Factory Outlet runs great invite only sales throughout the year. Also, be sure to check out the clearance merchandise at the Coach Outlet stores (both online and in-store). There are some great deals on handbags, and some of the lowest prices you will find for Coach products.   They also offers sales throughout the year, offering additional savings,  and are a great way to snag a super deal on a Coach bag!

Coach Factory Stores online generally offer great sales year round, but can have some big ones around the holidays! Some of our favorite sales are when the Coach Factory Outlet stores online offer up to 70% off and then another 20% off their clearance items right now here. You can get some fantastic prices on Coach merchandise during those sales!

Right now, they are running a sale for up to 70% off + an EXTRA 20% off! No promo code needed – just head to checkout to get this discount on select bags. We found Coach Wristlets for just $25 in this sale, and so many other great deals. It looks like shipping is free right now too! Plus, they are oaffering and EXTRA 20% off (and there is a warehouse sale page too).

Plus, you can get FREE Shipping right now, no promo code required (should automatically apply at checkout – you will have to be signed up as a insider member to use this – free to do also).

And they offered me an extra $10 off $100 when I signed up for text offers (look for that box with the offer to pop up at the bottom of the page you are shopping on). They also usually have a pop up box, that offers free shipping if you sign up for emails if that code stops working.

This is their most popular sale, and so you will want to sign up for their emails to get the notifications for it.  Inventory does sell out quickly during these special events. We recently shopped on, and I was surprised at how affordable the Coach items where after all the additional savings.

Plus, you can shop the Coach Outlet Clearance Sale, at all times, and get up to 70% off on the inventory they have available in that sale on an ongoing basis. Find the clearance sale page here.

Coach Outlet Promo Codes Currently Available –

  • Right now- you can get 70% off prices – no promo code need – just shop their Sale page here You will need to sign up for a Coach Insider account (free to do) to use this promo code.
  • Get FREE Shipping on all orders at checkout too! Sign up for their rewards program (free to do) to get free shipping too.
  • Get $15 off orders of $100+ when you sign up for text messages with them.
  • Refer a Friend and give them $10 and you get $10 when they make a purchase.

Here are some deals with up to 70% off + free ship:

Coach Wristlets:

See all the Coach wristlets on sale here – they are as low as $24.64 right now after the extra savings!

(Tip, search by price, low to high to easily find the options on sale for $24.64 after extra 20% off)

Coach Wristlet in signature canvas

Wristlets are as low as $22.44 plus more great deals in the clearance section here.

Coach Corner zip wristlet

Corner Zip Wristlet in Signature Canvas or Leather

More Coach Outlet Offers:

Coach wallet

Small Wallets on sale – starting at $26.52 after promo code – several color options too

Lyla Crossbody Purse

Crossbody bags on sale starting at – $83.64 after promo code

Derby Tote Bag

Tote bags on sale for as low as – $89.25 after code (Reg $350)

Be sure to check in for the next invitation only event on the Coach Factory Outlet online site. You can also find other current Coach deals we have posted here.

In addition to the Coach Factory Outlet Online, here are some additional places that you can save big on Coach items:

  • Coach Sale at Nordstrom – check out the current Coach sales going on at Nordstrom (Nordstroms always offer free shipping and free returns + shop their sale section for the best Coach Deals!)!
  • Coach Handbag Sale – these semi-annual sales are great ways to save
  • More Coach Deals Online!

Note, you will want to be careful of Counterfeit Coach Bags when you are shopping online. A good rule of thumb is to avoid sites that have “Coach” in their URL. Only Coach.com or CoachOutlet.com should have that in the URL, most of the rest are counterfeit sites.

Examples of Coach Outlet sales you can find online::

Coach Wristlets

Coach Bag online


You can can select to shop by items for under $100, or select the sale tab at the top of the page for some of the best deals available.

You can also check out the Coach Reserve section for some great limited time offers. You can sort those pages by price low to high, to find the best deals too.

Examples of Sales at the Coach Factory Outlet Stores:

Coach Factory Outlet Store Sales

This is an example of a sale on a holiday weekend at a Coach Factory Outlet store – this sale had 70% off the entire store! This made for many purses under $100!

Coach Outlet Online Sales

This President’s Sale also offered a sale on wallets –  70% off the regular price + an extra 20% off! This made for many wallets under $50!

Tips to Save the most on Coach Bags on sale at Coach Factory outlets, when shopping Coach Outlet Online or In-Store: 

  • Sign up in one of the outlet stores or online (it’s free to join, just click the sign up link on this page.). They frequently have sales on their Coach online site, and send out invitations at random. I also suggest logging into your account from time to time, as I find lots of their sales just by checking in.
  • Make sure you are only shopping at the real Coach factory store if you are shopping at the Coach Factory outlet online (https://www.coachoutlet.com). There are many efforts on the internet to trick you into thinking you are shopping the coach factory online store, when in fact you are buying a knock off. Sites that look something like coachfactoryoutlet (insert other text here).com are trying to make you think you are getting a real bag when in fact you are not.
  • Shop the Coach Outlet Clearance Sales on the Coach Outlet site, for double whammy savings! You will find 70% off on many Coach items on this page. This is one of the best ways to save on Coach items.
  • Shop the extra 70% off sales for best savings.
  • Coach Outlets carry two kinds of discounted bags primarily: a) clearanced out Coach bags from the regular Coach store, and b) bags made just for the factory stores. The best deal will be the clearanced out bags from the regular Coach store. The easiest way to identify which is which, is to shop in store and ask the associates. We have also heard that the designs for the outlet stores carry an F in the serial number too. Both bags are created with the higher end materials that Coach is known for, but the ones designed for the outlet will have fewer special details (hence the lesser price).
  • If you have a Coach Factory Outlet store near you, consider shopping in-store vs at the Coach Factory Outlet online. There are a couple of good reasons for this:  a) you can view the merchandise in person and know what you want, and you can avoid shipping costs. However Coach Factory stores do offer free shipping to members on orders of $99+
  • These sales are intended for people to buy items for their own personal use. That means that if you are buying in bulk (10 items or more) you may get denied access to future sales. We have heard from a number of readers who have had their access blocked as a result of too many purchases, so this is an important tip to keep in mind. This is to prevent folks from buying these items for the purpose of reselling them.
  • Coach will make repairs – If you have a Coach purse that has broken (zipper, handle. etc), take it to your local Coach or Coach Outlet store location and you can pay a modest fee to have it repaired. This will save you tons over purchasing a new bag!  {I personally have had this happen & I brought it to my local Coach outlet, paid a small fee,  they sent it in for repair and they decided it was not worth the repair, so then sent me a gift card for the value of the purse originally.}
  • Check out sites like Savings.com for Coach Coupons and Discount Coach Items, to help you save more if there is not a Coach sale going on at the outlet!
  • Get a Coach factory online sale invitation by signing up for their emails here.

Find a Coach Outlet store location:

You can also visit Coach Outlet stores here for more great savings. Find a Coach Outlet Store location near you here!

Coach Outlet


  1. Doesn’t seem to work if you sign up for a Coach member account today. Says “you are not scheduled for a Coach online sale today”

    1. Thanks for that info Carrie. I had tried it this morning and was able to access the sale, but I already had an account – so did not realize it would not work for those who just signed up. I apologize for any confusion or frustration around this offer. We have updated the post to let folks know they will have needed to have signed up previously. Thanks!!

    2. i signed uo for coach factory 2 mos. ago but they never sent me the invite. Each time i log in it would say:“although you are not scheduled for a Coach online sale today, we’ll be sure to send you an email invitation for your next event . In the meantime, you’re invited to shop at coach .com which i always open.
      When are they going to send the invite, is there a requirement?

      1. Hi Ida, you need to be a member to get access to the sales. I would email their customer service and see if you can find out why they keep saying they will send you an invite, yet you never get one. If you have already signed up with your email then it will not allow us to send you an invite.


        1. i emailed them andhere’s their response…..
          We are pleased to hear of your interest in shopping during our Factory online event. Unfortunately, this event is invitation only and has been sent to a small randomly selected group of our customers. Registering your information does not ensure participation in future events, however, it does ensure that your odds of being invited are as good as those of anyone else. We have confirmed you are registered for COACH Factory.

          Again, thank you for interest in Coach. We look forward to assisting you with your next purchase. Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-307-0040.

          well, that’s it folks.

          1. Oh that is interesting – thanks so much for the update Ida. I have always been able to get in since I signed up, so this is news to us (plus they are often in stores and available to all there – if you live near one of the outlet stores by chance). Thanks so much for the update – and here is to hoping that you dont have any issues with future sales!!

          2. i received the same message also, it’s funny at one point I was getting all the invites to their sales and then I was cut off. I called them and they told me the exact same thing, guess I will be looking for another brand of purse as I find this unfair since they were previously inviting me.

            1. Yes, we updated the post with that info too Tara. I used to be able to get into all the sales as well, and now they are few and far between – but hoping that when we get closer to the holidays they will open up more of their sales. I am just guessing, but I wonder if the are trying to push the non-outlet sales more and that might be why they have tightened the belt on the outlet sales?

            2. Same here, I always shopped with the coach factory online and now I have been denied I guess. I will shop elsewhere. I don’t have to get a coach bag. Completely unfair and downright rude.

              1. Hi Marcy – were you denied from in the store, or how did that work? I thought those that were already members were grandfathered in to the new program (thats how it worked for me, so just trying to figure out where they denied you so we can keep folks updated on the most current info). Thanks, and sorry to hear your having issues!

    3. Coach accepted me but has since shut me completely out from buying from the outlet. I got great deals. I’ve bought at least 100 bags, most are medium to large. Coach sent me a not so nice email stating that they feel I am buying and resaleing the purchases. They are completely wrong. I sent them an email back which they did allow me to start back reordering but oneday they blocked me out and took me off their website. like I stated to them, I make $80.000 a year. I only shop for discounts. I would never resale purses. I change purses just about every other day. Plus I never told anyone about the deals from coach. I always get compliments on my purses. I even returned a few because they were too small for me. My closet is organized from top to bottom but I was very disappointed that Coach just assumed I was resaleing their purses. I could pull out all their purses and prove I have every purse I’ve ordered from them.

      1. Hi Stephanie,

        We have heard from other folks that Coach will cap your purchases (if it looks like you are buying in bulk, you will be banned). Its a tough rule if you are legitimately purchasing purses, but I do know they have had a big issue with folks buying for resale, so they are just trying to put a stop to those practices. I would recommend buying in their physical outlet stores if you want to purchase a number of bags. We will update the post if we hear this has changed. Thanks for sharing your experience for others to know!

    1. Hi Dana – its saying you have already signed up with this email address so we cannot send an invite. If you want to email us a different email address at the email in post we can try that one :)

    1. Hi Karina, Can you make sure to fill out the form in this post & we are working off that list to get all the invites sent! Thanks! Just helps us keep track of it better!

    1. Hi Marybeth,

      That should put you on our list. Coach only allows us to send out so many invites each day, and the list of invite requests is long, but we are working through them as fast as possible.


  2. I also would love an invite if possible. I’m a guy, and I’m looking for a bleecker cabin bag, so maybe I could get in on one of these orders please?

  3. Ladies, whoever is taking in your email address and giving it to Coach when logged into their own account receives a $10 kickback if you buy a bag from the site.

  4. I signed before and shopped many times, however I didn’t get any invitation after Xmas, maybe I bought too many gifts? Can I get the invitation with this different email address? Actually I signed up last month, but I still get nothing…. Can you help?

  5. Hi, I have been already a member for a long time. I wished to place an order but after I filled all needed information and clicked “place an order”, there’s a notice saying “cannot process the order, please contact COACH at xxxxx”. Please advise if there’s a problem with COACH website? Thank you.

    p/s My friend tried with another account but still failed to order.

    1. Hi Anh, You will need to contact the Coach Customer Service directly as we are just sharing about the deals they offer, but we are not part of Coach stores at all. Thanks!

  6. hi, i’ve been a member of coach for a year now. but just recently, i cannot access their site. i was told by their customer service that they decrease the number of customers invited for the sales events. i just wonder why they cut me off. i’m really frustrated. :(

    1. Did they provide you any detail on why they are cutting back on the invites? Will see if we can find out any more info on this too. Thanks!

      1. Hi Sia,

        My sister called them and asked too. She was told that they are cutting off randomly due to high volume orders they are receiving. And that they are having problems w/ the shipments. It doesn’t make sense to us since we have not encounter those issues from the past. We tried to register a new email address. But it’s been more than a week and still we haven’t received invites from them.

        1. Thanks so much for that detail! We have been hearing from more folks that they are having issues too, so we have been trying to share more regular Coach store coupons (and we will work to see if we can find out when the offers are available in the actual brick and mortor factory stores too, for folks who have access to those). Such a bummer, since their factory sales are so popular – hope they work those issues out soon, because folks love a good Coach Sale!! Thanks again :)

    2. I was a regular customer of the Coachfactory.com but was recently removed from their invitation list. I was told I had been removed from their invitation list because they have a 10 item limit. I responded by telling them I’ve never purchased 10 items during a sale. They were rude and said they would not discuss it further with me. The only thing I could think of was that I was buying Christmas gifts during their sales and although I never purchased 10 items during a sale… I think they assumed I was buying things to resell. I feel like I’ve been unfairly cut from their sales. I just wanted to put a warning out to be careful how much is purchased each time or else they will cut you off without any real explanation.

      1. That is great info Valerie. We have been hearing of more folks having issues with the invites – and I think you bring up a really good point. They may have been having issues with folk reselling, which could explain why they are tightening things up so much. A bummer, since these sales are so popular – but great tip to share with others. Thanks!

      1. Hi Charm, The way it works now is that you need to go into the Coach Factory Outlet to sign up to get an invite by email. Hope that helps!

  7. Hi Sia,
    Would you like to send me a invite for the online store too? really appreciate your kind help to us:)

  8. can’t reach discount website, seen a multitude of similar feedback…I prize your quality and have for 40 yrs, looking for a deep discount of original “hobo” bag…need not be perfect, possibly a ‘seconds ‘or employee goof up
    Thanks C Sawyer (enter cheese smile here ;))…) ps going thru Coach withdrawals.

  9. Hi Sia, I’ve just filled up my details on the link for factory sale.
    Would I gain access to the online catalogue?
    I need to buy a gift as a birthday present for next week (June 12) and not sure if I will be able to get it on time…
    my email is : [email protected]
    Thanks!! :)

    1. Hi Lee – We can try to send you an invite, but if you already filled it out on the Coach Factory Outlet page then they should send you an email directly (you dont want to do it twice – as you can only submit one email. I do not know if they will have another sale in time for you to get your birthday gift however. Your best bet may be to check out the physical Coach Factory Outlet stores (there should be a link in the post to a location). If one is not close enough for you to drive too, perhaps you could call them and see if they would be able to ship to you in that timeframe. Best wishes on finding the perfect birthday gift!!

  10. If there is any way I can get an invite, please let me know. I had an account, but have not received any emails in months. When I contacted customer service, they just said they were limiting who had access to their sales. Thanks so much

  11. How do I get signed up? I can’t find anything on the outlet online website where I can sign up. Thank you in advance for your help with this.

    1. Hi Laura,

      It looks like they have recently changed their invitation process. Per their new FAQs it sounds like you will now need to visit one of their outlet stores and sign up there for a chance to get an invitation from them. I would recommend calling the outlet store nearest you and see if you can get signed up. I will stop in to the outlet store nearest to us sometime this week and see if I can get any more information on their new invitation process. Thanks! https://www.coachfactory.com/store/default/faq/

  12. Coach Factory is NOT Accepting Invitations at this time. I petsonally contact them and they are stopping the referral link for send invitations. They are Not going to accept new Members at this moment. I hope this can help any one who still waiting for it.

  13. I would love an invite to the coach factory sales, I love purses and a great deal!

    Thank you!!!!!!

  14. Please send me an invite to the outlet on line coach outlet sale. I know there is one gong on now and I can not seem to launch it. ???

  15. COACH outlet is a different quality than the full price. Hence the reason it is made for factory and they can sell it for such a wonderful price. It is still made of quality leather but it is not top grade like the full price.

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