10 Unique Ways to Use Essential Oils

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10 Unique Uses for Essential Oils


If you aren’t using essential oils yet, what are you waiting for? These oils have been around for centuries because of their amazing benefits and effectiveness. The properties of pure essential oils have been promoting wellness and enhancing our lives for generations. They are a natural alternative to toxic chemicals, easily accessible and safe enough to share with our children and families. They bring joy and peace to our family and we truly want the same for you. I honestly get giddy inside whenever someone new decides to give them try.

If you’re already using essential oils and anything like me, you’re always looking for new and creative ways to incorporate essential oils more into your life. As you wish! I’ve put together this great roundup of unique ways to use essential oils. I hope you find something new and exciting to try. Let me know how it goes.

Unique Ways to Use Essential Oils:


Scented stationery is such a treat for the receiver. It’s a great way to share your love for oils while adding a unique and personal touch. Use essential oils associated with holidays; add to personal letters, envelopes or invitations. I recommend placing the oil on a cotton ball and putting it in a Ziploc bag with your stationery for a couple of days. My favorite combo is peppermint and orange, not only does it smell great but has lasting power.


If you’re a reader like I am, it’s a special time when you get to curl up with your book and immerse yourself in the story. Essential oil bookmarks only add to the experience. Dab a cotton ball with essential oil and place in a Ziploc bag with a standard bookmark. Allow it to sit overnight and absorb the aroma. Leather will hold the scent longer than paper and makes a great gift for the reader or student in your life. Whether you’re escaping into the world of fiction and fantasy or studying and need to focus on exams, essential oil bookmarks make a wonderful addition.


Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your hot chocolate and you have a wonderful treat of Mint Chocolate Cocoa far better than what you’d buy over-the-counter. I especially love this recipe around Christmas time. We make a few cups to-go and all pile in the car to check out the Christmas lights around town. Occasionally I’ll whip up a cup to share late night and chat with the kids or a dear friend. This Mint Chocolate Cocoa is dear to my heart; somehow it has the ability to bring us all together and reminds me of family and friendship.

Gift Giving

I pride myself on giving great gifts, so the last thing I’d want is to give someone a gift they didn’t care for or couldn’t use. Essential oils come in handy for a number of occasions. Birthdays, bridal showers and baby showers are all opportunities to throw together a diffuser with an essential oil or two. Even if the person doesn’t use oils regularly they will likely appreciate being able to give them a try. For baby showers, I recommend lavender essential oil, as it has benefits for both mommy and baby.

A fun gift to give at Valentine’s Day are these DIY Heart-Shaped Massage Bars with Essential Oils (if you’re giving at a different time of year, just make it in a different shape if you’d like.

Enhance a Fire

When you add an essential oil to your fire, it brings to the room a certain ambience. Frankincense, cedarwood and myrrh are all great choices. Simply place one drop of essential oil onto the log and allow time for it to absorb the oil, place the log in the fire as you normally would and enjoy!

Outdoor Control for Pets

Essential oils are a great alternative to store bought products with toxic harmful chemicals. They are safer and more effective. Start by giving your pet a bath, grooming them, and then mixing up an outdoor recipe to be worn on the collar. Be sure to use due diligence and understand which essential oils are safe for pets and keep in mind the quantity used for pets should mirror those quantities you’d use for a child

Remove Adhesive

The other day I bought a couple of glass vases for a project I was working on and the price tag stickers they use were a nightmare. They left behind a sticky residue. Luckily, I knew the trick was use to use lemon oil. Lemon essential oil will easily get rid of the gunk that is left behind.

Clean Burnt Pans

Have you ever burnt a pan leaving behind a brown or black residue? Instead of throwing it out, combine lemon essential oil with boiling water, soak for a few and like magic you have a sparkling clean pan again. I was so excited the first time someone shared this with me; I’ll admit I went through a spruced up all my pans.


Essential oil has been invigorating our senses for centuries and is nature’s original perfume. You might be surprised to learn that a lot of designers have essential oils in their perfume and cologne recipes because of their unique and long lasting aromas. Because everyone’s chemistry is different you have the luxury of experimenting with different combinations and finding a scent to call your own. A little something for everyone you can find an oil to match any mood. Avoid the nasty chemicals and create something natural that brings with it properties that benefit you and those around you.


There are a ton of essential oil recipes online for beauty and self-care. Spend some time seeing what’s out there and you won’t be disappointed. Bath soak, DIY toothpastes, homemade shampoos and conditioner, nail strengthener, skin moisturizers and enhancers, sugar scrubs and more. Rose, jasmine and lavender are some of my favorite essential oils for use in beauty products. Why spend hundreds of dollars on products when you can get a natural and better result with your essential oils? Feel beautiful in the skin you’re in and put together some great essential oil recipes to use in your daily beauty regimen.  {Don’t forget to check out our 50+ DIY Beauty recipes using essential oils for inspiration.}

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Essential Oils to Use::

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They are a bit pricier than what you’ll find in the stores, but we know that they have a very strict Seed to Seal process to ensure that they are pure, therapeutic grade oils with nothing added to them,  that we feel completely safe using with our kids & our families. If you are wanting to make your own DIY beauty recipes, then you want to know everything you are putting into those recipes since you are using them on your face & body and with these Young Living essential oils, we know that we can trust that they have absolutely no chemicals in them.

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