Winner of $50/$100 Old Navy Coupon…..

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Here is the winner of the $50 off $100 Old Navy Weekly Coupon Giveaway for this week……

#17 – Hi…I’m an email subscriber and FB friend….you have a lot of good info…thx for taking the time to do so. *kim*

Congratulations, Kim!! I will be sending you an email as well!! So, make sure to contact me right away so I can get that coupon sent to your email!!

For everyone else, make sure to come back here on Thursday afternoon / evening to hunt for those high-value Old Navy Weekly coupons once again!! You’ll have a great shot at them by following along in the chat room to find out the locations and clues of where the coupons will be!


  1. woohoo! thx…I've never won anything off computer before. such a blessing….I'm going shopping in the morning.
    (humbled by his peace)

  2. Congratulations to Kim! (Her name reminds me so much of my friend. I miss that girl!)
    You're so lucky! I have never won anything on the internet either. I actually think I'm a bit unfortunate when it comes to contests. :(
    Anyway, congrats again to Kim, and hope she uses the coupon wisely. :)

  3. Is there a webpage that lists all the names of the Supermodelquins and stuff about them? I'm new to this OldNavyWeekly stuff and I know that last week they asked a question where you had to know Christopher's Dad's name and I want to be better prepared this week! =)

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