Old Navy Day – $75 off coupons are back again!!

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Once again, it’s Thursday, which means that Old Navy Weekly will most likely be updating again sometime today/tonight!! Here’s the latest news from the M80 newsroom, where Old Navy posts their weekly updates for Old Navy Weekly::

It’s Thursday and that means Old Navy will soon have a new Item of the Week: The Women’s Mandarin-Collar Henley for $9 plus OldNavyWeekly.com is going to be hiding fabulous new coupons. And lucky you, we’re hiding the $75 off $100 coupons, yet again! You can also follow the SuperModelquins on Twitter for even more Item of the Week info. Happy hunting!”

So, the good news is the $75/$100 coupon is back again! Yay! For those of you who signed up for text updates (on the Old Navy Weekly site last week), you should have gotten a text this afternoon and here’s what it had to say:

“Hi! Starting tomorrow, the Item of the Week will be Women’s Mandarin-Collar Henley’s for $9. They’re so cute! PS: check out the video on Oldnavyweekly.com :)

So, there’s the new item of the week and also a possible clue that one of high-value coupons might be either in the video, or maybe questions about the video! Make sure to head on into the chat room if you’d like some help looking for these high-value coupons!! If you’re new to the chat room, just look on the left hand side of the blog for a blue button that says “chat”. Click that and then you can register a screen name or enter as a guest. Once in the chat room, make sure to turn your volume up, so you can be able to hear the bell that we will try to ring when the site updates with new coupons!!

Last week, there were a few different ways that people won Old Navy Weekly $75 off coupons, so I wanted to share those with you, with a few tips::

1) Searching and finding the coupon on the site – as always it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the previous locations in case they use the same page with only a few minor updates/location changes for this week’s update! Go HERE to see all the coupon locations from last week!!

2) Enter your mobile number on ON Weekly’s site – a few people did receive a $75 off coupon for being one of the first to enter their text – this might be an option again this week! Last week it was in the lower left corner where you could enter your mobile number

3) Become a fan of a Supermodelquin on Facebook – right now you can become a fan of Supermodelquin “Kelly” on Facebook. Last week, they offered some $75/$100 coupons throughout this past week to people who became an early fan of “Kelly” and possibly for those who left a comment on her “Item of the week” post on her wall. Go HERE to become a fan of Kelly & watch for other supermodelquins to show up on Facebook possibly?!

4) Follow the Supermodelquins on Twitter – If you have a Twitter account, go to “Find People” and type in “Old Navy” and you should see all the various Supermodelquins come up, i.e., “Old NavyKelly”, OldNavyEva”, etc–make sure you follow all of the supermodelquins in addition to “Supermodelquin” – go HERE to see the list!

If they tweet something about the item of the week, if you’re one of the first to “Retweet” that -then you could also be sent a $75/$100 coupon. To “retweet” something, here’s an example of how you could retweet last week’s tweet from OldNavyKelly:: RT @OldNavyKelly The exclusive scoop is in – The Item of the Week is the Blousy V-Neck for $8! Your friends might appreciate a tweet about that.


  1. You might need to refresh to see the blue chat button or try a different browser, sometimes it has issues with firefox (and occasionally Internet Explorer). It should be on the left hand side of the blog.

    Unfortunately there are close to 200 people, though, which is the maximum, so keep trying and you might be able to get in.

  2. Hey everyone – if any of you get one of the biggies and want to share, I would be really excited. :-) I'm due with baby #3 in 3 weeks and would love to be able to stock up on baby things and splurge a bit on the two older kids who start preschool next week! They would be thrilled.

    My email is [email protected].

    TIA!!!! God Bless.

  3. thrifty, i am a loyal follower (keeleel) and had the worst time. My computer was stuck on loading for the entire hunt. It is still loading. Please e-mail if you have a good one for me. Thanks.
    [email protected]

  4. Clicked on the mouse when there were still some $75's left, and nothing would show up. Refreshed the page, and they were gone. So I took the trumpet and dragged it over to the red-headed girl and got a $50, and my Firefox decides to close on itself!

    Sooooo if anyone were feeling extremely charitable, I'd loooove if they'd send either a $50 or a $75 my way :) It'd be greatly appreciated!

    [email protected]

  5. I don't know who to email since i don't know who on this list already has gotten one sent to them by someone, but the first person to email me a picture of a puppy gets one of my 50/100's.

    [email protected]


  6. I could have sworn I added my name last night. Hubby out of work since Feb and would love for my 2 kids to start school with some new clothes! Could really use a $75 if anybody has one. Thanks so very much.

    [email protected]

  7. WOW what a night….thanks to Thrifty Northwest Mom for all the tips and support.



  8. Hey TNW…..(message from JustMoi)
    Just an FYI got a HINT for oldnavyweekly.com for this Thursday August 13th:

    "19" is the Magic Number……….:):)

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