Winc Wine Club – 4 Wines for $22.95 = $5.74 / Bottle

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WInc Wine Club

Winc Wine Club – 4 Wines for $22.95 for New Users!

If you love trying new wines, we found another wine delivery box for you to check out called Winc Wine Club. This is a wine subscription offer where they have you fill out a short survey to determine the variety of wines you may be interested in. Then they send you bottles of wine each month based on your preferences (or you can choose the wines yourself if you prefer). It’s a fun way to try out unique varieties of wine without having to go shopping for them & debating what is the best type of wine to try. It will be sent right to your door each month so it will be a fun surprise to find on your doorstep for a date night or girls’ night in!

Winc wines are curated based on their customer ratings (over 5 million ratings) from wine lovers. The ratings are used to refine & improve each wine, so they are sending you the highly rated wines that have been curated for you to try & see if you discover any new wines you will love.

How does Winc Wine Club work?

Winc Wine questionnaire

When you first check out the Winc wine website, you will be asked a variety of questions about the foods you like to eat (whether you like berries, mushrooms, citrus, etc – this gives them a feel for the types of wines you may be interested in. This is a very short questionnaire, a Palate Profile quiz, with 6 questions. So, quick & easy to fill out so they can learn what your taste preferences are.

Winc Wine options

Once you fill out the short questionnaire on Winc’s website here, they will give you a list of 4 wines they think you will enjoy – you can see the 4 wines they selected for me shown above. You can choose to accept their personal recommendations or you can choose 4 wines of your choice on their site.

They will then send you the wines & when you receive them, make sure to log back in to your account & rate the wines based on what you think after trying them, so they can keep personalizing the wines based on what your preferences are each time. The more you try the different wines they send, the more you should see more personalized options based on your ratings & feedback.

If at any time you don’t like the wine they sent, they will replace the wine with one that you do like. So make sure to contact them if you ever try one that you are not a fan of, so they can send you another one to find one you like!

This is a monthly wine delivery service, but you can skip a month or cancel at any time – it’s easy to do right on the website thru live chat or you can text 855-282-5829 to cancel.

How much is Winc wine per month?

They will send 4 wine bottles a month for the Winc wine club and you will be charged on the 9th of the month for credits that can be used for 4 bottles of wine that they personalize for you or that you choose yourself. The monthly charge for the 4 wine bottles is $59.95 + free shipping (as long as your order is over $50). If your order is less than $50, you’ll pay a flat rate of $9 shipping.

Once you sign up for the Winc wine club, your membership will continue until you cancel, but again, you can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not for you .

Details about the program:

  • Each month on the 9th of the month,  you’ll be charged for credits that can be used for 4 bottles of wine of your choice or the 4 personalized wines they pick for you.
  • You can skip a charge any month.
  • You can save credits – unused credits rollover – and use them for more premium wine or a case of your personalized favorites.
  • Shipping is included on orders of $50 or more.
  • If your order is less than $50, you’ll pay a flat rate of $9 s/h

Winc Wine Promo:

Right now, Winc wine club is offering a special Black Friday  promo to try them out for first time customers. No promo code needed – just click our link to head to the Winc website

This will make your first 4 bottles just $22.95 (+ tax) & free shipping! That works out to just $5.75/bottle! That’s an amazing deal to try out some new wines & see if you discover any favorites to add to your repertoire!

Have you tried Winc Wine delivery – what did you think?

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