Wild Waves – Buy An Annual Pass For 4 Payments of $14.99 (Plus Taxes & Fees)

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Wild Waves has a special offer only available till January 31, that may help make an annual pass more affordable. The Play-Away Payment Plan for a 2013 Season Pass allows guests, perfect for moms, to make 4 monthly payments of $15.00*.

  • Payment 1 (January) – $22.47 per pass (taxes and fees added to this payment, which is the reason its higher then $15)
  • Payment 2 (February) – $14.99 per pass
  • Payment 3 (March) – $14.99 per pass
  • Payment 4 (April) – $14.99 per pass

Your Season Pass purchase will be paid in four (4) equal payments. One fourth of the Season Pass price will be charged the day you sign up, along with all of the taxes and online processing fee per item. Every 30 days, your credit card will be charged an additional one fourth of the total purchase price ($15.00* per pass per month). All payments must be received prior to opening day.

Let us know what you think. It this a good way to buy a season pass for Wild Waves?


  1. I can’t remember, but I think the best time to purchase a season pass is in October. I think it was $39.99, but I purchased it a few years ago. If you are interested, watch their website in the Fall. Also, don’t forget to buy a season parking pass. I think it was $10-20 so definitely worth it. They don’t advertise it, but the parking attendants usually have them you just have to ask or you can get it in their ‘office’.

    1. Great tip on the parking pass Doreen – I have heard the same tip from other season holders, so I think many folks would agree with you. Thanks for sharing!

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