Best Cash Back Deals – Join Rakuten & Get $30 Bonus!

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How to save money using cash back sites

Best Cash Back Deals – Join Rakuten & Get $30 Bonus!

Have you ever used a cash back site when shopping online? Using a cash back site is a way that you can get an extra discount online in addition to any coupons or sales you may find when shopping with an online retailer. This is basically just extra money you will earn when you first go thru a cash back site before heading to the retailer’s site. It is just an extra minute or two to head to the cash back site first, but the savings can be substantial especially if you are making any more expensive purchases.

What is Cash Back – how does it Work?

The way a cash back site works is that the cash back company partners with online retailers to send customers to their sites. In return, the retailers give the cash back site a commission for sending them customers & the cash back company offers you a % of that commission thru cash back savings.

If you regularly make purchases online or have some larger items to purchase,  this savings can add up quickly. This is just extra money you are earning on your purchases by going thru a few, simple steps. You might even find that you start thinking about whether to buy that purchase in-store – or go look for it online – taking advantage of cash-back savings, any promo codes you find directly thru the online retailer & maybe even FREE shipping to really maximize your savings & make your money stretch further!

Cash back sites will often have bonuses or double cash back offers, too, so that can be extra ways to save in addition to any discounts you may find too.

Rakuten Cash Back Offer:

The site that I first started using over 10 years ago & have used for years is Rakuten (formerly Ebates). They changed their name, but they have long been a trusted cash back site that many have used over the years. They are offering a very special cash back bonus if you sign up for a new account of $30 right now. (The regular bonus for new members is $10, so this is fantastic offer right now!)

You can earn $30 to sign up for a free account from Rakuten (new members only).  You need to make a purchase of $30 or more using one of the retailers available on Rakuten’s cash back site within 90 days of signing up. 

The $30 bonus will be in your account soon (or at least several days after you made a $10 or more qualifying purchase). Rakuten will then send you a check on September 30 for this time period. They pay any cash back & bonuses 4 times a year.

Keep in mind that you are not making your purchase through Rakuten – you are still making your purchase thru the online retailer’s site. You are just going through Rakuten first & signing in, then finding that online retailer to head to their site to make the purchase.

This is just an extra 5 minutes you’re adding to go to Rakuten first & make sure you will receive cash back from your purchases at that retailer’s site.

What Stores Offer Cash Back thru Rakuten?

There are many thousands of stores that offer cash back through Rakuten. The majority of online retailers are part of Rakuten. A few notable exceptions include: Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, Target & Walmart.

Here are just some of the examples of stores that offer cash back thru Rakuten:

  • Kohl’s
  • Best Buy
  • JCPenney
  • Groupon
  • Lululemon
  • Sephora
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Nike
  • ShopDisney
  • Toms
  • Coach
  • Famous Footwear
  • Bath & Body Works

Best Cash Back Deals Currently:

We wanted to share a few deal ideas of ways you could use this $30 cash back bonus from Rakuten on top of sales & promo codes for the maximum savings!

Make $24 when you buy 6 meals from Gobble:

Gobble Cash Back Offer

Gobble Meals is offering a $15 cash back bonus right now. Combine that with the new member $30 bonus, and you will actually make money off of this deal. Get a $36 Meal Bundle, and you will get 6 meals (3 nights of meals for 2 people) for FREE, plus make $9 extra after the cash back bonus!

Here is how this one works:

  • Head here to sign up for the $30 new member bonus
  • Search Gobble in the search bar (the Gobble $15 Cashback offer should pop up)
  • Click the Shop Now button on that offer
  • This should take you to the Gobble site, select the $36 meal bundle and check out (it should include free shipping)
  • The $45 cashback ($30 sign up bonus, and $15 Gobble offer) should appear in your account on September 30 for you to use then!
  • That makes the 6 meals free, plus an extra $9 your account after cash back deposit – whoo hoo!

Super Deal for Hello Fresh Meal Service!

Get $40 cash back ($30 sign up bonus, plus $10 cash back) and combine that with their $90 off plus free shipping offer to save big at Hello Fresh. This is the best deal we could find for this popular meal service

We have the details here:

  • Head here to sign up for the $30 new member bonus
  • Search Hello Fresh in the search bar (the $10 Cash back offer should pop up)
  • Click the Shop Now button on that offer
  • This should take you to the Hello Fresh site, select the $90 off meal deal.
  • Get those savings, plus $40 cash back on this offer!

If you are looking for a great deal on clothes and accessories, check out this Shein offer: 

Get $200 in clothing for $120 with this offer.

  • Head here to sign up for the $30 new member bonus
  • Search Shein in the search bar (the 5% Cash back offer should pop up)
  • Click the Shop Now button on that offer
  • This should take you to the Shein site. Add $200+ in clothing and accessories to your cart
  • Use coupon code 40SNOWUS or RKT40 to get $40 off $200 or more.
  • 5% of $200 is $10, so get that plus the $30 signing bonus as cashback.
  • That means you will get $200 in clothing for $120 + tax, after cashback!

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