TJ Maxx Sale – Shop Online with Free Shipping & Clearance Event!

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TJ Maxx Sale – Shop Online with Free Shipping & Clearance Event!

TJ Maxx is offering free shipping when you spend $89 as well as many other great deals at TJ Maxx Online! We share them all below.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx Sale- Shop Online TJ Maxx Clearance Sale + Free Shipping Offers!

Who is ready to do some shopping at TJ Maxx online? There is some pretty nice deals going on right now with the TJ Maxx free shipping offer. You can shop clearance deals for as much as 80% OFF!

They are offering free shipping with orders of $89+! Also, look out for free shipping days. These free shipping events are my favorite time to shop, as I can look for great deals from the comfort of home, and not have to pay anything extra to get the items to my house!

You can also usually get free shipping with email sign up at TJ Maxx. They will send you a TJ Maxx promo code you can use for free shipping on your first TJ Maxx online shopping order, to save if you’re shopping on a day that they do not have the free shipping promotion available. Look for those offers to pop up for you.

Here are just a few of the sales you will find at TJ Maxx online:

Womens Duck Boots as low as $29.99 here!

Christmas Decor Items for under $10 too!

This Stocking Hanger is just $12.99 if you do not have a mantle to hang your stockings from.

Razor Ripstick for $34.99 (good price if your looking for one of these)!

High Waisted Faux Leather pants just $16.99

Love these tall wedge boots for $49.99!

Super cute Camo Top for $16.99

Criss Cross sweater for $16.99

Long Knit Tee for $14.99

Lucky Jeans just $15 on sale

Other savings include:

  • Activewear from $9.99! (Champion, Under Armor, Reebok and more brands on sale)
  • Home Decor at TJ Maxx starting at $12.99!
  • You will find many designer names in boots on sale on this page here too, including Duck Boots and more.
  • Mini Backpacks  and lunch bags are on sale starting at just $7.99
  • Champion Backpacks for $14.99

Find all of the clearance items on sale with free shipping here!

More Tips for Shopping TJ Maxx Online:

One of my favorite things about shopping T.J. Maxx Online is that they update their merchandise regularly, so you will often find new products available. TJ Maxx sells name brand merchandise at big discounts and I find it easier to check their sales online, then I do heading into the actual store regularly. This is a great way to keep an eye on their most current deals, without having to leave the house. I often find deals on many of the brands I would look for at Nordstrom but at big discounts.

You really are getting great deals on great brands at TJ Maxx. They do it by buying excess merchandise from manufactures and designers, without requiring a buy back clause (this allows stores like Nordstrom to sell merchandise back at a discounted rate that does not sell). Since TJ Maxx does not require that clause they get the same merchandise for less and pass those savings off to you!


  • Be sure to sign up for their emails, not just for the free shipping on your first order, but to be alerted to other sales and promotions.
  • You can get free returns for items you purchased online, by bringing them back to a TJ Maxx store near you if they do not work out.
  • They also have seasonal stores, if you want to pick up some items for decorating your house for the season at great prices. I love to look for things like blankets and throw pillows at TJ Maxx, as you get some really great prices for nicer pieces to use around the house. I saw seasonal blankets starting at $10.
  • Look for designer jeans at big discounts!
  • Very few items are irregular and TJ Maxx tends to carry more of the designer or name brands then other discount stores, so it is a great place to save if you like those brands.
  • Buy TJ Maxx gift cards when your grocery store is having a gas savings or other savings promotion on gift cards, and save even more. You can use the gift cards to check out when shopping online at TJ Maxx, so its a great way to stack savings
  • If you find furniture or home decor items that are slightly damaged, ask for an additional discount. They will often offer an extra 10% off the item  – so if it is something you can fix at home or live with, this is a great way to save even more on the already steep discounts!
  • Tj Maxx Online does not let you search by brand, so you will have to search by department or shop to find the brands you are looking for (and you may have more luck finding brands like Nike etc in store vs online), so that is something to keep in mind.
  • When shopping online, if you find something you like it is best to buy it then Since TJ Maxx buys merchandise in a different way then other retailers, they often have limited stock and sizes, so if you wait awhile, chances are it might be gone when you go back to look for it
  • Do not get sucked into the regular price comparisons. Although you are usually getting a great deal, these are often inflated prices that they are comparing it to.

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