Stoney Clover Lane – Target Launch!

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Stoney Clover Lane Target Collection

Stoney Clover Lane – Target Launch

Oh my goodness, Saturday April 2nd, Target is launching the uber-popular Stoney Clover Lane brand online at their stores (this will happen at 12:01am pst Sat 4/2).  This is a highly anticipated launch, so there is a very good chance it could sell out fast as the prices will be so affordable for Stoney Clover Lane products! This makes it so much more attainable for everyone to be able to shop Stoney Clover Lane!

The Stoney Clover Lane Target line will be a limited time product line just in time for summer! They will have almost 300 items, ranging from apparel, accessories, swimwear, outdoor items & so much more. Sizes will range from XS – 4X.

You can find the whole collection online and select stores will offer these items as well. But, I don’t know how long they will last, so check out their products quickly!

I have been following Stoney Clover for about 6 months or more as their products are so popular with Disney enthusiasts and I love seeing all the pretty colors for their bags & backpacks & how you can personalize the items with fun patches to make it uniquely you! {They have a Stoney Clover Disney collection which is so cute, although that is not currently part of the Target collaboration – we can hope, though!} So, I’m excited to see all the fun products coming to Target at prices that are much more affordable! Woohoo!

how to favorite on target

Tip: If you are looking at everything pre-launch, go thru & “favorite” everything – make sure you are signed in to your account & then click the “heart” red by anything you are interested in shopping!

Finding favorites section at target

This way, when it launches, you can go into your account & your “Favorites” to find the items quickly to shop! It’s on the right sidebar  when you click your name for your account info.

Stoney Clover Bags

They have so many cute Stoney Clover bags – everything from small pouches to help organize your purses or bags to duffel bags, luggage & more! Find all of the bag options here!

Stoney Clover pouches

Stoney Clover Pouches – ranging in price from $10 – $30 – shop here!

Stoney Clover Crossbody Bag

Stoney Clover Crossbody Bags – ranging in price from $20 – $30 – shop here!

Stoney Clover Duffel bag

Stoney Clover Duffel Bags – priced at $40 – shop here!

Stoney Clover Backpack

If you have been eyeing the Stoney Clover backpack, they have several different colors & patterns available at Target. Plus, one of the ways to make your Stoney Clover backpack unique is to add patches to it! Check out all the patches here!

Stoney Clover backpack in mint green

Stoney Clover Backpack in pink

Shop all Stoney Clover backpack options here! They are currently priced at $30

Stoney Clover Fanny Pack 

One of the most popular Stoney Clover lane items is the Stoney Clover fanny pack! You can wear this traditionally around your waist or the more recent popular way to wear these is like a crossbody bag. They are perfect for a day at the theme park or heading to the mall. You can use this as your wallet & not need to carry a big purse! And don’t forget about fun patches to decorate your fanny pack!

Stoney Clover fanny pack

Shop the Stoney Clover fanny pack options here! They are currently priced at $20

Stoney Clover Beauty

You can find all sorts of fun Stoney Clover beauty items too, including Stoney Clover Olive & June nail polish (what a brand combo there – two popular brands collaborating together!), Stoney Clover reusable makeup remover cloths, lip balm, face masks & so much more!

Stoney clover makeup. remover cloth

These Stoney Clover Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths would make a great addition to a beauty gift for a tween or teen – $5

Stoney Clover cosmetic bag

Check out this cute Stoney Clover makeup bag filled with cosmetic brushes for $25

Stoney Clover Patches

If you want to personalize your Stoney Clover bag, you can add one of the many fun patches to your bag, backpack, pouch, etc. They have an adhesive backing, so you can just add it right on & if you want to make sure it stays permanent, you can add a few stitches to it for extra reinforcement. Stoney Clover letter patches

Stoney Clover Letter patches

Stoney Clover patches

Stoney Clover Word Patches 

Shop all the Stoney Clover patches here! Prices range from $5  for single letter/graphic – $20 for a set of words

Stoney Clover Lane Sale

Since this product line is just launching, we don’t expect any Stoney Clover Lane sales just yet, but we will keep you updated when we do see any sales on these products!

But, the great thing about shopping at Target, if you have a Target RedCard, you will always save 5% off your purchases, both in-store & online, so this is like having a Stoney Clover coupon!

Shop all of the Stoney Clover Lane Target collection here – let us know what cute finds you pick up!

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