Stitch Fix – Try at Home, No Subscription!

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Stitch Fix - Try it for Free with No Styling Fees for a Year with Style Pass Membership

Stitch Fix – Try at Home, No Subscription

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? I have used Stitch Fix for almost 2 years now & I love it. I first tried it when they had their limited time offer to try it out for free with no styling fee (Reg. $20 styling fee), and decided it was so worth it for me now, that I order a new box almost every month.

Try at Home, No Subscription::

Stitch Fix is no longer offering a $20 credit for new members.  But if you are new to Stitch Fix & have been wanting to try it, it’s a great time!  You will pay a $20 fee, but if you buy anything, that $20 styling fee will be will go towards the cost of that item! No promo code is needed – just head over to Stitch Fix – a personal stylist will curate the items for you & send it to your home. No subscription needed!

Just sign up with your email address  to get started with Stitch Fix (however, it will no longer add the $20 credit to your account). And if you decide to keep anything from your box, the $20 fee will go towards the cost of the items you buy from a Stitch Fix box. There is also the Stitch Fix Freestyle area. This is a new area of Stitch Fix, where they have items you can purchase directly just like an online retailer.

Don’t forget that Stitch Fix offers fixes for women & men. For women, they have sizing from petite to plus sizing (0-24W) along with maternity wear. Men’s wear sizing ranges from XS – 3X. You can choose to get just one box, or every so often, monthly,  quarterly, whenever you want. There is no required subscription.

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How Stitch Fix Works:

Men's Stitch Fix Box Packaging


Stitch Fix is basically like having a personal shopper putting together outfits for you – all from the comfort of your own home.  Fashion is just not my strength at all, so I like this idea of a personal stylist picking out items for me to try and giving me styling suggestions on how to wear the pieces. I’ve seen so many cute outfits that ladies are finding from Stitch Fix, so their stylists definitely have great taste.

Stitch Fix is a service that provides a personal stylist to send 5 curated items, personalized to your style & size, directly to your home. You can then try on the items in the comfort of your home & decide whether or not you want to keep them. Shipping is free with all boxes & you will get free returns with a postage-paid envelope to drop your items in if you choose to return them. So, it’s an easy & seamless process to try on clothes, shoes and/or accessories, without having to head to a number of stores and having the expertise of a personal stylist to put together outfits for you. And you can return anything you don’t want at no cost to you.

Stitch Fix is available for women and men, and they also now offer plus sizes, petite and maternity sizes. Whether you are looking for a new wardrobe due to job changes & needing more professional clothes or just want to add some updates to your wardrobe, they have a wide variety of clothes, shoes & accessories to choose from.  You can share that you are looking for more business, professional clothes & attire or casual clothes or even athleisure if you’re needing new workout clothes, too.


Stitch Fix How It Works

  1. Head to Stitch Fix and fill out the Style Questionnaire. This is a very detailed Style Quiz where you can share your size, the look of items you prefer, colors, etc. You can even include links to Pinterest boards if you have any boards with styles you like {several of you readers recommended that I add a Pinterest board & I really feel that this was so helpful to show the stylist what I was interested in!}
  2. You will then be sent 5 items curated by your stylist within a week or two by mail. This box can include clothes, accessories and shoes (depending on what you asked for in your Style Quiz). This costs $20 to have a Stitch Fix box sent to you (however, if you keep any of the items, you can use the Styling fee towards the cost of an item in the box.)
  3. Review the items in your box & try them on, deciding what you will keep or if you will send any back. You have 3 days to do this. I received my box on a Thursday evening & it said I needed to fill out my Online Feedback Form by Sunday (although you obviously can’t return the box on Sunday, so I’m assuming you can return by Monday if it’s on a weekend like that). You can keep one, two or three, etc & then send any items back that you don’t want. You will have a postage paid Priority Mail envelope to use & all you have to do is drop your bag at the Post Office mailbox within that 3 day timeframe. If you keep even one item, your $20 styling fee will be applied to your purchase of that item(s).
  4.  Discount for buying ALL of the items – If you choose to keep all the items, you will get an extra 25% off the entire box. This works out to an awesome savings on high quality items. If you only have 1 item you don’t like, it may be more worth it to keep the whole box for the discount & then maybe try to sell or swap with someone else for that item you didn’t want.
  5. Fill out the Box Feedback Form online at Stitch Fix – regardless of whether you keep all the items or return all the items or some of the items, make sure to fill out the Feedback form & checkout before you send back any items from your box. This is where you can have your $20 Styling fee applied to your order (if you keep any items).   This is really important to provide the feedback for each item about what you liked & didn’t like to provide that information for your style profile for future Stitch Fix boxes.


All you are charged is the $20 Stitch Fix styling fee to try out a Stitch Fix box – and if you end up buying even one item, the $20 styling fee goes towards the cost of that item.

You will also pay for any items you want to keep – and there is a range of prices. In my style questionnaire, I chose the least expensive option, just to keep it more frugal and closer to what I would pay for clothes.

I’ve heard from a number of people that they didn’t necessarily find items they loved in the first box or two, but after giving very specific feedback about what they liked & didn’t like, that they were able to get items they loved in future boxes.

5 Tips for Using Stitch Fix:

Stitch Fix Spring Outfit

1. Know your goals for using Stitch Fix so you can communicate this effectively to your stylist in your Style Questionnaire . This can include things like: what you are hoping to add to your wardrobe (jeans, sweaters, long necklaces, etc), what your style is like – are you looking for mainly casual & athleisure items, professional items for work, etc.

2. Create a Pinterest board filled with your favorite styles — I found it helpful to search “Stitch Fix” on Pinterest & then I could see the types of items that have been included in previous Stitch Fix boxes and save the ones that I liked.  One reader suggested that you can then change the Pinterest description so that you share what you like about that pin – for example, stating you love the sweater if it was in a warmer color shade or something specific like that.

3. Be as specific as possible about your needs – If you have a few specific events coming up that you’d like help with styling, mention those in the comments section. For example, headed to a wedding & looking for a dress, share that in the comments. Have a business conference & need some new items, share that. If you have specific areas of your body that are harder to fit, be specific in the comments about this.

4. If you get a box that you love & feel that the stylist really nailed your style, you can request that stylist again in the “notes” section for feedback from your box. I’m sure they can’t guarantee that you will have the same stylist, but it is good feedback to share in case it does work to use that stylist again.

5. Price Matching of Online Price is Available – thanks to a reader tip, I learned that Stitch Fix does offer price matching – you can see all the details on the Stitch Fix FAQ page, but basically it needs to be the identical product that you find online & it cannot be included in a promotional sale or a lower price due to a coupon. So, if you find it online regularly priced at a lower price, then they will match the price if it’s within 7 days of delivery.

3 Reasons for Trying out Stitch Fix:

Stitch FIx for Kids

Convenience – I’m a busy mom like many of us & have very little time in my life for shopping for me (if I do any clothes shopping, it’s almost always for my girls) so I love the aspect of doing this all from home – filling out the style questionnaire on my own time & then trying things on & all I have to do is head to the post office to drop the package at the end if I send anything back.

Style Advice – I have been intrigued by the idea of Stitch Fix for years because fashion & style are just not my strengths, so I love that a personal stylist that has an eye for clothing that would look good for different body types would be putting together these outfits. And the fact that you get the style guides with each box is a big bonus for me!

New Updated Items –  I have rarely bought items for myself so I have many styles that I have had for many years and it’s long overdue to take time to update my wardrobe with some quality staples that I can have for the years to come. I really wanted to add some pieces that will last & be timeless to add to my wardrobe.

More Ways to Shop with Stitch Fix:

Stitch Fix Trending Items to Purchase

Trending for You Clothes – these are items they think you’ll like based on the items you have kept from your boxes. I find the most items I like this way. You will know the price ahead of time, so can see what is in your budget.

Stitch Fix Complete the Look

Complete Your Look – they will find items that would go with items you already purchased (for example, I purchased these jeans & they found a necklace & top to match)

Stitch Fix Buy it Again items

Buy It again – you can purchase an item you already bought but in a different color or Pattern – I love this for tops I loved the style & can get a different color or different color for shorts I loved etc. I actually bought this blouse in green from the Trending For You items. Then I decided I love it so much, I’m going to buy it another color!


    1. Lisa – Once you go all the way thru the process, at the very end, it will say there is a $20 styling fee, but it is waived as a special promotion (it’s just one sentence there at the very end (I should have screenshot what mine looked like). But it won’t charge you – if you do get charged, definitely contact Customer Service as this is their special promo right now for no styling fee.

  1. I just tried the link for the $50 credit and it did not show up when I ordered my fix. I sent them an message, but I will not be ordering if there is no credit.

    1. Hi Carrie – I don’t think the $50 credit will show until you receive your order. As long as you used the link at the top of our post, then it should definitely work as that is the special link to get the $50 credit

      1. Ok actually I just reread the terms & it says it should show up at signup. So, definitely email them if you used that link at the top of the post.

  2. Hi. I’ve just signed up via the link you shared and my $100 credit is not showing… there is a spot where I can add a code.

    Would you mind please sharing the code with me so I can input it on my new account? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, there is not a code to use, it should be showing right at the top when you click the link where it says “Adayah gave you $100 to try Stitch Fix”. It will only work with the links at the top of the post where we share the $100 credit offer! So make sure you have clicked that link as I just checked & it is still working for a little more time

      1. Also, it was not showing in my daughters account, but when she went to stitchfix.com/account/credits we saw it showing there, so you might want to try that as well!

        1. Thanks Sia. Did you mean it was showing that she shared a credit with me? I just got my first order and then I checked if the credit was there and it’s not. I did use the link in the post that was provided

  3. I signed up through the link at the top and it said that it would give me the $100 sign up credit if I sent them the name and email of the person who offered it because the link did not work for me so I messaged them. Would I be able to get that from you so I can get the credit?

    1. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, Li! Yes, send us an email to thriftynorthwestmom (at) gmail (dot) com & we will send you the full name & email address. Thanks!

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