Once Upon a Child Sale – Fill a Bag for $10

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Once Upon a Child is a fairly large consignment shop in Tacoma, across from the Tacoma Mall. They are having a special sale on Friday December 31st & Saturday January 1st from 10am – 5pm called their Grab Bag Event.  You can fill a bag with any inventory items from their store for just $10. The email said it’s a store-closing sale.

I have been to this store numerous times & I think they have a great selection of clothes in a number of different sizes.  I have found Gymboree clothing items many times, as well as adorable dresses & shoes. They also offer a variety of other baby & kid items such as toys, children’s books, hair accessories, baby items & large baby equipment (obviously that wouldn’t be included in the sale if it wouldn’t fit in the bag).

I am going to have to seriously consider heading out to the store for this event! I’m just wondering how crazy it gets during their sales events – have any of you been to any of these? What was your experience like?


  1. Is this for all Once Upon a Child stores or only for certain areas? Went online but didn’t see anything on the website. We have one of their stores about 30 minutes away.

  2. Never have been to the store during sales… but with how cramped it is already in size… it worries me. Is it including all merchandise?

  3. Hey Jen I’m going to go on Friday and be there at 10. If you wanna go we can drive together or meet up there. My daughter just shot right through her 4T clothes into 4-5 so this will work great for me.

  4. The Tacoma store is closing and this is their last sale. The e-mail I have said all inventory and from past experience, it is crowded and the check-out line is long but worth it if you get there early.

  5. INSANE…I have been to a sale or two over the years, I haven’t been for a long time now but they are always insane! I can only imagine being the economy, the “last” sale, and after Christmas…better pack your patience!!

  6. Hey Jessica,

    I’m still undecided just b/c we’re trying to do a lot of organizing in the next few days. And if it’s going to be totally insane with lines, not sure that I have the time. But, I love a good sale, too! :) I’ll msg you on FB if I decide to do it! :)

  7. I’ve been to the last two…like others said it gets pretty crazy. But well worth it in my opinion. In the past it’s just been clearance items – so this may be even more crowded. But I’m going anyways! And getting there about 30-45 mins early :)

  8. I went – they opened the doors early. I got in and out relatively quickly, considering – but while I was checking out they had to shut the doors and keep people out for a while. I am lucky, I think, because my girls are older so I scored 2 big bags of stuff for $20 and got out in one piece. It was crazy though!

  9. I went and had a blast shopping for my three kids (4months, 5 1/2, 9) and then did a little extra for a friends twins. I wish I had known about this store before today!!

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