Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations for Thursday, August 13th

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Old Navy Weekly surprised us and updated early this week!! The site actually stayed the same with just slightly different coupon locations for some of the coupons. The high-value coupons are gone, but I’ve listed the locations in case they’re the same for next week, so you can practice them!

$75 off $100 – See the red-headed girl on the top left. Take one of the papers she’s holding and bring it over to the far right corner. Then, take the other paper and put it on the far right side of the curtain with the two boys (top middle picture) for the $75 off $100
$50 off $100– Top picture with 2 boys, move the trumpet from boy on right to the girl in teal shirt (top left) and put your mouse on her face, so that she will play the trumpet.
25% off – Top right picture with 2 boys, look at the boys’ feet and watch for a little white mouse to appear (around 30 seconds after the page loads) from under the curtain and click on him when he pokes his head out (before he runs away)
$10 off $50 – bottom right picture w/2 girls – take the blue headband from the African-American girl and put it on her in the picture on the left.
Buy item of the week and get $8 off $50 – bottom right picture w/2 girls, click on the sandwich that the girl (in the hot pink shirt) is holding
By item of the week and get 15% off – Enter your mobile phone number at the bottom left for text updates.
10% off entire purchase – Click on the drink that the blonde girl on the top right is holding
The item of the week this week is:: Women’s Smocked Shirts – $8 (regularly $16.50)
And don’t forget, this Saturday is the $2 Women’s Ribbed Tank day!!! There is a limit of 5!! These are awesome for layering!! What a great sale!! And next Saturday, they should be having $3 Basic T-shirts!! Woo-hoo!!! Great for back-to-school sales!!


  1. I could really use a $75/$100 if anybody has a spare. I messed with the paper on the site forever and just couldn't figure out where to put it before they were gone. :( Thanks so much! Chatting and hunting was fun this week. Making some nice friends!

    [email protected]

  2. I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. waiting for the site to load on my computer, finally gave up… guess it's not meant for me to have one of the good coupons. :( Could really use it for clothes for my little boy. Thank you for listing this! Have a great day!!

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