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As I mentioned in my earlier post, today is Thursday, which means it’s the day Old Navy Weekly will be updating with new coupons! Feel free to join us in the chat room to “hunt” for these I thought this would be a good opportunity to go over our chat room rules as well as announce a few new rules for tonight!! And also share some helpful tips for hunting for coupons at Old Navy Weekly, for those of you who may be new to the coupon hunt.

Things were a bit too chaotic in the chat room last week, so we will definitely be sticking to the 200 limit for the room this week! So, if you’re wanting to hunt for a coupon, you’ll want to reserve your spot soon! It’s already up to 100 people now! Reserving your spot basically means that you log into the chat room with a user name and then keep that window open so that you’ll stay logged in.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Chatroom / Old Navy Weekly Coupon Hunt::
What is the purpose of the chat room?
I created the chat room as a way to help as many people as possible have a chance at a high-value coupon available on the Old Navy Weekly site. The way it works is that you can log on to the chat room and once you’re logged in there (and keep the site open), you will be notified when the Old Navy Weekly site updates. I have a number of people, including myself, who are able to “ring” a bell in the room when we find out that it has updated. Make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear the bell!
Once it updates, we all then “hunt” for the high-value coupons on the Old Navy Weekly site as fast as possible and we share the locations as we find them in the chat room. Either myself or another moderator will try to post those locations at the top of the chat room in a yellow box. We do not know the locations ahead of time, we’re hunting like everyone else, so they are often our best “guess” at first until we confirm that someone has definitely found it! This is how we all help each other out, by posting the locations as we find them, so as many people as possible have a chance at finding the coupons!
It is not a guarantee that you will find a coupon by being in the chatroom, but we have had a number of chat room readers find the high-value coupons based on sharing information with each other & as well all help each other out!
How do I access the chat room?
-You’ll want to look for the “blue button” on the left side of my blog labeled “chat”. It’s right in the middle. Click on that button and it will give you the option to enter as a guest or register a user name. I’m requiring that everyone register a username for Old Navy night, so make sure to register. You’ll still be anonymous, but it helps us to get to know the people in the chat room a little better and hopefully keep things a little more manageable if there are any problems.
*For some reason, a small number of people are not able to see the blue chat button on the blog–if this is the case, the only thing I can suggest is to try a different browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) or email me and I can see if I can figure out what the problem is.

How do I stay logged in to the chat room?
We have had a problem with people getting “bumped” from the chat room and with a large amount of people last week, they were unable to get back in at our current limit of 200. The best way to make sure that you don’t get bumped is to get logged in EARLY and then make sure you check the box when you login, that says “Automatically log on”. There are still some glitches with the Webby Chat program, which may cause you to get bumped, so just keep trying to get back in, if you do get bumped. The maximum number is 200 people in the chat room, though, and after a trial run with more people last week, I’ve decided it’s too difficult to share coupon locations with so many people, so we need to keep the limit at 200.
Be careful that you do not refresh this blog as that is one way that it could bump you out of the room!! You will want to have several windows/tabs open on your computer (or several browsers) so that you have the chat room in one window and Old Navy Weekly open in another window/tab. This way you can make sure you stay logged in as well.
How do I mute the “popping” sounds in the chat room?
Type /nopops to mute the popping sounds and yes, you will still be able to hear the bell! :)
When will Old Navy Weekly update?
Oh, how we wish we knew the answer to this question!! :) It really does vary each week, but in the past 4-5 weeks, they’ve been updating around 6-9pm PST/9-12AM EST. However, they have also been known to update VERY late at night or even on Fri morning/afternoons as well! Let’s hope that’s not the case, but you never know! That’s the great thing about having the “bell” feature on this chat– if someone is watching the site, we can alert you to when the site updates for the week by ringing the bell!
Chat Room Rules::
1) For Old Navy nights on Thursdays, I’m now requiring that EVERYONE have a login name. You sign in with a login name when you first click on the blue chat button. If you are logged in without one, you can just click on the “door” symbol at the bottom of the page and it will log you out and then you can login again with a “username”!!

-This will be required by 5pm PST/8pm EST on Thursdays.
-Anyone who does not have a username will be taken out of the chat so make sure to login in before that!! The reason we’ve instituted this new rule is that we had some issues last week and I want to keep this a positive, fun place while we wait and then search for the coupons! My hope is that in requiring a username it will make things more manageable!
2) Once the Old Navy Weekly site updates, we ask that you do not talk unless you are posting coupon locations or guesses of locations!!! This was a big problem last week and it prevents people from finding out the locations of the coupons as there are so many people talking at once. I know it is very frustrating when the Old Navy Weekly site does not update at the same time and there are issues with it updating late for people…hopefully they will have worked out those kinks. However, we don’t want the people who do have a chance to miss out on the coupons because they can’t keep up with the discussion!
If there is too much “talking” when the site updates, we will need to freeze the chat room so only the moderators can list coupon locations.
3) Please no begging for coupons in the chat room!! This happened WAY too much last week, especially after I gave a warning–so this time, my moderators and I will be enforcing this more and will freeze the room more if necessary.
We do have awesome readers in here who are very generous in either donating coupons for a giveaway (you can email them to me at [email protected]) or in passing them along to others–so if you did not find a high-value coupon….wait until the coupon hunt is over and then you can post your email here, as a comment on this post. If anyone has an extra coupon and would like to give it to someone, they can come here and see the list of emails. And if you receive a coupon from someone, if you could come back and delete your comment or let people know that you received one, that would be helpful!!
4) Keep the conversation family-friendly – no foul language – the Webby chat computer system will automatically “boot” out anyone who uses any inappropriate language. They give a warning first and then they will boot you out for 30 minutes. If it happens again, the system may boot you out permanently. We want to keep this a fun, positive environment where everyone can feel comfortable, so please don’t even make attempts to get around this rule!
5) In keeping the chat room a positive & encouraging place, no attacks or rude comments towards others in the chat room are allowed and this will not be tolerated. Also, no attempts at “sabotaging” others will be tolerated as well!
Okay, now that we’ve gotten the rules out of the way, let’s have a FUN time searching for coupons!! I have a number of moderators in there tonight who will be there to help answer any questions you have and keep things running smoothly!! Thank you to all who have volunteered!!! That is a huge help for me as I’m not able to be on here all the time!
Let me know if you have any questions at all!!


  1. AHHH! I can't get into the chat room!!!! But I just refreshed my ONW site at 6:17 pm Mountain time and I got a message saying they're hiding the coupons and the site will be back up shortly… good luck everyone!!!!

  2. Ah, I was SOO CLOSE to a big ticket coupon! I saw the 75's go from 163, to 85, to all gone :( If anyone has any extras I would be much appreciative! sd6262 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I owe my sitter a huge gift for pulling through and would love to get more for my $!

  3. I could really use a $75/$100 if anybody has a spare. I messed with the paper on the site forever and just couldn't figure out where to put it before they were gone. :( Thanks so much! Chatting and hunting was fun this week. Making some nice friends!

    [email protected]

  4. Last Message Sent 4 hours agoAll rooms are completely full! You can keep trying to login. I am assuming Im npt ion this chat. However I can see what other people have said. PLease help!!!!! Ive emailed Jen and am yet to receive a response

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