Nextbook 10.1 – Great Tablet / Laptop for $219 + Enter To Win One For FREE!

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Nextbook 10.1

If you are looking for something that is affordable and can act as a tablet and a laptop, check out the Nextbook 10.1. Its price point starts at under $200, or $219 at Target for the feature rich version!  The Nextbook 10.1 allows the entire family to stay connected, entertained, and productive with everything they want at their fingertips. Browse the Internet, reply to emails, read books, play games from the Windows Store, watch movies, video chat, and much more on the sleek, 10.1” tablet with detachable keyboard.

It could be a great option for kids, if they need something for this Back to School season. This is a tablet that you can easily plug into a keyboard, if you want to use it like a small laptop, and its super light so its easy for kids (teens) to transport back and forth to school if need be.

When NextBook asked us to review this Windows based tablet, I thought it would be a good low cost option for Back to School use. What I found is that in addition to it working well for my teen, it was a great mobile computing fit for my husbands work needs too. He is in construction, so does not generally need to have a computer on job sites. However, its compact enough that its been great for him to bring on days that he might need to discuss an job site issue with a customer (show them a modification to a kitchen layout for example). If you have a job that only requires occasional use of a laptop, this is a nice option for that as well.

I do think it can be a good option as a back to school electronics purchase as well, if your looking for something under $200 (or $219 for better features).

Nextbook Malek 2

My teen has no problem seeing the screen (like my old eyes did). He seemed to really like the screen in general for the things he likes to use it for (school work, internet surfing, and games).

Nextbook Malek

Now, he can use it as a laptop for some of the work he needs to get done (like getting his resume updated!)

Highlights of the NextBook 10.1:

Its price point – It is one of the lower priced 10 inch Windows Tablets with plugin keyboard that you will find on the market right now, making it a good school option for kids or light business needs. My family also loved it for entertainment purposes.

Size – Its size makes it easy for kids to pack in backpacks and carry to school. It only adds a few pounds to their backpack. It has a 10.1 inch screen and only weighs three pounds!

Features – Some of my favorite features that the NextBook 10 comes with (The version with all of these features will cost you about $219 at Target. You can get a version with a few fewer features (ie less memory, etc.) starting at $179 too):

  • Windows 8.1 operating system (free upgrade to Windows 10 later this year)
  • Free year of Office 365 Personal with 1TB OneDrive online cloud storage
  • Intel® Atom™ Quad-Core AtomTM Z3735G Processor (X86, 1.8GHz)
  • 2.0 mp camera with integrated microphone
  • Pogo keyboard with microHDMI, microUSB, and microSD ports
  • Touch screen
  • One year subscription to Office 365 Personal
  • Preloaded VUDU Movies and TV app; NOOK for Windows 8 app
  • Supports wifi and bluetooth and more!

Nextbook on vacation

Kept the kids busy in the car on a recent road trip. Although I am not always a huge fan of electronics for the kids all the time, we were able to download some road trip game/apps and rather then clutter the car with a bunch of paper we just had the kids use those games on here.

The NextBook is actually considered a hybrid. That means that its a tablet that you can dock into a keyboard to make it operate like a laptop. I won a free iPad Mini one year, and we purchased a keyboard to plug it into. If you have done that in the past, you will find that this NextBook hybrid is different. Once its docked into the keyboard it really looks and feels like a laptop (its not a flimsy connection as we found when we tried to get a keyboard for our tablet). The keyboard is a hinged design, and so you can adjust your display, which was one of my favorite features. I found it made this system easier to see then other small systems I have tried out. You can then close it up, just like any other laptop, to keep the screen protected (vs. having to undock it like the keyboard we bought for our other tablet).

Nextbook 10.1

Can keep kids entertained when they are not feeling well, or need some downtime too. One of my daughters using it as a tablet above, watching a video.

The NextBook 10 is also considered an E-Fun product. Meaning it can be used for games and videos too. You can actually watch videos in HD. My younger kids love it for that reason. We have used it on a few road trips now to keep them busy, and the colors and pictures are very nice for the size of this system.

Nextbook 2

You can see how the Nextbook size compares next to my regular laptop, and how much easier it would be to travel with, or put in a backpack, or just for smaller hands!  

I am on my computer all day long, so the small 10 inch ones will not work for me (I am getting too old – I can’t see their screens very well anymore!). I did try out a few models though, and this one was one of my favorites, mainly because I found the keyboard and mousepad easiest to use in this size range. I don’t recommend it for someone on the computer full time (its not a work horse like that), but I do think its perfect as a school supply, mobile computing device for those concerned about budget, and for family entertainment. Overall I found it to be a good value for the price!

Nextbook 10.1 giveaway

Giveaway –Win a Nextbook 10 For Your Family!

Enter to win this EFun Nextbook 10.1 tablet with keyboard for your family right now. This is a $219.99 value

This giveaway will end on Friday, August 7th, at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Let us know how your family would use the Efun Nextbook 10.1 (school, entertainment, work, all of the above, etc.)

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

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  1. I would love this for my momma crafting time whether it’s crafting a new meal in the kitchen or getting ideas for redecorating my house!

  2. My husband’s tablet is pretty much dead, and we can’t really afford a new one so it would be a nice gift for him :-)

  3. We would use it for all the above. I have two boys with special needs and they would love to have something like this.

  4. My husband is entering his last year of college and his laptop just broke. This would be fantastic for us to win so he’ll have something to do his school work on.

  5. I work from home on occasion and would love a new laptop! Thank you for doing this!

  6. I would use this for my kids. My oldest son is interested in programing and i don’t want to share my laptop.

  7. Subcribed with my gmail account. Same as my yahoo account with an @gmail.

  8. Our family would use it for mostly entertainment at home with a possibility of some school work. Thanks!

  9. I would use for homeschooling and fun ! My kids are always taking my iPad. I need something for me.

  10. 3 kids= a lot of computer homework time!

    This would help them get it done without fighting over the laptop.

  11. We would use it for fun like playing games online and for social media, emailing, but mostly I would like my son to use it for school. For reading, math lesson, arts..etc.

  12. This would be very helpful as my oldest is a freshman in high school. He could do school work it. I also have a 9 and 5 year old who can benefit from the learning capabilities on it.

  13. We would use this for homeschooling and also so I could accomplish some work while I am at the pool each night for 3 hours while my kids have swim team practice!!

  14. My oldest daughter would use it for her school. Since we recently moved to the NW our entire family would use it to skype with our family in other states!

  15. This is exactly what we need. A tablet that can be attached to keyboard too. Its perfet in size for travel and kids at home. Our family would really enjoy and use the heck out of a nextbook. For school and personal. Hope we win.

  16. My daughter starts kindergarten this year and I homeschool. My son will be in the 4th grade. He uses my work from home computer. The efun nextbook would allow her have a one as well.

  17. We would use the Nextbook during our next PCS in September of 2015. We are working on growing our sons skills so not only would it help him learn but also keep him entertained on the 30+ hour drive!!

  18. The Netbook 10.1 would be an awesome tool for my 15 yo high schoolers homework. I wouldn’t have to drop her off at the library every other day.

  19. My 5 yo would love to play games on the Netbook 10.1. It would be the perfect size and weight for him.

  20. Reading my Thrifty NW Mom e-mails on a new Netbook 10.1 would be a dream come true.

  21. I would love to use this for work. My current laptop is a dinosaur ;) plus my little one would love to play on it too!

  22. With 3 kids in school – we would use this for school & entertainment. I’d use it for my writing (I think!) so, basically EVERYTHING!!!

  23. My toddler and family would use this for games and Internet research. Love the convenience of it!

  24. My family would totally use this for entertainment and my husband is out and about for work a lot and this would work much better than his smart phone for what he needs to do for work.

  25. We would use this for our oldest daughter to help with her schoolwork and allow her to learn more. She loves to research new things!

  26. My family will use for entertainment and reading books. Also for internet surfing!! I am a subscriber to your newsletter!!

  27. I would use this for my soon to be second grader for education and entertainment.

  28. I would love to win this for my son who is starting middle school in the fall. I think this would fit his needs perfectly!

  29. I am a full time student and my little ones and I are all going back to school in the Fall. This would be a huge blessing! With only one computer, we have to organize homework time; this would free up some time and haelp the “are you done yet’s?”

  30. Would love to have the netbook for my son. The Touch Screen and portability would be perfect for his school work. Just subscribed to your email list and am following on Pintrest. Thank you for the great blog!

  31. My teenage son could really use it. Then he would stop borrowing our laptop all of the time. :)

  32. I would use it as a replacement for my computer that died on me about 10 months ago. And then I wouldn’t have to use my phone for my only internet access. I would get to play pc games again, use for crafts, be able to use my printer again. It would be lovely to have a computer again, it’s been a Really Long 10 months, lol.

  33. With all 4 of my kids in high school this year, we would use this computer for school work!

  34. I would use it for reading, listening to music, social media and being creative. Creative writing and photography are popular in our household! Our laptop is dying, so this would be an amazing replacement.

  35. Oh my gosh – I was JUST thinking about one of these the other day!! I’m considering taking a vacation in December to a place known for some heavy winter storms. I was thinking about how I would need to be prepared to be stuck there due to flight delays and how I would probably need to take my lap top so I could work remotely. But I don’t *want* to travel with my laptop, so I was thinking I needed to research one of these to see if it would be a good investment to take with me when I travel.

    Winning one instead would be amazing!! :-D

  36. I’d take it on trips and not have to lug the heavy laptop. Hubby could use it to stay connected to his work emails.
    Or… I’d pass it on to my DIL for homeschooling uses with the grandkiddos.
    Or… I’d pass it to my FIL, who has a bit of struggle with touchscreen iPad.
    Maybe I’d win one & buy two if I like it! Thanks!

  37. I am subscribed to emails … Don’t always read them, but now I know that the name Sia is from this website.

  38. I Followed a “Fun stuff for kids” board on Pinterest. I would be too overwhelmed to follow the whole thing. Hope this qualifies me ok. If not, I understand. Thanks.

  39. My oldest daughter is going into high school, and will use this for school. Mom might use it too for my own school work.:-)

  40. I don’t have a laptop at home, and having a transportable computer at home would be nice =) I may also utilize it at work. Great idea, Jen

  41. we have a shared laptop for kids for their school work but it’s old and won’t connect to the printer….something like this would be amazing for that!

  42. I would use it for making photo books with our family pictures (hoping to make my daughters “first year” book before her 2nd bday… Hard with no computer!).

  43. We have a 6 week old baby that was born with multiple birth defects and has to have at least 2 major surgeries and will spent about a month in the hospital recovery (on top of the three weeks she had spent in the hospital) we would use this to communicate with family friends and to entertain our 3.5 year old while visiting. Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  44. I’d let my kids use this for school work since our chromebook just hit the dust!

  45. School and entertainment for my preteen and teen. Would be so helpful for school as our PC is very old.

  46. My 1st grader would love this for school work, ABC Mouse, games and music!

  47. I would love this for entertainment/learning for my daughter. I would also love this for myself. My computer is missing keys and about to die.

  48. 1. I would love this as great way to follow a recipe in the kitchen and not run back and forth between our desktop!
    2. Would love to have this when I travel cross country to visit the FIVE grandboys!

  49. I would probably use it for myself and then give the kids my older ipad to have for their games and videos! What a great giveaway!

  50. I would use it to help grow my business so I can keep being a stay at home step-mom. The little one has her own tablet already so we’d be set!

  51. I’d use it to update my resume to find a part time job now that both my kids will be in part day school this year!

  52. This would be great for my whole family to use for productivity and paper writing!

  53. Would love tablet for travelling with kids and for preteens to have for school work.

  54. I’d love to have this. My husband bought a tablet, but he monopolizes it and the lack of keyboard makes it difficult for me to do certain things.

  55. We would mostly use it for homeschooling my son. It would be nice to carry around to his many doctors appointments too.

  56. already email subscribed with rachelcartucci(at)gmail(dot)com as the email addy

  57. Now I also follow on pinterest as Rachel Crisman. Thanks so much and have a lovely week everyone

  58. I would totally use this for my kids school. We homeschool and this would come in so handy

  59. I love TNWM! Thank you for the savings, I’ve told all my friends about you! We could use this for homework for 1 high schooler, 1 middle schooler, 1 elementary schooler & 2 parents in college!

  60. We would use it for everything from videos and games to browsing Pinterest for new recipes.

  61. We would use this for my teenage stepdaughters to do their homework. How convenient for them, both in H.S.

  62. My husband and I are starting our own business in September and this tablet/laptop would be such a blessing to us. We have poured every thing into our tiny bussiness and cannot wait to someday be our own bosses full time and have some thing to pass on to our children. Without your thrifty advice we would never had been able to afford to take this leap.

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