Thrifty NW Mom Local Coupon Swap – Thursday November 4th

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Reminder: Don’t forget our coupon swap is tonight, Thursday 11/4 at 6:30pm! Hope to see you there!

I’ve finally secured a location for a local coupon swap for couponers in the Pierce County area.  The date that I reserved for our local coupon swap is for Thursday November 4th from 6:30 – 8:30 at the Sumner Library Meeting Room. If you’re not familiar with this location, it’s actually not far at all off of Highways 512, 167 & 410.  It’s quite centrally located .  At the coupon swap, we’ll discuss a possible date for the next swap, so we can schedule it in advance.

This coupon swap will be a chance for you to bring any coupons you don’t need & share with fellow couponers, while hopefully finding some new coupons you can use.  It’s also an opportunity to sit & organize your coupons, see how others manage & organize their coupons & meet fellow couponers in the area. My goal is that this will be a  chance to connect with others who share the same passion for couponing that you do, so you can trade store experiences, share your best, recent deals & more.

If you’re interested in coming to the coupon swap, leave a comment below or you can email me at thriftynwmom {at} hotmail {dot} com, so I can have an estimate of how many people to expect.  Feel free to invite your friends!


  1. Unless for some reason my babysitter backs out I will be there hopefully with another huge stack to share since I’m taking my current stack to the lodge this weekend.

  2. How does this work? I have quite a number of coupons (someone at work gives me all of their unwanted multiples) but they are all uncut. Do you prefer that they are clipped before we get there, sorted any particular way, etc? What makes it easiest when we’re there?

  3. I’m hoping to come, but Mill Creek is a long way from Sumner. I’m just new at this Couponing thing and can’t wait to learn more “tricks of the trade”.

  4. Great – I will be posting a reminder here in a few days!

    Emily-I have a blogger friend, Amber from Coupon Connections NW that lives up in that area & has classes & other events regularly. Check out her blog: if you’d like something closer. That’s a long way from Mill Creek!

  5. would love to be there! had plans to go to Spokane that morning but everyone’s getting sick, so the trip may be off. If it is, I hope to be there. And I also second the question: how would you suggest we bring our coupons? I don’t clip mine so should i just bring my big binder of inserts??

  6. Sorry guys – forgot to answer the organization question. The way I will have it organized is I will have containers/shoeboxes for various categories – dairy, frozen, baking, etc. I will also have a basket where you can put uncut coupons & people can rummage thru those I also am an insert gal, so what I’ve been doing is going thru my inserts & pulling out the coupons I want to swap. So, you can either put the full page in there – or just tear off the one that you don’t want to put into the basket.

    Ideally, it would be better if the majority of the coupons are cut out to make it faster & smoother for swapping coupons- but we can also have the misc basket with uncut coupons/insert pages. If you bring your binder of inserts, then you can just go thru them at the library & put them in the stack as you go.

  7. Looks like I won’t be able to make it, but if you want to stop by my house this week you are welcome to my pile of coupons I was planning to share:-)

  8. Oh bummer, Katrina! I just saw your comment today saying you thought you’d be able to come. I can stop by, though & get the coupons – and you can let me know which ones you’re looking for so I can look for some for you.

  9. I live all the way in Spokane, is there any blogs from this side of the mountains? I would love to get together with other women that do this too!!

  10. So excited to find your blog! I’m from Tacoma and I was looking for couponers from my area. I’m totally new at couponing. I had no idea you swap coupons, if I knew I wouldn’t have thrown out the pet food coupons. I can’t wait till your next meet up. I hope I’ll be able to make it since I have a 3 month old son.

  11. Great – hope you can join us next time, Tatyana! We’re going to try to do it again in January some time. And you’re welcome to bring your baby,too.

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