10,000 FREE Jeans Given Away by Gap on Friday November 5th

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Update: This deal is definitely not sounding as good as it first sounded – it looks like each store will only have around 4-5 pairs of jeans. But, at least they’ll then have the 40% off coupons after that. It sounds like those may be available to everyone, not just people with smartphones but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

The Gap just announced on their Facebook page that they will be giving away 10,000 FREE pairs of jeans on Friday at their regular Gap stores.  The way this will work is that you need a Smartphone & you’ll need to  be one of the first customers at your local Gap store.   You then need to share that on Facebook places ( a free app that you can download onto your phone) using your Smartphone & then show a sales associate where you checked in on your phone. If you’re not one of the first people, you’ll still get a 40% off coupon to use on any regularly priced item.  The employees will pass out coupons starting with the first people in line for a select amount of people (we don’t know exactly how many there will be, except there will be 10,000 given out across the US).  Make sure to go to the Gap Facebook event for all the details & fine print.

The free pair of jeans will be valid on one free pair of basic 5 pocket jeans -select styles (valued up to$59.50).  Only valid on Mens & Womens jeans.

Thanks to my mom for hearing about this deal on the radio & passing it along to me! :)


  1. So, you MUST have a smart phone to do this? Is there a coupon you can print instead? Just making sure. Thanks!

  2. stupid! I’m not getting a smartphone just to get a free pair of Jeans. Sounds like a pretty complicated deal to me.

  3. It looks like the fine print says that you can get the 40% off coupon regardless. Not valid with any other offers, not valid at GAP outlet or factory stores, etc., etc. (the typical fine print for these coupons). But do need to be at the store still to get the coupon.
    Disappointed that only those with smart-phones can get a chance at the free jeans, but if you’re looking to shop at GAP anyway, you may as well go in for the 40% off!

  4. Gap is handing out coupons for the whole month of November if you buy on Wednesday or Thursday you get 40% discount on one single regular priced item. If you pay with a Gapcard you get 45% discount.

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