Hansville Wa – Lighthouse, Beach, Trails, Horse Drawn Carriages & More!

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Hansville Wa – Lighthouse, Beach, Trails, Horse Drawn Carriages & More!

Hansville is another tiny town on the Kitsap Peninsula, which offers lots to do for the size of the town. My parents went to a very small church in this town for years, so we have spent many weekend days enjoying the beaches, the lighthouse, walking trails and more. It is one that I would definitely recommend adding to your itinerary if you will be exploring the Kitsap Peninsula.

Here are some of the things that are great to explore and experience on a stop in Hansville, wa.

This town is very small, but it seems new things are popping up each time we visit. The HansGrill in Hansville store/restaurant has been a staple here for as long as I can recall. We often go for ice cream with the kids (we buy ice cream in just about every town on the Kitsap Peninsula – it is perfect for a beach vacation)! They are so great, that when we were staying down the street one time, and stopped by to see if they had any egg noodles in the store (for a pot of chicken noodle soup we were making), they offered to go see if their restaurant had any extras they could spare for us, since they did not sell it by the package! It is also a fun spot to stop in for a cup of soup and eat looking out the windows at the Puget Sound.

Across the street and around the corner are a couple of new additions, including the North Point Market where you can get soups and sandwiches and more.  There was also a brand new bakery that popped up next to the market the last time we were in town. We have not had a chance to try it yet, but did see a line out the door as we drove by.

The Fat Turnip Farms is a new u-pick produce and flower farm (you can also purchase from their stands), and is one of only 3 organic farms on the Peninsula! Check out this turnip they grew on the farm!

Also, if you are driving into Hansville, you will likely be coming in via the Hansville Rd. You may want to take a quick detour on Eglon Rd (turn right off of Hansville Rd NE), and you will find this new Organic U-Pick Farm & Farm Stand there, called The Fat Turnip Farms . It is just a few minutes down the road, and worth a stop for some great organic produce (or you can pick your own flower bouquet when they are in bloom too).

You can make it a quick stop, and grab produce they packaged up for the farm stand that morning, or you can spend some time wandering the farm and picking your own stuff.

If you do decide to take this right hand turn to hit the farm stand, you are heading into an even smaller town called Eglon. There is actually another great beach spot called Eglon beach, if you are looking for a beach spot that is usually less crowded in the area too than the ones in Hansville (although those are not usually too crowded), and it is only a few minutes past the Farm Stand. It is kept up very nice, and there is this park area where you can have a fire, and then plenty of beach in front of this to enjoy.

When we were there recently on a holiday weekend, they had these horse drawn carriages available for a ride. This is a seasonal event, so it is not something you will find available all the time.

Mostly though, when we head to Hansville, we are heading to the Point No Point Lighthouse and beach area.

If you are making the short drive from the main road in Hansville over to the lighthouse, you will pass this home that is made out of the top of a tug, used in World War II (folks often think it is an old ferry, but you can stop and read the sign posted out at the front of the home describing its history. I love this unique home, and always stop for pictures and to read the sign if I have someone with me who has never been to the area.

You can drive in directly to the beach, and park right next to the Point No Point Lighthouse. Or you can walk in and out from the Point No Point trail (which is my favorite way to do it).4

If you want to do it this way, you will take a very short drive up to the Point No Point Trail. They actually have a couple of greenway trails, that are very well maintained (they have been when we visited). You can find a map of those here. 

It is a very easy hike (and fairly short) to the beach from the Point No Point park access area. There is this steep set of stairs (also well maintained, but if stairs are an issue you will want to drive down to the lighthouse area).

Find more suggested hikes in this area here too, to explore even more. It is a popular spot for bird watchers too.

You will come down right onto the beach, and then it is a short walk on the beach over to the lighthouse area.

Before you make it over to the lighthouse though, there are usually lots of beach forts the kids will want some time to play in. Go when the tide is out, and there is plenty for the kids to explore on the beach.

This is the beach front area right in front of the Point No Point light house. There are picnic tables and benches to use in this area.

The Point No Point Lighthouse is not only a great picture taking spot, they do offer lighthouse tours between 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm on weekends, April through September. This is the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound, so another great spot to explore if you enjoy history.   I love these driftwood sculptures on the lighthouse property. They even rent out the duplex for stays (used to be the keepers quarters) if you wanted to stay in this sleepy little town!

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