Fourth Of July Marshmallow Flag – Easy Holiday Dessert or Decoration!

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How cute is this simple idea that Jens husband Ben came up with last year, to do with their girls for 4th of July (they also threw a fun Red, White and Blue Smores party in their backyard that you can read about here).

A couple of ideas on how to use the Marshmallow Flag:

  • Its so simple, that if you are short on time its a great way to put together a centerpiece for a picnic or potluck event. 
  • Build a bonfire in the back yard and let folks grab a marshmallow from the flag to roast for smores.
  • Use the marshmallow flag for a dessert station if you are BBQ’ing on the fourth. Put out some popsicle sticks (get a pack at the Dollar Store), and a few bowls of icing and sprinkles. Let kids insert a popsicle stick into the bottom of a marshmallow and then frost the top, and dip in their favorite color of sprinkles – then eat away!

How to make the Fourth Of July Marshmallow Flag:

Ingredients – 

  • One bag of regular sized marshmallows (you could buy a bag of the red, white and blue marshmallows they sell this time of the year as a shortcut – but you may need two to make sure you have enough of each color).
  • Red and blue food coloring
  • A platter to display the flag on

Directions –
The flag pictured above uses 56 marshmallows.

6- Blue
24- Red
26 – White

  • To color the marshmallows you will want to use a bowl for the blue and a seperate bowl for the red. 
  • Next fill the bowls with enough water to submerge your marshmallows in (you can do this one at a time, like eggs at easter, or in batches if you have some disposable gloves you can use to make sure they all get submerged. 
  • Add Food coloring (the more you add the darker the color will be, so you can eye ball this part. Rule of thumb is one drop per tablespoon).
  • Dip your marshmallow in the colored water and make sure to get it completely submerged using gloves or a spoon.
  • Remove and let it dry on a cookie sheet (you can pat dry with paper towels too). 
  • Once they are dry arrange marshmallows on a platter in a design pattern as shown in photo above!

(note – food color can stain to be sure you are working on a covered surface)

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