Essential Oils Sale – Special Premium Starter Kit Sale – 10% Off

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Young Living Essential Oils Sale

Essential Oils  Sale – Premium Starter Kit Sale –

1 diffuser, 11 oils & more!

Get $20 Amazon Gift Card, Educational Materials, & more FREE with Starter Kit!

If you have been hearing about essential oils, but have been on the fence, trying to decide if you wanted to try them out, this is a great time to try them out.  Young Living is offering a special sale on the 2018 version of the Premium Starter Kit for Young Living Essential Oils, where you can get a Premium Starter Kit 10% off the regular price. That means instead of the price of $160 for the Starter Kit, you’ll pay just $144.  You will also receive extras (resource book & much more) in addition to this  savings! This special sale is available for a limited time (we don’t know the ending date).

The Premium Starter Kit from 2018,  includes a diffuser (Desert Mist Diffuser) and 11 oils , $20 Amazon Gift Card + Extras  (which is over a $300 value) is $144 with this sale . When you factor in the $20 Amazon Gift Card, that’s like paying $124! 

Premium Starter Kits on Sale:

Sia and I have both been using essential oils for awhile – Sia’s been using them for over 3 yrs and I’ve been using them for over 4 years. We don’t talk about them enough, but they have been life-changing for our families as we have been working hard to eliminate as many products with chemicals & toxins in our household and increase our wellness using more natural products.

I know that essential oils are all the rage right now and we are seeing them everywhere, I even saw them in TJ Maxx & Ross, you name it. But, we have done a ton of research to decide on essential oils which go thru very rigorous testing to make sure that they are completely pure & therapeutic grade essential oils {the majority of oils available are not therapeutic grade} and these are ones that are grown on their own farms, harvested & distilled all with very strict standards to make sure they are absolutely pure oils you can feel safe about using with your babies & kids as well as yourselves. Find out all about why we chose these essential oils for our families.

This Premium Starter Kit   is worth over $300 in oils & goodies, but you can get it all for $144 – 10% off the regular price of $160!  After the Amazon $20 Gift Card you’ll receive from us – that’s like paying just $124 for the whole kit + extras! 

Here’s all that’s included::


Young Living Cyber Monday sale

Premium Starter Kit for $144 (10% off limited time)::

  • (10) 5ml full-size bottles of Young Living’s most popular oils
  • A bonus oil (Stress Away) to bring your collection up to 11
  • A Desert Mist Diffuser (this is the only diffuser on sale, so make sure to select this one)
  • Oil Sample Packets
  • Oil Sample Bottles
  • Oil Information Cards
  • 2 Packets of NingXia Red
  • 1 Reusable Roller Fitment (turns any bottle in a roller bottle for easier application)

PLUS – here’s the extras you’ll get:

  1. Educational Resources (everything you need to know to get started on using your Premium Starter Kit with Essential Oils).  We’ll send you information to help you get started.
  2. Full set of Essential Oil labels for your tops of your bottles

4.  $20 Amazon Gift Card to buy Essential Oil supplies – we send you this gift card as a bonus way to save on your ideas.  We also supply you with ideas of supplies if you’d like to use the gift card towards some Essential Oil supplies so you can make your own DIY Roller bottle recipes, spray bottle recipes & more.

5. Access to educational Facebook groups – this is  where you can ask questions about how to use your oils, find out about free Facebook classes & events, as well as support from Sia & myself on how to use your oils. These groups have probably been the best way that I have learned about how to use my oils from suggestions from others.

6. Wholesale Membership to Young Living24% discount on all products on – this is the single best reason to buy a Starter Kit, versus buying the oils individually – you can get a 24% discount on everything you buy in the future.

*This promotion is available for US and military residents as well as Canada residents only. 

How to Purchase the May Oil Deal for a Premium Starter Kit::

1.  Head over to the Young Living page here and fill out your information. {Please use your laptop or desktop to sign-up, instead of your smartphone or tablet as it will be much easier.}

2. Be sure the “Wholesale Member” option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices (which are 24% more than wholesale).

3. Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id” say:  2883211 (This is so that I can send you your bonus freebies!)

4. Select the 2018 Premium Starter Kit (Make sure to search this ID#: 22397D ) .  There is a new, slightly different Premium Starter Kit for 2019, so you need to make sure to choose the 2018 version to get the discount. This includes the Desert Mist diffuser in the 2018 Premium Starter Kits to get the $20 Amazon Gift Card + freebies AND 10% off (Desert Mist diffuser is the only 2018 starter kit on sale right now). The Premium Starter Kits also contains the 11 oils. You will also get the additional freebies from us. Those are the oils that I use almost every single day!

5. Unless you know you want to order Young Living Essential Oils every month, you can skip over the section about “Essential Rewards” for now. We can give you more information in the future about it.

6. Go through the checkout process.  Young Living accepts most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You will then get a confirmation email – let us know right away if you do not get the confirmation email.

7. After you sign up, FILL OUT THIS FORM letting us know that you signed up through this promotion, so that we will know to send you your freebies. Feel free to email us anytime if you have questions, too – t[email protected] is the way to get in touch with us.

And find out much more about why to choose Essential Oils for your family in our more detailed post about why we started using Essential Oils.

Here are ways to use Essential Oils::

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