Declutter & Sell those Items on eBay to Make Extra Money from Home

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Declutter & Sell those Items on Ebay

Fall is one of those times of year that I try to work on decluttering as we go thru all the previous years’ clothes, accessories & toys to get ready for back to school as well as preparing for the Christmas season coming in just a few months. I’ve been busy sorting thru my girls’ clothes, trying to condense more items as they are finally catching up in sizes to each other.

Toys are another area we try to declutter & condense during the fall season before Christmas arrives. We have been piling these items up for a donation pile, but also a pile that we can sell the items to make some extra cash this fall. The rule in our house is that if you receive a new toy item, then you must find one to donate/sell. By going through this process ahead of time before Christmas, it saves time & energy from not doing this after the Christmas season. Plus you have the opportunity to earn some money to help pay for Christmas presents.

A great option for selling items for extra cash is through eBay, especially for those higher value items which you want to retain as much value as possible while trying to sell it.  The average household has been found to have more than 50 extra or unused items worth over $4000 if sold on eBay! So, you just never know how much money you could earn by selling those items. I’d start searching eBay for the items you find as you declutter to see how much similar items are selling for to give you an idea of how much you might be able to make from selling that item. 

Declutter Tips from Marie Kondo:

Declutter Tips from Marie Kondo

 eBay has partnered with Marie Kondo, a writer & organizational guru , who wrote the best-selling book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. She has a lot of simple & easy to follow tips for organization & decluttering for both kids & adults to use. Teaming with eBay, she has created an exclusive guide with ways to declutter your home & sell those items to make extra money. The guide features downloadable “KonMari for Kids” flashcards, which describe her systematic approach to decluttering &  how to go about finding items to sell. You can find those tips on the “People Want What You Got” section of eBay’s website

KonMari Flashcards for Decluttering

Make sure to head over to to read the guide & kid-friendly flashcards with exclusive tips from Marie Kondo on decluttering your home & finding items to sell to make extra money. The main focus of her guide is “determining which items in your life ‘spark joy'”.

Declutter Tips - Tidy by Categories

Here are a few additional tips from Marie Kondo:

  • Tidy all at once in the right order
  • Start with clothes, then books then documents, miscellaneous (e.g. kitchen) & lastly sentimental items. Don’t tidy room by room but category by category to finish faster & be more effective with your time
  • Go thru each, individual item & think about whether it truly provides joy to you or just is something that you “might” use in the future, but it doesn’t inspire joy. If it doesn’t inspire joy, then it’s time to let it go.
  • If it’s something that is in great condition but no longer brings you joy, this could be a great item to try to sell on eBay. Clothing, handbags & shoes are bestsellers on eBay, so that’s another reason to go through & declutter your clothing first.

Free Listings on eBay:

As part of eBay’s anniversary celebration, they are offering a Zero Insertion Fee (ZIF) for up to 80 listings through October 15th. This is for both fixed price auctions as well as auction-style listings. So, now is a great time to try selling a few items on if you haven’t done so yet. They now have a simplified selling flow to guide you through the steps to make the process as easy as possible. They also now have an app which sellers can use to simplify the listing process as well.

 How to Sell on eBay:

Ebay Valet Service

List items for Free with the Zero Insertion Fee – You can go on the eBay website or use eBay’s mobile app to set up listings to sell your items. It helps if you use a template with the same information to make the listing process even more smooth & fast.

Use the eBay Valet System – print a label, send in your item & let the eBay valets take over the rest of the steps. All you have to do is wait to hear when it’s listed so you can share with friends

Have you sold items on eBay to make extra money? How did it work for you? 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by eBay.  All opinions are 100% mine. See our disclosure policy  for more details.


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