Free Red Robin Tavern Double Burger and Fries Promotion

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 Free Red Robin Tavern Double Burger and Fries

Get a FREE Red Robin Tavern Double Burger and Fries at Red Robin, when you purchase any burger, entree salad or entree + 2 beverages at Red Robin participating NW restaurants, each Tuesday, if the Seahawks score a touchdown inside the Redzone in that weeks game! They ran this promotion last year and it was very popular. Just mention Tavern Double Tuesday to your server, on the Tuesday following any game that the Seahawks score a touchdown from the red zone to get this offer!

Red Robin will be offering this free burger promotion today, in honor of a great season for the Seahawks and all the 12’s!

This special Red Robin & Seahawks promotion will be going on the entire 2014 Seahawks season for participating WA, and OR restaurants.

In addition, Tavern Double Tuesday doesn’t end with the regular season. Red Robin has extended its promotion with the Seahawks and will continue to follow the team’s quest through the post-season.

red robin tavern double burger

We headed into Red Robin and my husband tried out the Tavern Double burger & he most definitely approved! It is slightly smaller than the rest of their signature burgers, but with the bottomless fries, too, it’s a nice size so that you don’t feel like you’re overeating as I can often feel like after finishing one of the larger burgers.

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    • says

      TJ – Yes, it is definitely for today the 29th, we are just updating the post on the days that this is available. But it is a current deal for the 29th!

  1. Minette K says

    We don’t eat beef but love their turkey patty and garden burger. Does anyone know if they will do the burger for free and just charge the upgrade for a different patty?

    • Sia says

      Hi Minette – that may be left up to the discretion of your local Red Robin. I would probably call your location directly to see if that is something they could accommodate?


  2. C Jones says

    I love the Banzai Burger from Red Robin! I also shared this with friends via email!


  3. Jen says

    My preference is their club sandwich but my husband loves their bacon burgers and mushroom swiss burgers. And really who can go wrong with the bottomless fries!!!

  4. Carissa P says

    My fall back is always the Bruschetta Chicken Burger- soooo good! And I always get the poppyseed dressing as a side for my fries. Plus a Diet Coke. Best dinner ever!!

  5. Julia North says

    My favorite item to order at Red Robin is the Chicken Casear Wrap, Baked Potato Soup, Freckled fruit!!! Oh and you gotta have the “Sand in Your Shorts” cocktail!

  6. Catherine says

    Love the strawberry lemonade and the mushroom & swiss burgers & endless fries!

    We just want to see the ROBIN one of these days!


  7. Sheila Swofford says

    Petite Bacon Cheeseburger, but if I want something besides a burger, I love the Chicken Caesar wrap.

  8. Kristen says

    My favorite is the guacamole bacon burger! You really can’t go wrong with guacamole haha.

    I’ve also emailed this to several of my friends and family members so that they can be entered for free deliciousness too! :)

  9. Carrie says

    I love the chicken bruschetta sandwich… with bottomless steak fries, of course! We’re going tonight. :-)

  10. Claudia says

    My favorite item is the DGB burger! The flavors ARE amazing and I’m a sucker for anything with arugula. :-)

  11. Tricia says

    I’m a big fan of the Whiskey River BBQ – both the burger and the salad! If I get the salad, I make sure I’m with someone who orders a burger so I can indulge in some of the fries, too :)

    • Kari says

      I have always loved Red Robin’s cheeseburger with relish and ranch dip with my well done fries! It’s been my favorite burger since the ’93!

  12. Brandi says

    I love the petite bacon burger, but sometimes I like to just get the fried zucchini and mozzarella sticks.

  13. sarah says

    My favorite items are the whiskey river barbeque chicken wrap with a Hawaiian heartthrob! Red robin yum! ;)

  14. Heather says

    We went and got our free Seahawks Tavern Double today! My favorite burger is the Smoke and Pepper.

  15. Eric says

    My favorite is the A-1 Peppercorn burger, with jalapeno-cornmeal bun, and blue cheese instead of jack cheese.
    And for a little bit more, I upgrade my bottomless fries to bottomless sweet potato fries, for the extra Vitamin A.

  16. lisa o says

    I love so many things at RR, but my favorite is the BLTA on the croissant…YUM! Love their Strawberry Lemonade too…

  17. Heather Donaldson says

    My favorite item is the Red Robin Gourmet burger. Something about that relish on that burger… Mmm,Mmm,Mmm!
    Steak fries, seasoned, with ranch… I’m drooling!!

  18. Emily Woods says

    I love the bacon cheeseburger, fries dipped in that amazing campfire sauce and sprinkled in seasoning salt.

  19. Kim B says

    Ahh, Red Robin. The California Chicken burger is my favorite, because avocado should be on everything and the chicken is never dry.

  20. Angie B says

    My favorite is the whisky river bbq and we just had a Red Robin built in our town so this would be perfect.

  21. Diane says

    My personal favorite has always been the BLTA croisant. Big enough to have half at the restaurant and save the other half for later!

  22. Michele F says

    Love the french fries! Most times I will fill up on bottomless fries and take burger for the next day.

  23. Leslie says

    Freckled lemonade and mozzarella sticks are ordered first then a whiskey river bbq burger, always those 3 thins, always!

  24. Sarah Diener says

    Smoky River BBQ Chicken Wrap is definitely my favorite item to order at Red Robin. I also shared this promo on Pinterest! Thanks!

  25. Allicia says

    I love the A1 burger and the bottomless strawberry lemonades and steak fries are always the best!

  26. Stacy Gregory says

    I am posting the kids favorites they always get the same thing. the boys get gluten free rad cheese burgers with gluten free (gluten free fryer) fries. And our daughter gets the gluten free chicken on a stick and sweet potato fries (also gf fryer). They have celiacs and are always so thrilled to get fries as most places don’t have a gluten free safe fryer

  27. Danielle V says

    I love all of their burger options, and the endless fries are the best! I prefer one of the burgers with BBQ sauce on it.

  28. Susan Christy says

    The Southern Charm is the best burger I’ve eaten at Red Robin. It’s supposed to be for a limited time, and I’m hoping they keep it forever – YUM!

  29. annalene says

    I love the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Sandwich…. the endless fries also really sweetens the deal!