Win an American Girl Doll : Marie Grace Doll + Accessories – 24 Hour Giveaway!!

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We have an exciting flash giveaway for you tonight, which will only last 24 hours – enter to win an American Girl Doll – Marie Grace, her book & accessories! We know that an American Girl doll is on the wish list of many, many little girls this Christmas.  Many of you may love the opportunity to be able to that special girl in your life an American Girl doll, but are not able to provide that gift due to the cost. So, we wanted to provide this special giveaway as a thank-you to all of you as we are so thankful for each and every one of you who follows along & belongs  to our Thrifty NW Mom community! We truly love being able to help you all save money & cut your spending whereever possible & we love that all of you readers make this such a fun community of helping each other as we all are on a journey to save more!

Giveaway – Marie Grace American Girl Doll, Book + Accessories 

Enter to win a Marie Grace doll, which includes a book about her as well as her accessories. This doll & accessories is valued at $124.

Here is a little more information about the Marie Grace doll & her accessories:

Marie-Grace’s inspiring stories come alive in this special collection. The Marie-Grace doll is 18″ tall, with bright aquamarine eyes that open and close. She has long, silky caramel hair that can be gathered back in braids or styled loose over her shoulders, and she arrives in a plaid taffeta dress from the 1850s. Marie-Grace is soft and huggable, and she’s poseable for hundreds of playtime moments to come.

Plus, this collection includes Marie-Grace’s special accessories that help her stay cool in New Orleans:

  • A wide-brimmed hat with ribbons that tie under her chin
  • A heart locket to wear around her neck
  • A lacy fan that opens and closes

This giveaway will end on Monday December 17th at 10pm pst.  

We are making this a flash giveaway as we hope to have this sent by mail in order to arrive by Christmas. We cannot personally guarantee that it will arrive by Christmas, but will do our very best & will send this out via  priority mail on Wednesday December 19th (in time for the priority Christmas shipping deadline of 12/21) , if we hear back from the winner by Tuesday at 9pm pst (24 hours after the giveaway ends). So make sure to use an email address that you know you will check and PLEASE check your spam folders,too, as several winners have had our emails end up in spam lately & we’d hate for you to miss out on your chance to win by not finding our email address in time in your spam folder.

The winner will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog. We will also email the winner.  The winners will have 24 hours to contact us, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Leave a comment about who you would like to give the doll to. 

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

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Disclosure: A Marie Grace Doll & Accessories set will be given to  a Thrifty NW Mom winner randomly chosen.  We did not receive any compensation for this giveaway; we wanted to offer this giveaway as a thank-you to our readers.  All opinions are 100% mine. See our disclosure policy  for more details.


  1. I’d give this doll to my daughter! She wants an American Girl doll so badly, and I have a Dollie and Me doll for her (thanks to a tip on a hot sale from Thrifty NW Mom!). I’d love to give her a real American Girl doll. :)

  2. I would love to give my daughter this doll, I was able to get one from American Girl for my older daughter, but buying 2 at once was a bit too much money. Thank you.

  3. I would give the Marie Grace doll to my almost 8 year old, Becca. She has been asking for one all year (since her big sister got Marie Grace as her first AG doll). Becca’s birthday is in January. It would be the perfect gift!

  4. I’d love to give this to my 8 year old daughter. She’s getting her first AG doll from her Nanna this year, and “Molly” would love a friend.

  5. I would give this to my 9 year old daughter! Theirs no way we would be able to afford this :D

  6. I have a 7 yr old daughter who would LOVE to receive this American Girl doll under our tree this year!! She would be thrilled!

  7. I would love to give this doll to my 7 yr old daughter! She does not have an American Doll yet!

  8. I would give it to my 7 year old daughter. She loves American Girl Dolls but doesn’t have any because of the price.

  9. I would LOVE to give this doll to my daughter. She really wants one, and specifically one with blonde hair and blue eyes like her. This would be a perfect fit!

  10. Great contest!!!!! Please enter me in the drawing for the American girl doll. I am a mother of 3 who works full time. I have a 7 year old daughter Briley who would LOVE this doll more than words!! Fingers crossed!!

  11. Just shared the link on FB – both through the button on this page and the share button on your FB post.

  12. I would give it to my daughter. She chose to use some of her Christmas money to buy gifts for a little girl her age as part of Operation Homefront Washington adopt a military family.

  13. I would love to give this beautiful doll to my beautiful little girl! Her birthday is Christmas Day. She would love it!

  14. My daughter has a friend that introduced her to the American girl dolls but we could never afford one. I would definitely give her the doll. She would be so surprised!!!

  15. I would love to give this to my daughter who wishes for Marie Grace since her name is Grace Marie… she always says ‘that doll is named just like me, Mom!”

  16. I subscribed to your feed on Igoogle.

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  17. I would love to win this doll for my daughter, Carlee. Thanks for the opportunity and all the great tips!

  18. I do not have a little girl anymore, but what a wonderful gift to give to a local charity.
    I think that would make my Christmas and some little girl very happy.

  19. My niece has TWO american girl dolls, which my daughter has recently commented on. I know she would love to have one of her own.

  20. I would love to win a doll for my daughter! She asked Santa for one, but we just didn’t have it in the budget this year.

  21. I woud give this doll to my 6 year old daughter. She wants an American Girl Doll so bad but we can’t afford one.

  22. My sweet girlbaby would LOOOOOOVE this doll. We have been searching high and low for an appropriate knock off that matches my 5 (and 3/4 lol) year old’s looks and not finding availability. She would be delighted with not just a doll like her but a REAL doll like the dang catalog that came unsolicited. :)

  23. I would love to surprise my 9 year old daughter with this. She has been saving her money to buy one.


  24. I would love to give this to my daughter Gracie as her Nana’s name is Marie and this might be our last Christmas with Nana Marie. It would be a sweet reminder.

  25. Although these dolls are meant for older girls, I have a feeling my 3-year old daughter would want to “share” it if it was given to her 7-year old big sister. Not sure if big sister would feel the same.

  26. I would give this American Girl Doll to my sweet daughter. She is all girl and would love it!

  27. I would donate this to the Star Guild which raises money for Seattle Childrens hospital. Children’s is an amazing place and this would be perfect item to auction off to raise money for uncompensated care.

  28. I shared the giveaway on my facebook account, and through word of mouth to my friend Jessica K.

  29. Would love to give this to my daughter…..her first (and probably only) American Girl doll.
    Thanks for all the tips….

  30. If I were to win the American Girl doll I would love to give that gift to my twin daughters who will be 5 years old on December 28th. We look through the American Girl catalogs frequently together!

  31. I would love to give this doll to my daughter. She has always just loved playing with dolls and I have seen that American Girl dolls are so beautiful and so well made.

  32. I would love to give this doll to my daughter. She is a doll lover and longs to have an American Girl, but they’re a little pricey for us:)

  33. How exciting! An American girl doll is in my daughters Christmas list! It would definitely be going to her! :)

  34. Great giveaway for a mom of 3 girls! I would give this doll to the youngest daughter who has not yet earned herself an American Girl doll, but is asking for one from every Santa she sees.

  35. This would definitely be for my daughter, lauren. I am pregnant and this would be perfect for her to have once her brother is born! She really really wanted a sister, haha!! ( she pretends her doll is her sister, bbut all she has is a infant doll )

  36. I would give it to my oldest daughter. She wants one because her cousins have an amazing American Girl setup for their dolls.

  37. I would give this doll to my 6 year old daughter Sarah Grace. She’s been wanting her for months.

  38. I would give the doll to my girls! They each want one so much. I just can’t afford one let alone two right now. Great giveaway, thank you!

  39. Because I have twin daughters & already got them the mini dolls, I’d give this to a girl who won’t be getting any other gifts this year.

  40. I would love to get this beautiful doll for my 8 year old daughter. We love to read the books that come along with these dolls.
    I shared by email.

  41. I shared on facebook with my husband’s account on accident. He’s not gonna be happy when he sees he’s been hacked!

  42. I would give it to my 7 year old daughter who people forget she is still a little girl. She is taller than some of the staff at her school and very smart.

  43. I would love to give this to my 7 year old daughter, Emma. She has wanted one for years but it has never been in the budget. She would be so surprised if she won this! Thanks!

  44. My daughter is an AG nut, specially of the historical characters. She loves the books, the accessories, the everything.

  45. I would love to win this for my daughter who has been thru so much in her 6 years yet is so patient and often doesn’t get to do all the fun things she’d like to do due to having a little brother with special needs!

  46. So now I shared it on my own facebook wall. (I hope nobody sees it so that my chances of winning increase.)

  47. Should I be the lucky winner, the Marie Grace doll would be a gift to my 4 yr old daughter, Avery. Ever since her cousins birthday party at American Girl this past summer, she’s been wishing and dreaming for her own American Girl doll! She would be over the moon excited to have Marie Grace!

  48. My 8 yr old Genevieve. She’s been asking for one for 2 yrs. We homeschool so with one income we don’t spend a whole lot on Christmas. I tried this yr to find one within budget but sadly couldn’t. I think it would be one of those memories that last forever if Santa got her one.

  49. My oldest daughter loves to read the American Girl doll books. She’s getting a set of the Caroline books, plus a mini-doll, for Christmas.

  50. I would love to give this doll to my sweet little Hannah (my best friends daughter) although I would be tempted to keep it for myself incase I ever have a daughter myself or just so I have an american doll of my own to take to the cafe to dine with at the american doll store/cafe at the alderwood mall :)

  51. I would give it to my daughter Ella Grace who was named after my mom Ellen Marie… crazy and special is it that the doll’s name is their middle names??

  52. My 11 year old daughter, who I hope is never too old to love American Girl as much as she does right now!

  53. I would give the doll to my daughter Jada who has been stuck in the hospital for the last week and a half with health problems caused by lung disease. She is the strogest, most brave 5 year old girl I know and i know receiving an American girl doll would make her so happy!!!

  54. My daughter Maggie loves AG dolls she does not have a historical girl but i would Like to get her Marie Grace and Ceceile because her Ancestors are from new orleans and many of her family on her fathers side still live in LA we have never met

  55. I would be so thrilled to win Marie Grace for my beautiful granddaughter, Rosalyn Marie. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  56. I would give this doll to my daughter’s friend who’s family can’t afford a doll like this, but she would love to have one!! Thanks for this chance to win!

  57. Been a follower for awhile now. I would gift this doll to my 8 year old! Being a single tomboy mom and her living with 2 brothers, she doesn’t get much girly girl stuff and American doll is soooo not in my budget lol. She would be thrilled beyond words!

  58. I’d love to bless the socks off my daughter lilia. She would love this dolly with all her heart. Thank you for being so generous with this give away:) Merry Christmas!

  59. I think I would give it to my unborn daughter that I hope to have or one of my nieces. I also might donate it to someone in need if I could not decide between my nieces.

  60. I would love this for my 9 year old daughter! She just got into them and they are too expensive for us :)

  61. I would love to win this for my neice. She just moved here from Texas and I think getting an American Doll on Christmas would be an amazing way to start the new year in Oregon!!!

  62. I would give the doll to my 6y/o daughter, she has been asking for an American Doll for almost a year now, but being a single income family it was just out of our price range. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself if there was a doll under our Christmas tree this year for her!

  63. My girls love the American Girl dolls and accessories. I would save this for a special surprise.

  64. I would love to give this to my sweet 7 year old daughter who has wanted one since she was 4 but I just can’t seem to bring myself to spend that much as it would end up being the only gift she gets. Please pick me!!!

  65. My 7 year old daughter, Lily, would love to find this waiting under the tree on Christmas morning!

  66. I would like to give the doll to my daughter Abigail Marie. She loves dolls and does not have an AG doll yet.

  67. I’d love to get this doll for my 18 month daughter Violette. She loves her first baby doll but as she matures, she likes the dolls she see her friends have. What could be a better ‘big girl’ doll than a beautiful American Girl doll.

  68. I would love to give this to a dear friend to me for her daughter. They have never experienced the joy of having an American girl doll and am sure they will love it as much as our family.

  69. I would give it to my daughter. I have 2 knock off versions that 2 of my daughters are getting, but I would love to give a REAL one to my oldest!

  70. My oldest sons little sister. This is their first year in the same state together for Christmas since we are a Military family. We eventually have to go again but something as an American Girl doll is a treasured gift forever and to receive it from her older brother would be heart warming.

  71. What a fantastic giveaway! I posted about the great deals on these dolls on the FB Christmas group but didn’t get one because my daughter doesn’t need another American Girl doll.

    I’d love to win this doll though. We have a little boy (yes, a boy) in our small town who is battling an extremely rare form of leukemia–there are only 20 cases of it documented in children in the *world*. His is the first case ever treated at Seattle Children’s. Anyhow, his sister is in 5th grade and her life has been uprooted from our small town so that she can relocate to Seattle with her mother and little brother. I would love to donate this doll and accessories to her. So many things are focused (understandably) on her little brother right now–it sure would be nice to have something extra-special focused on her.

  72. I would give this doll to my 7 yr old niece Dakota. She is in love with anything american girl.

  73. I would like to give this to a little girl who lost her mom to cancer this year. A child should not have to lose their mom so young.

  74. I would give this adorable American doll and story to my 5 1/2 year old daughter. She plays for hours in all kind of “worlds” mainly with dolls, but she doesn’t have an American doll. I know it would be like Heaven to her!

  75. I would love to give this to my daughter. Especially after spending 4 days at Children’s Hospital.

  76. Since my daughter is not quite old enough for ag yet p, I’d give her to our adopted family girl. What a wonderful surprise that would be!

  77. I’d give this doll to my girliest little girl Sophia! Out of 4 kids she’s my shining princess and would love to have this beauty!

  78. I’m sharing this with my friends via email. They’ll be excited for this opportunity. Thank you.

  79. I would give her to my little girl, Kayla. I loved reading American Girl books when I was a kid, and saved them all these years for my future daughter!

  80. Subscribed to the Thrifty NW Mom feed via Yahoo and my email and shared on my facebook page. Regarding who would I give this doll to? …. My 8 year old daughter, we were at Alderwood Mall today and she had her eyes on a doll that she fell in love with, but unfortunately $100+ is just too much to spend right now. If I won this would be her VERY first American Girl doll and the thing that is on the TOP of her Christmas wish…the very thing she asked for from Santa when we visited him at the Space Needle!

  81. I would love to give this to my 8 y/o Madi. She has always wanted an American Girl doll, but knows they are too expensive. :)

  82. I would love to give this doll to my daughter. we get the catalog and she is always picking out the dolls she wants we just can’t afford that right now.

  83. My 10 year old daughter would love one of these dolls. She has been thru a rough couple of years and we just resently lost our house and had to move out of state. She would be so happy to recieve a special gift. Thank you for entering me into give away.

  84. I shared via email and word of mouth. By the way…thanks for offering this you will make one lucky little girl very happy for Christmas. :)

  85. After having three boys, I am excited that I have a daughter to share dolls with!! My boys don’t think it’s that fun though!

  86. I have an 8 year old daughter named AnaTehya that knows I cannot afford to buy an American Doll for Christmas for her so to win this would be a miracle!

  87. This beautiful doll would be for my daughter. She loves them all and would be a perfect present!! Thanks so much for such a fantastic giveaway!! God bless!

  88. Hi! I would give this doll to my sweet 4.5 year old daughter, Darby! What an amazing giveaway! Thank you :)

  89. I would give this doll to my daughter. She is great at knitting/sewing & would have a blast making new clothes for this doll!

  90. I would love to give Marie-Grace to my 3 beautiful daughters. They would be absolutely overjoyed to have her.
    Shared via facebook!

  91. My daughter has asked for one the last two years from Santa and I want her to still believe in his magic, it isn’t in our budget…..To see her eyes light up would be so amazing!

  92. My little kindergarten daughter. Has asked Santa for an American girl doll. She is so sweet about her big sister having an American girl doll. I know she wants one so bad! She is so careful and always asks my older daughter if it is ok to play with her doll. This would be the ultimate surprise!

  93. I would love to give to my mom, who at 65 still loves to collect and also play with dolls as much as she did as a child,

  94. I would present this AG doll to our 8 year old daughter. From there we will leave it up to her who she would like to bless with it. Her heart is broken for the homeless and now for the sweet survivors in CT. Maybe she can bring a tiny bit of light into a very dark time. Thank you!!

  95. I’d love to give it to my daughter. I loved American Dolla growing up and love how they are timeless. :)

  96. I have the biggest AG fan family in the world. My daughter Eleanor would be my pick – she’s the perfect age now :)

  97. I would like to give this doll to my daughter Meghan. She spends a lot of time in and out of hospitals and could use a friend to keep her company!!

  98. I would love winning this for my daughter. We are having an unfortunate year. My husband isn’t working,and any Christmas presents are going to be very small. She has been asking for an American girl doll all year. I would be truly appreciatetive for this gift,and so would my daughter.

  99. My five year old has been reading different American girl doll books, studying the catalog and wearing her hair like Julie for months. I could hardly imagine how she would be so surprised to get a doll for Christmas.

  100. Would love to give this to my daughter! She thinks these dolls are amazing, but just too far out our budget.

  101. My 6 yr old has been asking for an AG doll since she was 3. I’m planning on getting her one next year for her 7th birthday, but I can’t even imagine how excited she’d be if she got one early!

  102. I would love to win this doll for my daughter Hannah. She has been wanting one for the past couple years!

  103. I would love to give this doll to my daughter, she is just now reaching the age of really playing with dolls and her imagination has sky rocketed. She helps so much with her baby brother and I would love to give her, her own beautiful baby to care for.

  104. My Daughter *loves* combing through the American Girl catalog and I would give this to her. American Girl is crazy expensive, so she only has a few things. She would love Marie Grace.

  105. Wow! I would love to give this to my of year old! She has developed the same love for dolls that I had as a child and I have given her my old doll house. Great memories!

  106. I would give the doll to my daughter. She is a great girl, very active in her school , girl scouts, and a wonderful family contributor.

  107. My little one, Leah, would LOVE an American Girl Doll. She plays in her room for hours, setting up her dolls and babies pretending to play school or run a day care center! Seeing and hearing her play is the biggest joy!
    Thanks you!

  108. I would give this to a little 7 year old girl whose mother left her husband and children last year. Her visits with her mom have been inconsistent and unpredictable. Her mother divorced her dad just last month. This would be such a special gift for this little girl!

  109. What a wonderful give away! This may seem funny, but if I won her, I would give her to my mom! She is an avid doll collector and adores American Girls :)

  110. I would love to give this doll to my daughter Kayley who wanted one last Christmas and still would like one this Christmas.

  111. I know a 9 year old I would give her to. She needs to be a little girl, instead of playing the adult role in her daily life, looking after her 4 siblings.

  112. I would love to give this doll to my daughter, Kierstin. American Girl lost my after Thanksgiving order and the items I purchased are no longer available and they’ve issued a refund check instead of crediting my account, so winning would make up for the mixup,

  113. I would like very much to give my daughter this doll for Christmas. She has recently discovered the American Girl dolls and loves them all! She talks about wanting one every day and this would make her dream come true!

  114. Oooh!! I’d actually probably keep it…and let my 4 daughters play with it as a special reward? Just because I don’t know who the lucky daughter should be. What a fun giveaway! I love to walk through the American Girl store and drool. I read the books to my two older girls, but thus far we haven’t been able to afford one of the dolls.

  115. Would give this to my friend’s daughter who wants one so very much. I subscribe via email, I share your wonderful info on face book and often tell people to look for Thrifty NW mom. One of the only emails I enjoy getting!

  116. I would give this doll to my beautiful daughter Evvi, she has been wanting one but we just can’t afford it. She would be thrilled with this. Thank you for the chance to win.

  117. I would love to win this for my 9 year old daughter whose AG doll was lost in a move. She is the best big sister to her two younger, special needs, siblings and never asks for much at all! I shared this on Facebook :)

  118. I would love to give this adorable doll to my sweet daughter. She is a major fan and has a doll on her Christmas list.

  119. I am entering my daughter, Alina, who is in first grade and has T1D (Type 1 Diabetes). She was diagnosed when she was four, but has only had to be public with it since she started elementary school. First grade is tough, most kids try their hardest to not stand out, and so she is reminded even more everyday that she is different than everyone else. It’s been a big struggle for her emotionally this year. She doesn’t like being the only one in the family or in her school that has it. I imagine it’s a very lonely feeling. She loves babies and dolls and has been mentioning American Girl dolls for quite a while. It is at the very top of her list. I know she would be a very caring, loving and nurturing mommy to Marie Grace, if she is wins.

  120. I would give this to my daughter. She is just starting to get interested in dolls. Can’t imagine a better first one for her. Sharing this give away by word of mouth with my sister for my nieces.

  121. My niece would LOVE to get this doll! She’s been begging for one since last Christmas, sadly no one’s had enough money to get her an AG doll.

  122. I would give the doll to my 6 yr old daughter Sophia. She loves dolls and stuffed animals. She is a caring and loving mommy to her “babies”.

  123. I would give this American Doll to my daughter Chloe. She is 13 but has always wanted one and I could never afford one.

  124. I would love to have an American doll for my grand daughter. She has always wanted one for years. She was able to get one but her baby sister gave the doll a make over. I just know this would brighten Cydney’s day.

  125. I to give this to my daughter! She asked Santa for a doll and this one would be beyond her dreams :)

  126. I would either give this to my niece or donate it to our local service center for their Christmas toy drive.

  127. I would give this doll to my daughter. I grew up reading the American girls books and always drooled over the catalogs.. Can’t wait to share this with my sweet girl.

  128. Wow. What a great idea! My daughter has wanted an American doll for many years. We haven’t been able to afford one. This would make this Christmas very special.

  129. I shared it with my very good friend who has a daughter. After all I don’t wanna share this with too many that lessens my odds right.. wait is that naughty.. now Im feeling greedy and guilty, better go share on FB. :)

  130. To my darling daughter Carly who is dying for a look alike doll but I will take anything I can get, thanks for doing this!

  131. Shared with my bestest friends and neighbors… they are all here with me so it is word of mouth I guess :) Thank you!

  132. I would donate this to a local charity so a young child could have a better Christmas. I mentioned this on my Twitter feed & I receive updates via Twitter I noticed under the email options receiving updates via Twitter was an option. If this does not qualify me for an extra entry, please let me know. I use Twitter more than email anyways.

  133. If I won I would give it to my daughter. She is has been working very hard at reading and making little progress due to a learning disability. One of her favorite things to do is playing with her sister’s doll’s hair by styling it. It brings a sence of calm to her.

  134. My sweet daughter has had only one Christmas wish for the past two years–an American Girl doll! Would be soooooo thrilled to win one for her!

  135. This would be for my seven year old daughter, who just tonight told Santa that she wants an American Girl doll.

  136. If I win this doll, I would give it to my 7 year old daughter. She has 4 brothers and loves anything girlie and really wants an American doll for Christmas! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity & for all the great links, tips, and ideas you post on Facebook!!

  137. I subscribed via email. And I shared by word of mouth and Facebook:) I would LOVE to surprise my sweet daughter with this doll for Christmas…….an American Girl doll is the one thing that is on her WISH LIST :) Thanks for the great giveaway!! Merry Christmas!

  138. This beautiful doll would be a perfect gift for my 6 year old daughter. An American Girl for an American girl.

  139. I would give this doll to my granddaughters. They have both wanted one for a while now and they are just so expensive.

  140. I would give this doll to my 8yo daughter Josie. Most of he friends have 1 or several American Girl Dolls. I just can’t afford one. She would be shocked to find out that she could receive Marie Grace. She asked Santa for one. But he is not going to be able to bring her one. Thank you for the entry.

  141. I would give this doll to my daughters….I just was let go from my job and this would be an amazing gift!!!!! I shared this link via Facebook.

  142. I would give this doll to my friend who tried to get one for her daughter before they were sold out. Besides which, she is a single mom and it would make her daughter dance for joy!

  143. I would LOVE this American Girl Doll for my daughter. Since seeing the ad we received in the mail she has been OBSESSED. She prints out at least once a week her options, she has told Santa and of course tells me at least daily.

  144. Would really love to win this doll for my 8 year old niece who is just the sweetest girl ever!

  145. I would give this to my 6 year old daughter! She has wanted one since we went to a birthday party at an American Girl Doll store!

  146. I would give this to my precious 8 year old, Emma. She has been wanting an American Girl doll but we can’t afford one.

  147. I shared it in a message on Facebook!! Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful gift for a little girl who dreams of owning one!

  148. I would love to give this to my daughter. I told my sister and sister in law via word of mouth and will send them an email as well.

  149. I would give this to my beautiful grand daughter. She would love her so much!!! This would fill my heart with joy as well since I don’t have the funds to send her anything else right now!!!