Win A Trip To Southern California (Disneyland or Sea World Tickets Included)!

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Southern Cali Getaway

Win a Mini Southern California Getaway

We have partnered with Get Away Today and are really excited to be able to offer one Thrifty NW Mom reader a mini getaway trip to Southern California. The trip is flexible, so you could use it to visit Disneyland in Anaheim OR San Diego and  Sea World!We love visiting Southern California, as it is close enough to drive too from the Northwest, making it a budget friendly alternative for families. In addition to the beautiful sunshine and palm trees (two things we don’t have enough of in the Northwest) there is so much to do. You can visit beautiful beaches (for free!), there are a number of theme parks, and a well known zoo as well as Sea World, and so much more.  Get Away Today is a great resource to check out for booking getaways at big savings too!To help families out with the cost of a getaway we want to offer one Thrifty NW Mom reader a hotel stay and park tickets to enjoy a mini getaway.Here is what is included in this Southern California Mini Vacation Giveaway:

A 2 night stay at a moderate hotel in either Anaheim OR San Diego (3 star hotel)
2 adult 1 day/1 park tickets to Disneyland OR 2 adult 1 day Sea World tickets

The winner will have a certificate mailed out to them after confirming with us (we will notify winner via email)

The winner will need to contact Get Away Today at least 60 days prior to traveling to book their vacation.
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Get Away Today
Get Away Today has a number of current promotions going on too, if you are looking to book a longer vacation.  Here are some of the current promotions:
  • Free Nights Specials on Hotels near Disneyland
  • Free Dining Plan at Walt Disney World
  • 5 Days for the Price of One at Legoland
  • Adults at Kids prices at Disneyland

Giveaway –2 Nights Hotel Stay in Southern California + TWO Theme Park Tickets!

This giveaway will end on Monday, June 8th at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Tell us which Disneyland Savings Post you find more useful and why (you can find them all on our Disneyland Deals page here)

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

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Be sure to check out our Disneyland Deals page too, for more great tips on how to save the most on a Disneyland trip (ideas to save on food, momentos, secrets and tips and more)!

Disclosure: Get Away Today has provided the mini getaway vacation package that will be given to  a Thrifty NW Mom winner randomly chosen.  All opinions are 100% mine. See our disclosure policy  for more details.


  1. I really like the tip to use Ridemax from Disneyland Secrets and Tips post!

  2. I love the tips on ticket deals. I was able to get our family a free fourth day at Disneyland when I bought 3 day passes by using these tips! Thanks for compiling these great deals!

  3. My fave Disneyland savings post is the one about saving on mementos!

  4. I like both, but the hotel one is especially helpful as I have never been to Disneyland, as an adult. :)

  5. Shared on fb. This would be especially fabulous since we are planning to surprise our girls with a trip to Disney in the new future. :)

  6. i like the Disneyland Food deals post the most because the last time we went to Disneyland, food was our most challenging thing to figure out – we spent way too much on really bad food. Great post!

  7. We always try to bring our own beverages into the park and plan out our meals ahead of time

  8. Hotels and tickets are the biggest expense so I found that post very, very helpful!! I hope to use these tips on our first trip with our 4 year old who has been saving his pennies for so long to go! :)

  9. I like the savings post idea about finding characters at Disneyland hotel vs waiting in long lines in the park.

  10. Love the posts on disney ticket promos. Always looking for the best deal at the happiest place on earth!

  11. I like the “Save on food at Disneyland” tips. There’s always new tips to consider & it’s helpful to look back at options that I may have forgotten about.

  12. I love the tips on how to save on park tickets! I didn’t know about the many ways you can save money if you’re on a budget. Like how you can buy tickets at the grocery store and use that money spent as a rewards points. Gotta love the double dipping option!

  13. The Best tip I got was from the way to save on food. We had groceries delivered when we went to Disney last October and it saved us lots of money on snacks and saved us on worry since our son has a peanut allergy.

  14. I like the secret and tips post as I am not familiar with Disneyland. The current ticket deals is also very useful.

  15. I like your post about hotel deals near Zdisneyland. It seems like that is the most daunting to me.

  16. I like the post titled:
    Hotels and Disneyland – How to Save On Your Disneyland Stay!
    because choosing a hotel can be difficult with so many options and I found this post helpful. Thanks!

  17. My favorite piece is how to save on your Disneyland stay, as that is one of the biggest costs when visiting.

  18. I like the tips on Hotel Specials because there are quite a few in our family and the hotel saving really help us out.

  19. I think that your ideas on collecting souvenirs beforehand is absolutely genius! I would have totally over paid. Please continue to post your ideas since I have 3 kids I need my money to go far. :)

  20. My fave deals page is the one for discount Disney tix. It’s always good to get a deal!

  21. I liked the post about secret Disneyland tips. There were a lot of things that I didn’t know in there!

  22. I found the savings while eating at Disneyland to be the most helpful. I think that eating out, especially with family can be really difficult and also costly. The tips provided give a good plan on where to go within the park to save some money.

  23. I think the buying the “glow” products before the trip is a great idea posted in “Save Money on Disney Mementos.” I never realized these were going to be a must have item while there.

  24. I really like the Disneyland Food deals post. I always like to pack my food, but the kids will always want a special food treat when we visit Disneyland. Plus, it’s fun for the kids to enjoy this special day.

  25. Save on Mementos, Salon Visits, Disney Clothing and more for your vacation is my favorite saving article. I always find myself wanting one of everything when I go on vacation, but this article helps me pick what is going to be the best bang for my buck and some for FREE.

  26. This would be an awesome family trip for my son and I. I loved the tips on saving on food, from hearing from friends and other family it’s quite expensive. These tips would help out a bunch

  27. I love the idea of the switch pass (Secrets / Tips post). I had never heard of that before!

  28. We’re pretty experienced Disneyland travelers but I still find more things on here from time to time, that we didn’t know about. Before we went last time I found a bunch of Disneyland area coupons! Thank you so much!!!!

  29. Shared on facebook—but whenever i do this, i secretly hope that none of my friends enter—i need all the help i can get!! ;-)

  30. Al the blogs were informative, but I did enjoy Hotels Around Disneyland. So many hotels to choose from and this helps big time.

  31. I subscribed to the Newsletter. Twice :-/ No confirmation link yet. I’ve checked my spam folder also.
    As for my 1st comment about saving on food, I forgot to mention why and don’t want that entry to be disqualified! Food is so expensive! I am so going to Earl of Sandwich on my next visit!

  32. I like “Disneyland Secrets & Tips” the best. Why? Because you can find good tips there you wouldn’t otherwise know, of course! Best way to do your homework before going :)

  33. My favorite Disney savings post is the “Hotels of Disneyland” one. Great tips for our upcoming trip!

  34. Disneyland Food – How To Save the Most Eating at Disneyland!
    Because I love to eat at Disneyland

  35. My favorite post is the one about how to save on Disney land tickets!!!! They are soooo expensive these days and any little bit helps!!!

  36. How to save on admission and hotels!! The most expensive part of going.

  37. I think the “Disneyland Food – How To Save the Most Eating at Disneyland!” post was most useful to me, because food is so expensive in the park!

  38. Secrets and Tips were very helpful & exciting to read! Who doesn’t love secrets & tips?!

  39. I love the how to save on food post! My kids eat a ton and I can’t imagine buying them a $7 meal every time I turn around.

  40. I like How to Save Money on Food while at Disneyland. Great idea to purchase gift cards at stores before leaving on your trip to get reward/gas points. Every little bit helps!

  41. I like the Secrets and Tips, especially to ride the Monorail to avoid the long entrance lines.

  42. Im so excited for the opportunity to win a vacation. I had to share on facebook for others to enter for a chance to win also.
    I couldnt find the share button on this website but i am sure it would be useful for sharing all of your great deals with others

  43. I like the one about saving on mementos. I fortunately can already save a ton on Disney through the military but that does not include mementos. Plus what is a trip without a few things to remember it by??? ;)

  44. My favorite Disneyland Savings Tip is buying an Entertainment Book and putting Anaheim as your location. I like this one the best because it is a tip that can be applicable to all major vacation locations that a person takes. The school I teach at sells those as a fundraiser every year so it is a win win.

  45. I shared your Facebook Post and added the following comment on top of the post: I love Thrifty NW Mom she posts free to low cost activities every week during the summer to do with kids and deals and tips to save money. If you don’t follow her you should. She also links to other companies that can save you a ton!

  46. The most helpful blog for saving money at Disneyland is not for tickets, but on the food! If you’re not careful you can end up spending more money on feeding your family than on the cost of the admission ticket! Thanks to your helpful tips, I think I will save money in that area.

  47. I found that your tips on saving on food while at Disneyland very helpful. My family LOVES food! When we are traveling, our food expense can be staggering. Your tips are valuable so we can save on food, and then spend it elsewhere, such as souvenirs. Thanks for the chance. :)

  48. I am following you guys on Instagram I love seeing your IG feeds! My account on IG is @OneSleepyMommy. Thanks again for the chance.

  49. I love the money idea of purchasing clothing at outlets or mall store much cheaper than at Disney. Thank you for the TIp!

  50. Liked the tips on saving on meals and food while in the park. Packing our own water and snacks would help defray some of the expense.

  51. I found the Disney post about ticket discounts most helpful. On my last trip I used the links to get a better deal on tickets!

  52. My favorite Disneyland savings post was the one on ticket discounts. This post helped me choose park savers to buy my discounted tickets, I never would have known about them without your site

  53. I like the “Disneyland Food – How To Save the Most Eating at Disneyland!” post because my wife and I are planning a trip to SoCal for our 2nd anniversary, but we are on a budget!

  54. I love all the tips on saving on food costs. Going to Disneyland with a teenager seems to always equal huge food bills. We use the coupons, free hotel breakfast, and entertainment book. I will have to try the early character meals. We have always skipped those as too expensive.

  55. Subscribed and thank you for tips on saving at Disney, much needed with 4 kiddos!

  56. The most useful section for me is how to save on Disney Park tickets. They are the most expensive part of our trip, so the information is really appreciated.

  57. The most helpful post for me is the saving money on the mementos, saloons, clothing ect. Buying mementos and clothing in the park for a family of 4 can really add up. it’s helpful to know what to purchase ahead of time and bring and what to buy at the park.

  58. My
    Not only am I a huge fan of all the wonderful deals and special offers thrifty north west mom’s has to offer. It the most magical place on earth Disneyland… I found a deal that I’d love to try out! This one here is amazing not only because …its Disneyland!!!!But it helps save your family money so you can experience more, eat great food, visit Orange County, Anaheim California, grab a few gifts and so much more without all the guilt of spending way to much money! Adults at Kids’ Prices!

    Save up to $11 per person on all 3, 4, and 5-Day Park Hopper® Tickets with our exclusive Adults at Kids’ Prices special offer! Offer valid for travel during May, August, September and November 2015!
    Valid on stays from 1/1/2014 to 12/31/2015
    So check it out..and enjoy your summer! xoxo Liz

  59. When to visit Disneyland post because it provides info that will make the trip worthwhile with a higher quality visit.

  60. I loved your food recommendations, including the idea of eating at Downtown Disney, and using your links for coupons to those restaurants–AWESOME! Thanks so much for your helpful website–you rock!

  61. I love the post about saving on mementos. We would love to make it to disneyland this year!!!

  62. I love the posts about saving on food at Disneyland and the tip of buying an Entertainment book for down there. We are planning our first trip there with our 2 kids and need to be on a tight budget. I will using A LOT of your tips and tricks!

  63. Shared on FB & Pinterest, I love the Disneyland Ticket Deals ideas including buying GC at Target with my Red card.

  64. I love the Disneyland food post the most. Helpful on how to save money and best places to eat.

  65. I liked the Ways to save on Eating Expenses at Disneyland article. It was very helpful and hopefully I will be picked and I can put some of the tips to use :)

  66. I found the How To Save On Food at Disneyland very helpful! I have heard that it is very expensive, I didn’t know you could bring in your own food and water! Thank you!!

  67. I like how to save on Momentos and clothing. I never thought to go to H&M first to buy outfits and then surprised them with them during the vacation. Also going to the dollar store for autograph books and glow sticks!

  68. I subscribe to Thrifty NW Mom via email! (Christyb*****

  69. I loved your food saving tips. We are going in November and that will save us a lot

  70. Thank you for all the saving tips, they are great and I love sharing it with my friends.

    Would love to win the Disneyland vacation! I promised my son I would take him if he had no cavities. Would love to see him smile and be a kid especially since I’ve been in the hospital so much this last year. Thank you for this opportunity!

  71. I like the post on how to save money on food at Disney. I find that hard to budget for and the one thing that is really easy to let slip when on vacation. All those snacks and treats add up!

  72. I enjoy all your Disney thrifty posts, especially the mementos article. I’ve subscribed and followed. Thanks!

  73. My favorite post was about the Disneyland food deals. Food was definitely a challenge on our one and only trip there.

  74. I liked the information about ideas of where to stay. It helped us refine our search! (hoping to go in the fall!)

  75. I read the Disneyland Secrets and tips before out trip last month! We would love to go back!

  76. I love the hotel posts to save money! Why do things have to be so expensive?! We’ve never been to Disneyland and find your posts very helpful!

  77. I like the site that, to save on food.. eating out really adds up when your on vacation…

  78. The Disneyland Secrets & Tips. I haven’t been to Disneyland in 30+ years. So I love seeing all the tips and tricks for when I finally get to go back.

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