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Wild Waves – $16 Off Printable Coupon = $23.99 Tickets or Season Pass Discounts

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Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) has printable coupons available for Wild Waves theme park in Federal Way, WA. The Wild Waves printable coupon is good for $16 off admission from May 28th – September 1, 2011. So, you will be paying $23.99 after the discount (regular price – $39.99) for up to 6 people to use this coupon.  (It does say that you must present proof of BECU membership with the coupon). Thanks Centsible in Seattle!

The coupon is not valid on other discounts for child or senior discounts.  Children 3 & under are free.  I just did a quick check & it looks like military members can purchase tickets thru the MWR at Fort Lewis for $29.99, so this is definitely a better deal with this $16 off printable coupon. You can also buy tickets at Safeway for $29.99 – again a better deal to go with the $16 off printable coupon.

Season Pass:

If you think your family will be heading to Wild Waves frequently this summer, you may want to consider a Season Pass.  They also have a coupon book for season pass holders, which includes coupons for “Bring a Friend for Free”.

Here are several options:

Costco – According to the Wild Waves website, Costco has season pass tickets for $139.99 for 2 tickets. This is your best bet for Season pass tickets at just $69.99/person. You can only buy these passes at select Costco locations.

Online Discount – Thru June 30th, you can buy discounted season pass tickets on the Wild waves website for $79.99/person (+tax & processing fee).

Let us know if you hear of any other discounts for Wild Waves.  There were a few other discount days last year, but I haven’t found out any as of right now. I’ll keep watching for more discounts.


  1. Cool! Does this coupon work only at if your purchasing the tickets at the park’s entrance, or do they also work at safeway?

  2. i could not get it to print either it just tells me, the document could not be printed any suggestions? thanks

  3. Sorry you’re having trouble printing the coupon guys – I just checked & was able to still print it. You might want to try different browsers if you’re having trouble printing from your current browser.

  4. If anyone in the Federal Way uses this coupon in the next week, please leave a comment on your experience through the gate. I am concerned that the gate will hassel this ticket to NonBoeing holders. I don’t want to drive 2 1/2 hours and have them reject this coupon. Just a paranoid person. Thanks

  5. I used this same coupon last year and they didn’t say a thing about Boeing, just took it without a word.

  6. thank you, thank you, thank you!! Getting 5 people into Wild Waves costs $$$. This will help for sure!!

  7. Sent my son down with friends today. Not members of BECU, but the coupon worked without any hassles. Thank you so much for the great savings!

  8. We did not try to combine as we are quite a ways North and it was only available at Safeway’s down South closer to Wild Waves and I was not the one driving. I would give it a try.

  9. Do the people there actually ask to see ID? Cause I emailed them and they said they checked ID. Please lemme know asap!

  10. No one asked for anything. My girlfriend gave them the coupon and then four paid with cash and my girlfriend used a cc. No hassles at all.

  11. So we can just print this coupon out and take it to the gate and they will give us $16 off a single ticket price?! That’s it?! Sweet! Thank you!

  12. I tryed to use this on Saturday the 30 July and you have to show your BECU.
    So if you are not a member buy it online..

  13. I just called Wild Waves and they said they require proof of account with BECU, so you would need to bring either your BECU card or a bank statement, otherwise you don’t get the $16 discount. How did you guys who don’t have BECU get in with the discount?

    I guess we could always do the $29.99 from Safeway.

  14. I have a BECU statement and just printed it out. I too called Wild Waves and they told me the same thing. they are now checking to make sure people belong to BECU

  15. they were not checking or asking if we were members when we used it. It does not say on the coupon that you have to be members. If you wanted to argue it I believe they would honor it. Glad we used it when we did.

  16. I used the coupon yesterday for 6 people and was not asked nor did I get any hassles..I am not a BECU memeber.

  17. It actually does say you must be a member of BECU and even tells you to bring a statement or credit card from BECU as proof.

  18. When you print off the coupon it cuts off the part where it say you have to be a member, for whatever reason. but it says it on the computer screen. I am going to give it a try tomorrow. But just in case it doesn’t work, does anyone know where I can get the Safe way deal? is it just a coupon or do i buy the ticket from them? if i buy the ticket, is there a Safeway close because I am driving up from Vancouver and yeah, cant bring my laptop!

  19. My aunt used this a couple weeks ago and her coupon also DOESN’T say it requires proof. The coupon has changed.

  20. You’re right Amber – when I posted this deal, it did not say that you had to be a BECU member. I would have definitely put that in the original post. I changed the post as I saw the coupon had changed, but wondered what was going on! I’ll update the post now.

  21. The coupon DOES NOT print that you need proof, but it is on the computer clearly – there must be an error in printing.

    I went to Wild Waves this last weekend – the ticket person DID ask for my proof, i said i forgot it- she let me in without it. It is a gamble for sure, 50/50 that you can use it without. Just smile pretty and see what happens – worked for me and my family :)

  22. I am trying to take my 13 year old son to Wild Waves on Sunday. I’m a single parent and would to find out how i can get Wild Waves coupons. We are not BECU members. I would like to try to use the coupons!!


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