Victoria’s Secret – Secret Santa Gift Cards $10 & up!

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I tell ya, Victoria’s Secret has been one of my best places to score freebies this year!! I got sent another free panty coupon (no purchase necessary) for being a part of the Pink Nation (free Victoria’s Secret E-Club, so I headed in to the store to use it yesterday. I think I’ve gotten at least 5 free panties in the past few months!

While there, the clerk told me that they have a new promotion going on, called “Secret Santa” where if you spend at least $10–they will give you a gift card equaling at least $10 but it could equal as much as $500. So, no matter what-you will get back the $10 you spent–but you could get much more!!
The catch is that you have to wait until December 1st to use your gift card AND find out the amount on your gift card!!
The clerk told me that each store has a limited quantity of these gift cards – although their website said the promotion was going on now thru 11/30. (I found this on the Victoria’s Secret website-home page-last night, but it’s not there this morning…so I’ll keep looking for another link).
A reader confirmed this at her store as well – thanks for the reminder, BJB!

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