ValpakRx Prescription Discount Card & Mobile App

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Valpak Rx Prescription Savings Program

ValpakRx Prescription Discount Card + Mobile App

Prescription costs keep rising every year here in the US and it’s getting harder & harder for Americans to pay for prescription medications they need. A study last May that looked at 49 brand-name drugs from 2012 – 2017 found that all but one of the drugs saw regular annual or biannual cost increases. The cost of 36 drugs increased more than 50% & the cost of 16 drugs more than doubled.

Honestly, that is not surprising to me at all. I think many of us have experienced regular prescription medications we may take keep going up little by little & some may have even gone up significantly. I have asthma, which is thankfully well controlled by a daily inhaler I take. However, just this last month, I went in to refill my prescription & my prescription jumped from $10 out of pocket (after insurance) to $150 after insurance?! Yikes! I am now scrambling with my insurance company to find another option that they will cover that is a reasonable amount to spend. But so far, we haven’t had any luck with finding a good option. And this is with insurance, so I can’t even imagine what prescription costs are like for those who may be self-employed & paying out of pocket these high rates.

Save on prescription costs with ValpakRx!

New ValpakRx Prescription Discount Program

If you have also faced higher prescription costs for your family, we found a great new option for prescription savings from Valpak. Yes, Valpak, the envelopes you find in your mailbox full of coupons & discounts for your local area!

ValpakRx is a free prescription discount card and mobile app which helps you save money by finding the lowest price on prescriptions at local pharmacies. They have negotiated a discount rate with a national network of drugstores & retail outlets. There are actually over 35,000 stores which have partnered with ValpakRx, which means you know you are going to get an excellent rate with so many stores that are working with them.

When you use the ValpakRx program, the average savings is $61 per prescription. Just think if you have several prescriptions to fill, this could add up to big savings each month!

The best part is that it’s totally free to use & no personal information is collected. At least 80% of the time, your ValpakRx prescription discount card will save you money. This is because the cost works out to be less than the pharmacy’s retail price. The actual amount you will save will vary depending on which pharmacy you use & which medications you buy.

How it Works:

I just looked up my prescription on ValpakRx.com & it gave me a list of 6 pharmacies near me & what the prices are so I can determine the best price & where I want to purchase it. All I had to do was input the prescription name & my zipcode (no personal information at all) & it gave me the list.

You can try this out first at the website & if you find it is helpful for you, then download the mobile app when you are on the website, so you have easy access on your phone when it’s time to fill new prescriptions.

So, if you have been feeling frustrated by higher prescription costs & maybe your insurance no longer covers a certain drug or you can’t afford the medication due to a high deductible, it is definitely worth checking out ValpakRx prescription discount card & mobile app.   It takes just a few minutes to head to their website & check out the prescriptions you need & see which location near you has the best price!

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