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Unicorn Valentines – So Easy To Make!

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Unicorn Valentines

Unicorn Valentines – So Easy To Make!

These Unicorn Valentines are some of the simplest Valentines I have done for the kids, but they will be popular this year – with the popularity of Unicorns right now. Seriously, it was cut and slip the lollipop through and you’re done!

Unicorn Valentine idea

All we did was cut out this cute unicorn heads on our Cricut (but you could use any Unicorn, and we have some more ideas below), and then threaded through one of these spiral lollipops that we picked up at our local store, for the horn. I chose rainbow colored lollipops, so we could make the unicorns in all sorts of colors, and kids could pick their favorite color. We made ours for a school party, but you could use them for your child’s valentine cards to hand out to their class too.

Unicorn Horn Lollipop

Ingredients needed for these simple Unicorn Valentines:

Note – the link above should direct you to your Cricut Design Space account, and you will need to log in to see the image. If you have any trouble finding the cut out above (ie it does not automatically pop up for you), you can search “One of a Kind Unicorn” or ” #M6D64B6C”  (without the parenthesis) in Cricut Design Space, to find the design.

I sized it to 4.581 by 5.594 if you want to use the same size I show in the images here. If you are using this design, I simply threaded the lollipop stick through the slit in the horn, and the star that is between the “o’s” on the left top side of the Unicorn. There are many other Unicorn designs in Design Space for Cricut users, but I kept it simple with this one.

  • You can also search for free printable unicorns online if you do not have a cutting machine list a Cricut, and print and cut those out by hand. Here are some ideas here.

Unicorn party hats to use for Valentines Day

If you do not want to deal with cutting out the unicorns, you can order these fun Unicorn party hats, and use a hole punch to punch two holes you could thread the lollipops through for the horns.

Cricut Unicorn Idea

How To Make These Unicorn Valentines:

These are so easy to make. Start by either cutting out the Unicorn shape per the specifications above, or purchase your unicorn head.

Once you have either cut or purchased your unicorn faces, then you can use a hole punch to cut two small holes that you can thread the lollipop stick through. You can also tape it on the back, but I found the easiest method for me was to thread the stick through the holes (this is because the lollipops are heavy compared to the paper, so the tape tended to want to pull off.

A couple of things to keep in mind here. You will want to align the sucker with the unicorn horn (as it is giving you a 3-d horn for your paper cut out). So, if you are using a design like mine above, then you will want to align the horn on the slant, and cut your two holes so that the lollipop will align with the horns direction. Since my print out has words and stars in it, I just found two spots I could thread it through with no additional hole cutting needed. If you are using a design that has the horn going straight up and down (like the masks above) that is pretty straight forward, and you just stick the lollipop straight up over that horn.

We are passing ours out generically, but you could add the child’s name to the front or the back of the unicorn if you want them personalized.

These are some of the simplest DIY Valentines I have made, and I cannot wait to pass them out to the kids.

This DIY Valentine Box with Free Printable will take just minutes to assemble for a frugal gift filled with candies or goodies.

For more DIY Valentines Ideas, visit our Valentine’s Day Project page here.

Valentines Unicorns


  1. These are awesome, I’d love to be able to make them! I can’t get the link to work to buy the image though. Do you know why that might be?

    1. Hi Kelsey, are you able to get the image added to your design space, but then when you go to purchase it you are having issues? If I understand that correctly, I might contact Cricut customer service about it (I know they have made numerous updates to design space lately and so there may be a technical issue you are running into). If I misunderstood where you are running into an issue let me know? Thanks so much!

  2. I love the unicorn valentines and wanted to make them for my first grade class, but I can’t find them on my design space. I’m very new to cricut so it’s most likely I”m doing something wrong, but I can’t find the unicorn head anywhere.

    1. Hi Laura, when you are logged in to your cricut Design Space account, and click on our link over to the Unicorn, what happens (it is suppose to take you to the unicorn head, so trying to understand what is happening when you click on that link so we can troubleshoot).

      Thanks! Sia

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