Shell Fuel Network Rewards Program – Save on Gas When Shopping Online, Eating Out, Using eCoupons & More!

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Want to save money on gas? Shell has launched a cool new rewards program called Fuel Network Rewards, that allows you to earn gas rewards in various ways! Up until recently the best way to earn gas rewards was through various grocery store loyalty programs. The Fuel Network Rewards (FNR) Program will allow you more ways to earn savings rewards like: shopping online through Shells Online Mall, eating out at participating restaurants, using eCoupons, telling friends about the program & more! You can find the full list of ways to save money on gas through the FNR program here.

The program is free to sign up for too, and if a grocery store in your area participates you can just link your loyalty card and use that!

They also make managing your rewards really easy. Once you sign up for a free account, you can login to your dashboard and it will tell you how you can earn gas rewards based on your zip code, how many rewards you have available, fuel stations near you and other useful tools! You can save up to $1.00 off per 20 gallon fill up, so that is a potential $20 savings every time you fill up just for things you are already doing.

Note – you will have the option to link your credit card to your FNR account for optional additional savings, but it is not a requirement (you can skip that section if you prefer to not take advantage of those extra savings). 

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