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This is the time of year where many of us are hosting different holiday events and/or dinners in our homes and want our house looking its best. I had the opportunity to use some SC Johnson products that are definitely going to help me this holiday season. Most of these products were ones that I have never used before and I have now found some new favorites that will remain in my cleaning caddy!

Below is a list of the different products that I was provided and my reviews of each product.

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean Mega Shower Foam – This product did a great job of cutting through the soap scum in my shower. With daily baths (most of them with bubbles) for my two boys, the residue builds up quickly. After spraying the product in my shower and tub (I used in my sink as well), I walked away for a while (as the directions recommend) and then came back. I was able to effortlessly take a sponge and wipe the residue away. There were a couple spots that I had to scrub a little but it was minimal. My only complaint about the product is that this is an aerosol and does give off some fumes while it was not as bad as other products I have used. Be sure to keep plenty of air circulation in the bathroom while using this product if you have asthma or are sensitive to cleaner fumes and/or smells.

Shout Color Catcher – This product works as it says. You can put together a mixed load of laundry and the sheet catches any running color. I don’t normally mix the colors of my loads for my husband and I but I always mix the loads for my kids’ clothes. This is going to be a laundry essential for me because my oldest loves the bright colors (especially red) and now I won’t have to worry!

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel – This has to be the most interesting of the products that I tried out and it was definitely the one that received the most comments. It says that it is supposed to last a week per application and help with the staining in the toilet. It does work that way and my toilet bowl is sparkling clean and fresh. The only thing to be aware of is that I have received many comments from company wondering what that was in my toilet. It has been a topic of many conversations after guests use my bathroom. You also need to position the gel exactly as it says in the directions. If you position it too low, it ends up sitting in the water and washes away very quickly.

Pledge Multi Surface – This was the product I was the most skeptical of because it claims to be able to be used on almost everything. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I was able to go into my bedroom with just this one product and dusted my wood furniture, my glass table lamps, my mirror and my television. It left no streaks and no residue. It worked like a charm and can definitely save you money on products for every surface. This is a new favorite for me!

Pledge Fabric Sweeper – This has always been a favorite of mine. I have multiple cats and dogs that love to get up on our furniture and leave their hair behind. I have used this product since it came out and would recommend it to anyone with pets. It is great! It takes a little practice to learn to use because you need to make sure you get the appropriate stroke length to effectively pick up pet hair. I use this on my comforters, couches, chairs and throw pillows. It is a must have in my house.

Windex Electronics Wipes – This is also a new must have in my house. I am always so careful about what I use on my electronics because they would be so expensive to replace. I used these wipes to clean my laptop, my television, my cell phone and my digital camera and they worked great. They didn’t leave large amounts of moisture behind and they left everything streak free. To me they are well worth the investment.

Glade Fall Collection Refillable Candle Holder and Oil Candle – The candle holder is beautiful and easily fit into my home décor. The candle smelled great and did an excellent job of filling up the room with subtle fragrance. I love candles and love a great smelling house so I always have things going in my home. The only complaint with this product is that I usually keep my candles burning all day and due to the size of these, they burned out after a few hours. However, they are something that I would use again for parties or gatherings in my home.

For more home care and organizing tips, be sure to check out SC Johnson’s digital booklet.

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  1. I love the toilet cleaner gel. It really does work! You just have to remember to replace it…. and the shout color catchers are also great, especially if you have new clothes you don’t want to bleed all over or if you don’t quite have a full load of one color combo.

  2. Any scrubbing bubbles product tops my list of household cleaners! Getting in the grout of the shower/tub is pretty much the worst chore, ever, but having the bubbles pave the way for my sponge helps a lot!

  3. i have two favorites, windex and pledge… everything in the house gets a dose of one or the other! =P

  4. i subscribe via email =) … i tried to set up the rss but it keeps telling me one isn’t available for your site =\

  5. My favorite Sc Johnson product hands down is glade air fresheners. I’m a little obsessed with how my home smells so I use them daily!

  6. I like scrubbing bubbles the best. I just started using them a month or so ago and I love them!

  7. I love Shout! I am very spill-prone and Shout is a lifesaver for me! I also “like” the SC Johnson fb page.

  8. I love pledge! And I just recently learned you can use it on leather…which will come on handy!

  9. I LOVE the Shout Color Out. It really saved my life and my newborns wardrobe when washing outfits for the first time or working on those lovely newborn stains.. It worked fantastically and saved me a few times when I was washing whites and I accidently had a red sock in the mix..

  10. I love the scrubbing bubbles gel toilet bowl cleaner. Just watch out for young children who want to explore what the heck it is…..LOL

  11. I love the Color Catcher sheets! I can through all the laundry in one basket and not worry about the colors ruining the whites! It’s a time saver for sure!

  12. I can’t do laundry without the color catchers! I rip them in half to stretch my dollar.

  13. My favorite hands down is Windex. None of the funky scented or whatever, just plain ol’ blue windex.

  14. I really really really like the glade candles. However scrubbing bubbles are pretty groovy too!

  15. I really like the Ziploc Reusable plastic containers and lids! I don’t mind leaving them behind so that someone else can also use them!

  16. I absolutely LOVE the Pledge Multi Surface wipes. I received a sample in the mail and almost threw it away I was so skeptical. Thank goodness I used one. It is awesome and a staple for me now!!

  17. i love the shout color catcher, growing up my mom would turn alot of my clothes different colors and now i can make sure i never do that :D

  18. i love sc scrubbing bubbles, im not a big fan of cleaning any part of the restroom but it is something that must be done!

  19. To be honset i havne’t tryed alot of these new products. the only one however i can vouch for is the glade candels….apple cinninmon is my favorite.

  20. I have been using Shout products since I could do my own laundry and I swear by it! I have the wipes in my purse and the spray in the laundry room at all times.

  21. I love the Scrubbing Bubbles – we use it to clean our rafts because it’s non-abrasive and it sticks to the raft until we scrub it!

  22. I love the shout color catchers because I can combine small loads of laundry and everything comes out the color it should be!

  23. I love a lot of their products, but some of my favorites are the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer (makes cleaning way easier) and Windex.

  24. I love shout color catchers! They really work great, and are worth every penny. Now, if only we could see some great deals on them!

  25. The bf likes Scrubbing Bubbles and I like Pledge…and Fall scented candles :), I am also an e-mail subscriber!

  26. I love the scrubbing bubbles products! They do such a fantastic job of getting residue off of the tubs and sinks (especially after my hubby has come in with grease and dirtied it all up) :)

  27. I absolutely LOVE the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foam – can’t live without it…I’ve even paid full-price for it!

  28. I love Shout Color Catchers! I used them for the first time on vacation a few weeks ago, and it was great – I was able to finish my laundry faster because I could do mixed loads, and none of the colors ran onto other fabrics – even my husband’s brand new colored t-shirts went through the wash without turning his socks pink! :)

  29. I LOVE Scrubbing Bubbles for my old school porcelin bathtub! Makes it much easier to clean!

  30. Of those, I’ve only tried the Pledge Multi Surface. I like that it’s one product to take around while cleaning.

  31. I already use the Plege Fabric Sweeper and really think it works great with my 2 Golden Retrievers leaving hair all over the couch

  32. I use the pledge multi surface. It is great for picking up dust. I don’t worry about my furniture’s finishes cuz I know that pledge is great for all surfaces.

  33. Scrubbing bubbles- anything that makes it so that I have to clean the toliet less is a great product in my eyes!

  34. I am digging the color catcher. My hubby loves to wash all of his clothes at once… goodbye blue tinged undershirts!

  35. I love pledge multi-surface…. it is the only way to clean my smooth glass black surface stove top. It always looked dirty until I tried this product!

  36. My favorite SC Johnson product is plain old Scrubbing Bubbles. I love this stuff. It really gets the shower clean!

  37. I love the scrubbing bubbles, makes cleaning the shower easier! Do miss those old scrubbing bubbles commercials!

  38. My favorite SC Johnson product has got to be the glade candles. I LOVE Glade! Oh and I already “like” their page on facebook. I hope I win!

  39. My favorite SC Johnson product is Shout! Love it, and with two boys, it is a life saver!!!

  40. I <3 <3 <3 love<3 the toilet cleaning gel! its the most amazing mommy helper with 2 boys in the home!!! but of corse all their products are amazing!

  41. My fav SC Johnson product, that I absolutely could NOT live without, ZIP LOCK BAGS!!! I use them for EVERYTHING!!!

  42. My favorite item is the Scrubbing Bubbles! I am Bless to have used there product for ever, and would love to try other new stuff they have out on the market. I am a person that love to try something new and tell people why I love it or don’t love it.

  43. My favorite product by far is the scented oil candles – vanilla – I love them and can usually find great deals on them!

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