Safeway Coupon Matchups (Seattle)

Safeway has a number of ways you can use coupons to save on your grocery bill. One of the best ways to bring your weekly Safeway shopping bill down is to shop the items that are on sale for that week, and match them up with available coupons.

Be sure to check out our Safeway page here for more information on how to save the most at Safeway too.

We are changing the way we share the weekly coupon match ups for these weekly ad deals. Now you can get these coupon match-up deals on the go, when you download the Favado Grocery Shopping App which is available for iOS and Android devices! Favado is a FREE mobile savings app we think you’ll love because it’s a way to have all of your favorite stores deals in one place to help you save time & money by finding which store is offering the best deal on your favorite products. This is the same program we were using to share the coupon match-ups, but by using the app directly you will be able to access the store list in your specific areas.

By using Favado on your mobile device to easily search your store’s deals, you can save up to 50 – 70% on your groceries!

Here is how Favado works to get the Safeway Coupon Match Ups moving forward:

Start by downloading the Favado app on your mobile device to access the coupon match ups when you need them. 

Once you download the app, you can add any stores you like to shop at to your list, and get coupon match ups for them all in one place. For Safeway you will open your app and create an account or continue as a guest. You can then add Safeway as one of your stores and then select the location nearest to you.

Once you have Safeway added you can pull up the current sales list. It will look something like this –

Then you can look for items that have various icons that will denote extra savings, like:

  • The printer for printable coupon
  • Newspaper icon, for coupons in a newspaper
  • The money sign, for other savings opps

We have circled them in red below to show you what they will look like, in this example here:

If you select those items, you can click to open them and find out where you can find those specific savings (example shown below).

If you are looking for specific items, you can search for them using the search icon, and find just those.

There are also some additional benefits when you use Favado. You will be able to use things like price comparison, to see if a specific item is available for a lower price at another store, save your personalized shopping list, set up notifications to get alerts for new sales, and more.

How to Sign up for Favado:

Download Favado

1) Enter your information at to create an account.

2) Next head to the Android or iTunes store to download the app

3) Use the login information you used for Favado to sign in to your new account on the app

Some other resources you can find for ways to save at Safeway include: