Safeway Gas Rewards Good at Chevron Or Texaco + Enter to Win A $50 Safeway Card!

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Many of you are familiar with the Safeway gas rewards program, where you earn money off your gas when you shop at Safeway (for every $100 spent you get $.10 off per gallon, and can accumulate those points and use up to $1 off per gallon)! Up until recently, you were only able to use your gas rewards at Safeway gas station.

You can now use your Safeway Gas Reward Points at participating Chevron and Texaco locations, making the program even more convenient!

The process works the same as it does at Safeway stations. I recently used some of my points at Chevron.

When I went to fill up:

  • I had the option to enter my card or phone number to use my Safeway rewards.
  • I entered my phone number, and it automatically applied my discount to the current gas price at that station.
  • I printed my receipt to confirm, and that is it above – showing the $.10 off discount from Safeway.

Now my only problem is that my rewards are smaller, only because I use them more often.

I love the Safeway gas program. Often they offer extra incentives in the Safeway Just 4 U program to earn extra gas rewards, and it really is one of the best ways my family has found to save on gas prices. For instance, we recently went on a road trip. My Just 4 U account had a coupon that allowed me to earn 4x the gas rewards on gift card purchase. I figured out what I would be spending for my vacation, and purchased some gift cards and earned about $4 per gallon that way (can only use $1 off per gallon – but this allowed us to fill up 4x on our trip with a $1 off each gallon discount. That was a nice savings!). By being able to use the Safeway gas rewards at Chevron and Texaco, we now are able to utilize our gas rewards during more fill ups (we do not have to strategically plan to get into a Safeway gas station before we run out of gas any longer!).

It looks like the 4x gas rewards for gift card purchases promo is currently going on again. It may be a great way to save, if you know where you will be doing your school shopping at (buy gift cards to those locations and earn extra fuel points!).

Giveaway – $50 Safeway Gift Card

Safeway has provides us with one $50 gift card to give to one Thrifty NW Mom reader! You can use it to purchase gas or groceries!

This giveaway will end on Wed. 7/31 at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Comment below and let us know where you plan to use your gas rewards (Safeway, Chevron or Texaco).

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

2) Leave a comment here saying you “like” the Safeway Facebook page (on this post – not on Facebook! )

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  1. I am always running low on gas. It must be from running around getting all the good deals you list. I would use it at Safeway.

  2. I plan on going on a mini vacation if I win the $50 give away!! Going to Moses lake on a camping trip with my family!!

  3. I will still use it at Safeway. Their gas is usually cheaper than Texaco or Chevron.

  4. I would use my gas money to drive all over town and buy at my local chevron

  5. I use my points at chevron since we don’t have a Safeway gas station in my area.

  6. Safeway gas is the closest gas station to me and super easy to get in and out of!

  7. I use mine at Safeway but with this new addition, I would definitely stop at Chevron too.

  8. “like” the Safeway Facebook page as Lisa Brown
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  9. I will be going to either a Chevron or Texaco since our Safeway gas is not convenient.

  10. After returning to Seattle after a long trip, I’m shocked at the gas prices! Safeway stations are far from us, so I’m glad Chevron now gives the Safeway discount.

  11. I plan to use my gas rewards at Safeway as the store I usually shop at has a gas station on site.

  12. I would still fill up at Safeway. Ours is easy to get too and the lines are much shorter than Costco!

  13. we recently moved to Texas (no Safeways here!) so I would love to gift this to my in-laws, who are the most generous people I know!

  14. I will probably just keep using my rewards at Safeway because their gas is usually cheaper, but it is great to have options!

  15. I would use my card at the Safeway gas station because their prices are cheaper than Texaco and Chevron.

  16. I use most of my points at Safeway fuel stations but would use them elsewhere during travel.

  17. I would use it at Safeway…they always have the best price on gas in my area.

  18. I would use my gas rewards at Safeway! Convenient when I’m doing my grocery shopping.

  19. Safeway gas is less expensive but so great to know I can now fill up at closer gas stations – would go to either texaco or chevron. Thanks for this post – I just noticed the added gas stations on my receipt last night!

  20. I would use the card at my local Safeway, but I am close to the other stations that honor these rewards. Actually I would check on to see who has the cheapest price the day I am filling up, and then use my card there, combining it with the rewards.

  21. I tweeted @Safeway that I like the option of using my gas rewards at Chevron or Texaco. #FueledbySafeway.

  22. With 4 growing kids, a husband, and 1 cat, we go through a ton of groceries! I would use the giftcard at Safeway!!

  23. Sorry for the second post, but my email was entered incorrectly. I would use at Safeway and I liked their Facebook page! Thanks!

  24. Thank you! I would love to win! We have a Safeway near by, but not a Safeway gas-so I was happy to gear they are offering the gas rewards at texaco now. That’s where I would use them, thanks!

  25. I appreciate Safeway doing this, it made using our gas rewards easy while on vacation.

  26. I would use it at Safeway. I fill up my gas tank after grocery shopping since it’s right there.

  27. We would use it at Safeway! I just got gas there the other day and got EIGHTY cents off per galon! Score :)

  28. We don’t have a Safeway gas station in town so I am happy to hear I can still use my Safeway discount at Texaco!

  29. In the town we live, we have to use Chevron, but elsewhere we’d just use Safeway

  30. I’d use half at Chevron and the other half at Safeway for some snacks for our upcoming camping trip!

  31. I plan on giving it to Mom as she loves Safeway gas and is on a fixed income and really could use this

  32. I would use mine at a Chevron or Safeway, whichever made it cheapest for me. :)

  33. I would use half at Safeway to supply our trip to the coast and the other half at Chevron to fill up my tank. Thanks Safeway.

  34. I’d probably use it at Safeway, but if its cheaper elsewhere that’s where I’ll go.

  35. I am driving to Vancouver, BC in a few weeks, it would help with the cost of gas so I can enjoy the good eats more!

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