Quick & Easy Spider Web Pie! (Use a Pre-made Pie)

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Spider Web Pie


Looking for a last minute dessert for a Halloween party tonight? How about making this Quick & Easy Spider Web Pie, out of a pre-made pumpkin pie? You could really do it on just about any pie, its so simple, and my kids got a real kick out of it. Costco is a great spot to grab an affordable pre-made pumpkin pie.

All you will need is a black or white icing tube. We used white, and I think both looked great. Get one of the icing tubes with a small opening (the kind you would write words with on a cake for example).

Simply draw 3 vertical lines from one edge of the pie to the next, to create the star design. From there you will draw horizontal lines from each vertical line to vertical line, creating a circle around the pie. Start at the outer edge and space them around a 1/2 an inch to inch apart until you get to a small circle on the inside of the pie. Lastly drag the tip of your icing container through the horizontal lines in the middle of each section so that your pie looks like the one above!

So easy and festive (and affordable) for last minute planners like myself!

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