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PINCHme Free Samples

I’m excited about a fairly new company that I just learned about called PINCHme, which is a free monthly subscription box, filled with free samples for you to try in exchange for your feedback about those products. Every month, you will be eligible to claim from a range of samples to be sent to you for free.  The free samples range from beauty, food, household, personal care, baby, pet products & more! The feedback that you will provide for the samples is very simple –  just 5 multiple choice questions. I love how simple & easy it is to try new products for free and then let the brands know what you think of their products!

PINCHme Sample Boxes

Trying out free samples of new products is also a chance for you to try something out first to see what you think before you commit to buying that item at full-price in the stores. You can taste it or try it out to see if you like it or not.  If you decide you don’t like it, you have the opportunity to provide feedback to the company so they can see how they can improve their product. I have signed up for many free samples of products in the past and honestly, I found a number of products that I now use that I may never have tried if I didn’t have the opportunity to test it first. {It’s kind of like at Costco, when you try all their free samples, it makes you realize how much you may really like one of those food items….at least that always seems to be the case for me. :) }

The amount of free samples available for you to request each month will vary based on the way you answered your profile questions when you sign up on PINCHme. It can range anywhere from 3-4 samples that you might be eligible for up to 8 samples per month. For example, if you have a baby, you will be eligible to claim a diaper sample, a dog owner will be eligible to claim a dog food sample if there’s one available that month, etc. The key will be looking for that email each month from PINCHme to know when their samples will go live – they are on Tuesdays & there is a countdown on their site.

The next big FREE sample date will go live with eligible samples on Tuesday December 12th at 9 am pst. You should be sent an email about these free samples being available & then you will need to go in & request the samples you are eligible for.

PINCHme Steps to Sign up for Free Samples

How it Works::

  1. Sign up for the PINCHme Free Sample program
  2. Complete your profile – it took me about 10 minutes to fill out the profile. It’s basically asking you about products you buy, stores you shop at, your interests & other questions that will help them determine what products are best for you to try out & review.
  3. After you fill out the survey & validate your email, you are eligible to start signing up for free samples. Wait for an email from PINCHme when new samples are available to request (typically once a month on Tuesdays) & make sure you request those samples right away (you need to request them each time in order to receive a box of the samples to your mailbox).
  4. Once you sign up for your samples, it should take about 5 weeks to receive your free samples
  5. After you receive your box, then they will ask you 5 multiple choice questions about the products you tried in 2 weeks. You will have 60 days to leave your feedback.

Provide Feedback: 

PINCHme Feedback

Once you receive your free samples, you will then have an opportunity to try it out for a few weeks & then they will have feedback surveys 2 weeks after you receive your samples. You will have 60 days to complete the surveys. You want to make sure to fill those surveys out, so you can continue to request the free samples each month.

PINCHme Free Sample Boxes

Sia & I had the chance to try out some of the samples just to see the variety of items that comes in the boxes. {These are larger than the sizes of the regular boxes, but are meant to give you a feel for what type of products you can expect in your boxes.} Remember, the boxes & selection will vary & be different each month.  

Here are just a few of the different types of free samples I had in my box: 

  • Starbucks K-Cup
  • Nail polish
  • Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant
  • Enfagrow Next Step Drink
  • Olay Body Wash
  • Act Mouthwash
  • Purell Sanitizing Wipes
  • Playtext Tampons & Pantiliners
  • And more….

Head on over to PINCHme today & sign up so you’re all set for the next BIG free sample day on Tuesday December 12th at 9am pst. There may still be some free samples you can request this month too – there were still 2 samples I was eligible for when I signed up, so I should be receiving those in a few weeks. Let us know what free samples start arriving your mailboxes – it’s always fun to get freebies in your mailbox! 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by PINCHme and PINCHme sent us boxes to check out the free samples for ourselves to see if this was something that would interest all of you. 


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