Pepsi Max – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon

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If you head over to the Pepsi Facebook page & “like” their page, you’ll be able to print off a coupon for Buy 1 20 oz or 2 liter Pepsi Max product & get 1 FREE Pepsi of equal or lesser size.  It’s rare to see soda coupons, so I’d print it off soon if you’re interested!

So, here’s my question – do you say soda or pop?  I grew up as a military “brat” & lived all over the country. It seemed the West Coasters mainly called it pop & midwest/East Coasters called it soda, so it was constantly changing depending on which area we lived in. But, I now call it soda after spending a number of years on the East Coast…however, many in my family call it soda! :)


  1. I am from the West, we call it pop. Fun going to the South and ask for a pop, and they are not sure what we are asking for, ;-)

  2. The fight over whether it is Pop is the funnest battle in our household. My hubbie is from Cali and I am from Oregon. I refuse to get Soda for the kids, only Pop!

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