People Magazine Subscription – On Sale for $32!

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People Magazine discount

People Magazine Deal on Subscription!

Are you looking for the best deal on People Magazine subscription deals? We update them regularly here.

***Update, the People Magazine discount is now available through Discount Mags. We have found these offers currently available sometimes and when it sells out thru Discount Mags again we will update this article, as well as update if it becomes available through Discount Mags again. We did find a deal that is just about as low as that one, and is the lowest we could find anywhere right now. 

Where you can currently get People Magazine Discounts:

Discount Mags has People Magazine for just $32 from time to time, when their deal is available on this page here – so check to see if this offer is available when you are looking. Plus, when I went to checkout they offered me a second year at just $28.01 right now! This is currently the best offer we could find.  You can order up to 1 years at this price! Just enter coupon code THRIFTYNWMOM. 

You can find many other magazine subscription deals through Discount Mags when you use our promo code THRIFTYNWMOM. They offer daily subscription deals, and you get 20% off most titles with this code as well.

Surprisingly, another great deal we could find on People Magazine was on Ebay here! It is just $30 right now (only a few left though) as well as here too for around $30 for 52 issues.

  • Magazine Bargain Club offers People Magazine Subscriptions for just $37.04 for the full year, with our promo code THRIFTY5 (this gives you an extra 5% off the magazine subscription rate) on your People subscription!

You can also use promo code THRIFTY10 to get 10% off any any order over $40, in case you see other magazine titles you are interested in at Magazine Bargain Club!!

Here’s more information about the People magazine offer:

America’s Most Popular Magazine. Defining celebrity, driving conversation and inspiring action. We’re America’s trusted connection to the people you want to know and the moments that shape their lives.
Includes our Auto Renewal Service.

Since 1974 People Magazine has been America’s no. 1 weekly source for the very best in celebrity and popular culture. Its focus on people—the famous and infamous, the most celebrated and the everyday—connects its readers to the news they crave and the stories they care about.

Fascinating People

From George Clooney to Kate Middleton, People chronicles the extraordinary and the ordinary in the lives of your favorite actors, musicians, and notable figures (yes, the Kardashians, too). And peppered throughout the hottest happenings in the celebrity world are iconic features like the Sexiest Man Alive and 100 Most Beautiful People.

Exclusive Stories

While you’re getting the scoop on the latest celebrity style, fashionable couples, and royal scandals, take a break to read in-depth exclusives that give you the lowdown on what’s really happening behind the curtain. People’s long history of trustworthy reporting means that celebrities open up to People like they do with no other publication, so you can read the stories that don’t appear anywhere else.

The Best in Celebrity Photos

All of this come along with the newest celebrity photos, from candid pics of starlets’ Starbuck runs to red-carpet shots at the latest star-studded premieres. This means you can lust over the clothes and lifestyle and still feel better when you catch a peek of what your favorite celebs really look like first thing in the morning.

If you find another magazine you like at Discount Mags as well, use the coupon code: THRIFTYNWMOM & you should get 20% off the order price (this may not apply to all magazines, but it does work for most of them)






  1. I tried to get the People Magazine offer using the THRIFTYNWMOM code and got as far as “submit” and nowhere did it indicate I’d pay $39.99 for a year subscription. I was afraid to click the final submit.

    1. Marcia – it definitely should have shown you the dropped price in the checkout before you purchased. I would contact Discount Mags customer service to see if they can get that promo applied for you!

  2. I tried the deal too.. it dropped the price from $121 to $97 once I applied the code… I don’t see anywhere where it gives it for $39.99

    1. Hi Stacey – We just checked and the offer says it is suppose to be $39.99 with code, but I tried the code and got the same result you did. We are working to find out why the code is not working with the company, and will get back to you as soon as we have resolved the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for letting us know what was happening!


    2. Hi Stacey –

      We have the issue resolved, and its linked to the correct offer now and should work for you. Sorry for any inconvenience!


    1. Hi Mike – This code that we shared for the lower price of $34.98 was only good thru November 22, 2017, so it went back to regular price after that. We will share again when we see another sale, but at this time, it is the higher price, as those discount codes are only good for a few days.

    1. Hi Patrice – do you remember who you purchased your People magazine subscription thru? I would think you need to call their customer service number to find out? But if it’s been awhile, you may be past your year purchase & can purchase again. We’ll definitely let you guys know when the next People magazine subscription sale happens

    1. Hi Suann, We are just sharing this deal that Discount Mags is offering with a special promo code. You would have to contact them directly to find out about any special Senior discounts (we are not aware of any). Thanks!

  3. If it sounds too good to be true, you can bet your bippy it is. And this is just another scam. Order your subscription for $35.99 and then get billed for $121.00.


    1. Hi Don, this was a real deal (we have ordered from them many times). It was only available until 7/26 this time as stated in post, and with promo code). Did you order it during that time and use the promo code – and then get billed for $121 after the fact? If so, I recommend contacting their customer service to let them know about the error and they should fix it for you (if they do not let us know and we can reach out to one of our contacts) but it was a real deal and comes available every so often.

      Thanks for touching base and letting us know whats happening!

    1. Hi YeVonne, are you clicking through the links in the post and then using code THRIFTYNWMOM ? I just now tried it and it worked for me, so double checking to make sure you got the code right so we can try to figure out what is not working for you and get it fixed! Thanks!

    1. Hi Carol – the nature of our website is that we share deals as we find them and update them when we find new sales. However, we share so many offers that we can’t go thru & update all of the deals when they end, so we make sure to put the dates that the sale was available (when we are given that info). Sometimes a deal may only last a short time, especially with Amazon, other times it will last a specific amount of time & we will share that timeframe if we know it. When there is a new sale, we then go thru & update these posts with the new info. I hope that helps explain how it works! Even if the sale price is not available right now, there is a 20% off code that can be used on most magazines, too.

  4. I purchase a years subscription for $46 ??? When I received the first people mag it only goes until July 19 th. Please correct this for me. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Very appreciately yours
    Kathleen Riley

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