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Organic Produce Deal- $35 for $80 worth of produce

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Zulily is a popular online site which features many deals for babies, children, maternity & women.  They offer new deals every day, which typically run for several days (unless they sell out faster!).  This is an invitation only site, so you need to go thru this link HERE to register if you’re not already registered.

*Note: In order to take advantage of the local deal highlighted below – you’ll need to first sign up for Zulily & then come back to this post & click on the link below to take you to the local deal (it’s not on Zulily’s main website – you need to receive their email newsletter in order to hear about the local deals)

Local Seattle Deal:

Not only does Zulily offer special deals for babies, kids & women, they are also starting to provide local deals in select cities. Seattle is one of the select cities & today, they are offering an awesome deal for Organic Produce Delivery!  You can get $80 worth of produce & groceries  for just $35.   They deliver in select areas of King, Pierce, Snohomish, & Kitsap counties.  And if they don’t deliver to your exact area, there are numerous community pick-up sites available.  When I looked up my zip code, they didn’t deliver to my town, but there were quite a few pick-up sites just in the next town over.

This deal is thru Full Circle Farm & they specialize in over 200 varieties of certified organic fruits, vegetables & herbs.  They also offer other organic specialty grocery items as well that can be delivered.  Deliveries can be made weekly or every other week & you can choose from two subscription sizes – standard or family.  The standard size is a $35 value & it can accomodate 2 adults & a child.  The family size feeds a family of four with extra for guests (a $44 value).

If you sign up for this deal, it’s not a commitment to weekly delivery either – just a chance to try out their services at a fabulous price! What a great option to take advantage of local, organically grown fruit & vegetables for the summer! Find out all the details HERE.   This deal is available thru June 29th, although I doubt it would last that long – it will most likely sell out before then, so hurry if you’re interested!

Referral Program:

Make sure to invite your friends to join Zulily, too, as you will receive $10 to spend at Zulily for every friend that signs up & makes a purchase!


  1. Oh this is so cool! I’ve been wanting to try out a farm share type thing for awhile, so this came at a good time and a fantastic price! Love your blog…I get so many great ideas here.

  2. I signed up so that I could look at this. Is there anyway to know what you’d be getting in a shipment? I saw the sample list given. There is a pick up site around the corner from me and it looks like there is home delivery also.

    1. Jane-It looks like they put together a custom box, but you can make changes to that during the modification time period. Just reading thru on the Full Circle Farm’s website here – it sounds like it really is customizable to what you want if you take out the items you don’t want & substitute for items you do.

      You can find more info here: https://www.fullcirclefarm.com/service.html

  3. Thanks Jen. I might like to try this, but we are going out of town next week. I don’t see anywhere on this deal that I can’t set it up for the following week, is that right? I might also see if I can substitute some fresh eggs. That sounds really good! Thanks.

  4. This was really frustrating as the wording for this deal is misleading. I assumed I was getting an $80 credit for using FullCircle delivery. Well, it is actually $80 off of your FIRST BOX. So, essentially for me to get the best deal, I need to order $80 worth of groceries for my first box. This is frustrating because I don’t know what to do with $80 worth of produce at one time without a good majority of it spoiling. Lesson learned and BUYER BEWARE.

  5. Okay, so I spoke/wrote too soon. I called customer service and they said that their computers were having difficulty showing the correct deal on one’s account. So, you do actually get an $80 credit that you can use on multiple boxes, or you could shop their “store” and get more than just produce to make up the $80 credit at one time. I am going to use the multiple boxes. Sorry for the confusion. It is always a good idea to talk to customer service! oops :)

  6. Okay Jenn, I realize that this is the last day and I tried to call the customer service with a few questions. The number as wrong for some reason? It said it was a “non-working number.” Anyway, what I want to know is can I get this coupon and then schedule it a few weeks out? We are going to be out of town and won’t be able to get the order. If you know that answer for sure please let me know and I’ll gladly sign up for this today! Thanks Jane

    1. Hi Jane,
      Unfortunately I was traveling by plane all day yesterday & didnt’ see this in time. Sorry about that! I’m pretty sure you can schedule this for any time, though….but I realize it’s too late for the deal now. Sorry!

  7. Thanks for trying to get back to me Jen! I may try this even though the deal is no longer. With delivery to my home I think this would be a great help to me! Is there a referral link in the post that I should use so that you can get credit? I already signed up for Zulily through your link in the post.

    Hope you had a good trip.

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