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Just a quick reminder for those of you who love to hunt for the high-value coupons at Old Navy Weekly – it’s Thursday, which means an update could happen any time this afternoon, evening, or even tomorrow morning!

You have two ways you can stay up-to-date on when the site will update:

-You can check out the Chat Room over at Deal Seeking Source where they will ring a bell to let you know the site has updated and then people will share the coupon locations as they find them. However, that may be full already as the limit is 200 people.
-Check out the Thrifty NW Mom Facebook Fan page where you can post information about when it updates and coupon locations as you find them.
If you’re new to Old Navy Weekly, head on over to their FAQ page, where you will find tips on how to search for coupons and how it all works!
Good luck hunting!!


  1. All of the coupons are the same as last week. Same locations, same amounts. Same annoyance at missing out on the $50 and $75!

  2. There were no high-value coupons which were released-they were gone the moment the site went live, so it looks like their site is having issues tonight-the lower coupons are available but not the high-value coupons.

    I think they might still have another update!

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