Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations – Week of October 22nd

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(Sorry for the delay in posting this – Blogger was down for several hours last night when I attempted to post this)

Well, Old Navy Weekly was quite interesting last night, to say the least! They actually reset twice tonight – the first time it seemed like they were having technical difficulties as no coupons would actually pop up and work (that was around 5:30pm pst/8:30pm est). They then reset again a bit later but it appeared that the coupons were gone within a few minutes at the most.

We never did find the $75 off coupon and it said there were only 100 $50/$100 coupons and 250 $25/$100 coupons. The $50 and $25’s seemed to be gone way too quickly, but I’m hearing reports that a very few people did actually get some. (Update: The m80 site says “Edit: This week’s big ones are the $50 off $100).
Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations::

$75 off $100 – Looks like they did not have a $75/$100 coupon this week.
$50 off $100– Move the bracelets from the gal holding the purse in the middle (wearing red shirt) to the gal on the right in black/white shirt (Michelle) GONE
$10 off $50 – Move the orange scarf (on top right picture) to the green sweater below (bottom right picture)
$25 off $100 – Click on Heather’s boot first (she’s in the middle picture) and then Michelle’s boot (picture on right, she’s wearing black/white) GONE
20% off – Click on the bird that flies in the middle picture. It’s tricky to catch, so you might want to try when the bird lands on the modelquin’s head.
15% off – Move the white plaid shirt and place it on Kelly (on the far right, wearing blue)
10% off when you buy plaid – Move the pink scarf from the purse to go around Amy’s neck (she’s holding the purse & wearing red)
$5 off -Download the “Mad for Plaid” pdf file

Even though the high-value coupons are all gone, there are still some other great coupons you can use at your stores!! I’m hearing reports of many stores which have 50% off the clearance prices as well, with some amazing discounts!! So, grab one of these coupons (20% off, $5 off, etc) and head on out to Old Navy!


  1. The first time the sight reset people did get coupons, the second time was to fix technical problems, no new coupons were awarded second reset (counter never loaded new 50's and 25's)

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