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Macaroni Kid – E-Newsletter with Family Friendly Events in Your Area

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I’ve mentioned Macaroni Kid on my Facebook Fan page a few times, but I wanted to make sure all of you knew about this valuable, FREE resource!  Macaroni Kid offers both a website & a FREE weekly E-newsletter specific to the area you live in & it’s created by moms who are local & live in your area. Macaroni Kid is not just for the Northwest either – they have Macaroni Kid newsletters for many cities & areas around the country. Just head to the main Macaroni Kids website to search for your city & state & see if there is a newsletter for your area. I was introduced to this newsletter last year by a friend & I look forward to the emails each week with the list of fun activities going on around the area. It also was an invaluable resource to me as I wrote our MOPS newsletter last year & included a variety of local events & activities.

Inside their weekly e-newsletter, you’ll find all sorts of ideas for family fun & kid-friendly activities & events going on around the area.  You’ll see a comprehensive, in-depth list of events each week in the newsletter that comes out every Thursday.  You can also head to the Macaroni Kid website for your area at any time & check out the events in list format & a calendar format for all the family-friendly events & activities for the week and for the month.  In addition to featuring events & activities in their newsletters, you’ll also find kid-friendly recipes, arts, crafts & other fun things to try at home, book reviews & more.

On the newsletter & the website, they also have a cool feature – where you can save events to “My Macaroni”, so that you have all of your favorite events in one spot to check throughout the week. They will have a little button on the bottom where it says “Add to my Macaroni” with a “plus” sign. You can then have all of these saved on the website.  You just click on the pink “My Macaroni” tab on the left under the Navigation tabs to have easy access to all the events you’ve saved. {This is a feature that I just found today, so I’m excited to use it for the future now.}

How to follow Macaroni Kid:

  • Sign up for a weekly E-newsletter (delivered on Thursdays right to your inbox) so you can stay on top of all the fun activities going on around the area. Just head to the main Macaroni Kid website & select your state & the city/area you live in to subscribe to the emails
  • Follow them on Facebook – a number of the local Macaroni Kid newsletters also have a Facebook page where you can get additional updates & information. Just search “Macaroni Kid” in the search bar to see all the results.

Here’s a list of all the WA & OR Macaroni Kid newsletters:

Current WA Macaroni Kid locations:

  1. Everett to Camano Island – https://everettmarysville.macaronikid.com/
  2. Mercer Island – https://mercerisland.macaronikid.com/
  3. North Sound – https://northsound.macaronikid.com/
  4. Skagit – https://skagit.macaronikid.com/
  5. Snoqualmie Valley – https://snoqualmievalley.macaronikid.com/
  6. South Puget Sound – https://south-puget-sound.macaronikid.com/
  7. Spokane – https://spokane.macaronikid.com/
  8. The Eastside – https://the-eastside.macaronikid.com/
  9. Wedgewood-University District – https://wedgwood.macaronikid.com/ (new)
  10. West Seattle – https://westseattle.macaronikid.com/ (new)

Current OR Macaroni Kid locations:

  1. West Clackamas County – https://westclackamas.macaronikid.com/
  2. West Portland – https://westportland.macaronikid.com/

And if you don’t find a Macaroni Kid site for the area you live in? Then you should consider becoming a Macaroni Kid publisher mom to create one for parents in your area! {It definitely looks like they need more Oregon moms to sign up to do this!} For more details, contact [email protected].  Sounds like a good work-from-home business opportunity!

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