Instacart Delivery Service – 6 Reasons to Use Instacart + $15 Cash back When You Shop with Instacart!

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Instacart Delivery Service

Instacart Delivery Service – Free $15 Cash Back when you Shop with Instacart

Grocery Delivery Services are really popular right now with many people trying to avoid shopping in the grocery stores when possible. Instacart  delivery service is one of the most popular & widely used grocery delivery service as it is found nationwide & it may be one of the fastest ways for you to get your groceries right now without stepping foot into the store.

And you can even earn $15 cashback for shopping for your groceries from home through Instacart right now thanks to TopCashback. If you are new to TopCashback & sign up for an account & then shop thru Instacart (with a minimum of $15 of groceries), you will earn $15 cashback on your purchase. That’s basically like getting $15 in free groceries after cashback! (This $15 cashback offer is available through Sunday April 26, 2020)

We love grocery pickup, but those services have been quite delayed (up to a week to get a time to pick up groceries in my area) & it can still take time you don’t have to run to the grocery store & back.  So, if you are wanting to stay home & avoid going into stores, Instacart is a great option to consider. Plus, getting $15 cash back just for using the service is an added bonus & can help towards paying the fee for using it.

And if you’d like to earn some extra money – you can also apply to be an Instacart Shopper, too, to earn extra income for your family! We’ve got all the details for you here!

How to Earn $15 Cashback when shopping Instacart Delivery Service:

  • Sign up at for a free account (this offer is for new TopCashBack members only)
  • Make sure to check your email after you create a new account & confirm your email address (this authenticates your new account)
  • Follow the directions on the offer page to purchase. You must spend at least $15 on your groceries through Instacart to receive your $15 cash back
  • Within 7 days of purchase, $15 will appear in your TopCashBack account. You can withdraw this amount within 14 days of your purchase
  • At 14 days after your purchase, you can withdraw your $15 cashback & you can withdraw it into your checking account, Paypal or claim it as gift cards.

6 Reasons to Use Instacart:

  1. Order groceries from home & have them delivered right to your door without leaving your house. This is so helpful at any time if you are sick, have a new baby or want to deliver groceries to someone else such as someone who is elderly or unable to make it to the store. (But especially helpful in this time where we are trying to limit our time in public places)
  2. It is a big time-saver if you are very limited on time – you can shop for your groceries from the comfort of your home & computer or even from work from your phone or tablet. Plus, you won’t have to leave your house to drive to the grocery store & back, so this can be a big time-saver
  3. You can opt to have the Instacart shopper leave the groceries on your doorstep for a completely non-contact delivery (make sure to check the box that gives them permission to do this if you choose to do this)
  4. Shopper may communicate with you via text regarding your order (if you choose the option to have them communicate with you via text) . This is extremely helpful if they are able to communicate with you regarding any substitutions for out of stock items. (Especially during this time period when so many items are out of stock, you can give them guidance on another possible substitution).
  5. Much faster option for receiving your groceries during this time period – when so many people are looking for ways to avoid going into the grocery stores, this is typically a much faster option for receiving your groceries. For example, when I did a sample order today, it said I could receive my groceries within the next 2 hours & grocery pickup for me is at least 3 days out (last week it was a week out for me to order).
  6. More options for groceries in stock – by receiving your groceries faster & choosing the dropoff time, there is a better chance you could get more of your groceries with all of the out of stock concerns there have been with popular items. You can choose to have your shopper shop in the morning when we have found that there tends to be more stock (since they are restocking at night)

Review of Using Instacart:

As most of you heard on Facebook, I was diagnosed with the Covid19 virus in March &  that meant that not only myself, but my family was on quarantine for 3 weeks. This meant we could not come into contact with anyone, so shopping at the grocery store was completely out & we didn’t want to risk even doing grocery pickup & driving during that time to chance coming into contact with anyone. We had friends who were able to pick up some items for us, which was wonderful,  but in order to get a few big grocery runs, we used Instacart for the first time several times.

During the time we tried Instacart, it was difficult to even get a grocery pickup time at all, with all of the time slots being taken. It then changed to where they would push them out a week at a time for grocery pickup. So, Instacart was so much easier for us so we could order our groceries & in both situations, we found times the same day to deliver the groceries. This was so nice as we had definitely not planned ahead enough with fresh produce to have to wait a week to get groceries.

We also loved that our Instacart shopper contacted us during the shop both times to let us know what they were out of & if a substitution was being made. I could text back & ask that no substitutions be made for certain items. (For example, the first time, they texted that there was a substitution for strawberries, but not what it was. It turned out it was frozen strawberries. So when that happened the second time, I told the shopper to not get the strawberries when it was not available fresh).  The Instacart shopper also texted when she left the store to let us know when it would arrive, so that was so helpful to know the exact timing.

Just make sure you factor in the extra costs of using Instacart. It is more expensive to use Instacart, as you will pay both the Instacart shopping fee + tip, but for us, it was a lifesaver & I think it could really help out many families if you need a good option to get groceries delivered.  It was well worth the extra fees for us to have our groceries delivered right to our door!

Things to Know when Using Instacart:

You will be charged a delivery fee of $9.95. Plus you will be charged a tip fee of 5% of your order (which is standard). However you can change this tip amount or wait until after delivery.

Tips are optional, but it’s important to know is that this is the primary means of payment for your shopper. They do receive a smaller amount from Instacart, but the tips is where they make their money for doing all the work for you. 100% of the tip goes directly to your delivery person. So, just factor that amount in to the fees you will be paying for using the service & having someone not only do all the shopping for you, but also drive your groceries to your house!

Reader Sheri shared that she has had better luck with going straight to the grocery store website & choosing delivery as an option versus using the Instacart app to shop on a regular basis.

Reader Melissa is an Instacart shopper & she recommends utilizing the “notes” section & be very specific on any substitutions or changes you would want (especially for items that could be out of stock).

Terms & Conditions for the Top Cashback Offer:

Note: Transactions must contain at least $15.00 worth of purchases to ensure the $15.00 cash back is credited to TopCashback accounts. Transactions may initially track lower, but within the 14 days after purchase it will be uplifted and turn payable at the amount of $15.00. Transactions may take up to 7 days to appear in your TopCashback account. The deal is open until 11:59pm PST on 4/26/2020 or until supplies run out; whichever happens first; applicable for purchases made directly after clicking through TopCashback. Only one TopCashback account is permitted per member.  Cannot be combined with other TopCashback freebie offers.  Do not close the window, open any new tabs, or use non-TopCashback approved coupons while checking out.

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