Homemade Gift Idea: Snowman in a Bag Kit

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Snowman In a Bag Kit

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If you’re looking for a last-minute gift to give your neighbors or friends for Christmas, here’s a fun idea – Snowman in a Bag Kits!  This is a snowman accessories kit you can give as a fun, thrifty gift for Christmas or when we get our next snow.

Items you’ll need:

Materials for Snowman in a Bag Kit

  • A scarf  – You could use fleece and cut and glue or sew together.  Or just find an inexpensive scarf at the Dollar Tree – I found a few different colors in scarves

Santa Hat for Snowman Kit

  • Hat – also an easy one to find at the Dollars store. I found Santa hats for $1 since we are using them for Christmas gifts.
  • 7 medium sized stones about 2-3 inches in size – Have your kids paint them black (my boys LOVED this)
  • Large black buttons – I got mine at Walmart in a large pack for $2

Carrots for Snowman in a Bag Kit

  • Carrots: You can get fake carrots at Michaels – a 3 pack for $4 (even cheaper if you use a Michael’s coupon).  Or you could get a carrot with roots still attached (the roots seem to help extend their life) about a day or so before you deliver your Snowman Kit.

How to put together your Snowman in a Bag Kit:

Snowman Bag:

Parts of a Snowman Kit

I sewed a little snowman draw string bag, but you could make something similar with a white paper gift bag.  For sewing the bag,  I used an old white sheet and used Wonder Under (available at Walmart or fabric store) to applique the “carrot and coal” on.  I then sewed on buttons for the eyes.  Making  the bag took a little more time than I would probably do if I were trying to mass produce them-but I think it will make a fun and unique gift for my niece and nephews so it was worth the extra effort.

No-Sew Option for Snowman Bag

Snowman in a Bag Kit out of Paper Bag

You could use a white or brown paper gift sack and draw or paint a snowman face,  if you don’t sew and it would turn out super cute, too!

“Snowman in a Bag” Tag: 

You can then make a cute little tag explaining that this is a Snowman in a Bag Kit.

Here’s what the tag could say:

Snowman Kit: Just add snow! Includes a hat, scarf, button eyes, coal mouth, and carrot

Snowman Soup:

You could also include the ingredients for Snowman Soup inside your kit.

Recipe for Snowman Soup:

  • 1 packet of hot chocolate
  • 1 mini candy cane
  • 2 Tbsp of mini marshmallows

Snowman Soup Poem:

I was told you’ve been real good this year.

Always glad to hear it!

With freezing weather drawing near,

You’ll need to warm the spirit.

So here’s a little Snowman Soup

Complete with stirring stick.

Add hot water, sip it slow.

It’s sure to do the trick!

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By contributor Sarah


  1. Such a cute idea, love this! There are so many cute ideas over on her page. I’d have to say my favorite is a toss up between the crayon monogram and the dictionary “peace on earth” foam ball ornament! :)

  2. I checked out her blog several times and my 8 year old son and I are going to make her pies in mason jars this week for him to give to his friends and teachers! She has tons of cool ideas out there and can’t wait to look at some more! Thanks for this contest!

  3. I just love the snowman bag kit…and the crayon monogram and the ornament/gift toppers….what a wonderful website….I will definately be back! Thank you!

  4. All of her craft ideas are wonderful!! My fave are the branch reindeers… I’m going to attempt to make those myself with my 5 yr old daughter!

  5. Love all the wonderful craft ideas. I try to make presents for my co-workers and my daughters teachers every year. I will be adding these to my list. Thanks

  6. I LOVED the crayon monogram! My daughter loves to make her gifts and I’ve been wondering what to make her teachers now that she’s in kindergarten – that idea is GENIUS! I think frames are on sale at Michaels too, either this week or next week!

  7. Wow I love all of her stuff. Her furniture redo are awesome. The tree pillow. I love this blog. I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you.

  8. I love her blog and I love the clothes pin wreath. I am wanting to make one and use it for Christmas cards.

  9. I just love the Snowman kit idea. Love Love Loved it!!! Also liked the pies in the mason jars. Great ideas!!!

  10. This kit is so incredibly darling–I can’t wait to make it! I really love the button wreath (and the cookie monster cupcakes!!). I am so excited to have found a fun new blog to read!

  11. I love her blog–awesome! Her crayon monogram was adorable & I’m seriously thinking about doing the wrapped 12 days before Christmas.

  12. I love the snow man in a bag and the crayon monogram. We are planning on making the snow man in a bag for our secret santa family.

  13. I love the cupcake ornament. I have seen these all over this year but they seem so expensive. I’m looking forward to collecting the materials and making them for next year!

  14. You have really got some cute ideas on your blog. I love the snowman in a bag and the crayon monogram. Very cute!

  15. Oh, my. I just got completely sucked into that blog. Like most everyone else, I LOVE the crayon monogram. I’m also really digging those Cookie Monster cupcakes!

  16. OMG, the crayon monogram is adorable! What a thrifty use for all of those boxes of broken crayons!

  17. It is so hard to choose just one of her great ideas! So far one of my favorites is the snowman in a bag.

  18. Super Cute! All the things she can do with a foam ball to make it into an ornament….! What a fun website, thanks for sharing!

  19. I love the tradition of unwrapping and reading a Christmas book for each of the 25 days before the big day. I also loved the mini-Mason jar pie idea – I’m definitely going to steal that one!

  20. The idea of wrapping your Christmas books is great! The snowman in a bag is adorable and I really like the “snowman soup” idea. Cute!

  21. All the ideas are super cute! I just think the snowman in a bag is such an original and wonderful idea! That would have really come in handy last month during the snow!:)

  22. I love the pies in mason jars. I’m making some of those for my son’s preschool teachers this year!

  23. I love her great ideas… the clothespin wreath and looking forward to making pies in mason jars! :)

  24. I love all of her ideas, but especially the wrapping of the books and opening a new one every night for the 12 days! Love that! I will defiantly do that next year with my son. I also liked the cupcake ornament that she made out of the foam ball! Too cute!!

  25. I love Chicky Momma Crafts! My son and I are planning on making the crayon monogram for his teacher, and I’m going to try my hand at mason jar pies for extended family this Christmas. We’re also starting the “Countdown to Christmas” book thing tonight. She’s got some really fantastic ideas, and I check in on her blog regularly. :-)

  26. Love her site, and adore the clothespin wreath idea. I think I will do that and use it display received Christmas cards. So great!

  27. I love the stick reindeer and of course the snow man kit is fabulous. I will definitely check out this site again.

  28. I couldn’t help but start fresh and new from the beginning of her blog posts. As I was working my way towards current time, I found myself overjoyed by her post, “little squirt” on May 9, 2009.
    What a darling idea!! About a year ago, I attended a friends’ baby shower and was happy with the lil 5-set of onsies I’d picked up at the store. Until I saw the guest of honor open a gift, in wrapping unfamiliar to me, that was the EXACT SAME GIFT!!
    I felt so unoriginal and mediocre that I swore never to bring a blah-gift again. Since then, I’ve gifted some cute embroidered onesies with wings, boys onsies with robots & rockets stenciled onto them, and some hand painted (by a loving 2yr. old soon-to-be-big-brother) burpies as a surprise to the parents.
    Needless to say, this simple yet playful design of themed burpies will soon enter my repertoire of wonderful baby gifts!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  29. I absolutely LOVE the idea of wrapping the Christmas books up as presents and unwrapping one to read every day. I know my kids would love that. In fact, I’m going to be wrapping tonight to at least be able to do it for however many days are left this year! Thanks for the idea!

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