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I have a surprise for you all – I am giving away one $50 off $100 coupon for Old Navy!!! For those of you who were in the chat room with me yesterday, you know my husband found the $50 off $100 in less than a minute or two (Go Ben!!) so we were able to snag a coupon!! I think most everyone who was in the chat room at the time was able to get it, too–but I know there were a number of you who weren’t able to be on at that time or just missed it, or may not have realized Old Navy would update last night. I honestly wasn’t sure it would update either–which is why I didn’t send out a Facebook group message, which I usually do on the days when it’s scheduled to update (kicking myself for that one! :( ).

So, I thought it would be very fun to be able to share the coupon with one of my loyal readers, especially if you’re someone who hasn’t gotten a high-value coupon yet!! Of course, I have no idea whether you’ve gotten one or not, but I’m hoping that the people who enter will be those who have yet to get a good coupon during the Old Navy Weekly coupon hunt and could really use one!!! And just remember that you will have to spend $50 to get $100 worth of clothes!!
It’s a GREAT time to use it, though, as this coupon is good thru Father’s Day, June 21st!!!! AND….a number of men’s items are 50% off right now–so you could score some great deals on Father’s day gifts!!!

This is going to be a short giveaway, so you have plenty of time to use your coupon—and I will be able to email the coupon to the winner!! It will end on Monday night 9/15 at 9pm PST! You will then have all week until Sunday the 21st to use your coupon!! Here’s how you can enter::

Required Entry::

1) Tell us what your favorite item is at Old Navy or what you’re hoping to buy with the coupon.

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This giveaway will end at 9pm PST on Monday, June 15th . The winner will be selected by and will be posted on this blog as well as emailed or contacted on your blog. You will have 24 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will need to be selected!
**I also have another fantastic giveaway coming up – this was just a bonus one!! I’m sure you guys will love the next one -it’s to another popular store!! I will be gone over the weekend, but you can still submit your entries during that time.


  1. i like the sandals and kids shoes…also love love love the little bathing suits for my daughter

    krisemma (at)msn(DOT)com

  2. I would pick up some baby clothes for my little one and some clothes for my husband for father's day. And I may splurge for something for myself, but only if it was on clearance! :)

  3. My favorite item is really not just one item at all but is all of their little boys section. I find some killer cute clothes for Joey there at extremely wonderful prices.

  4. I want to use the coupon for all the 'events' that I have coming up in
    the next month! My son is turning 3 and is finally going to be able to
    hold up size 3 pants! He is so slim, we have been in size 2 for
    awhile! Then father's day (for my dad and husband) as well as my
    husband's birthday… With men's 1/2 off, this is such an added and
    awesome bonus to use that great coupon! And I love to find deals for
    my 9 month of daughter! Of course, I would love a little something new
    too – new pair of jeans? Why do mom's needs seem to be last?!

    From Stephanie (Sent by email)

  5. I already subscribed to your blog a few weeks ago and follow it daily!
    I love the other blog link's too. Such great deals out there:)

    Stephanie S (by email)

  6. If I win the coupon I will buy myself a much needed pair of jeans. Wearing maternity jeans at 3months is just not a good look. Also I will buy my husband some Fathers Day gifts, this is his first fathers day and I would like to make it special. And I'm sure I won't get out of ON without getting something for my daughter. And always clearance shopping as much as possible!

  7. I love everything in the toddler boy section, it all fits my son perfectly. I'd probably spend most of it on him, although I could use a few new shirts myself.

  8. And I added you to my blogroll, I think. once again new at this. If I didn't just let me know.

  9. Wow, lucky you! I can never seem to get a good coupon there. Well, I have to say that I would probably buy myself something to wear this summer. I am always buying the kids things and never anything for me. I need some summer skirts/shorts bad!! Thanks for the chance. Stacy

  10. I would make my mother hike down to Old Navy (we just relocated to Germany from the States with the military) and get my kids loaded up on clothes for my 3yr old little boy, and 3month little girl….with perhaps a little something for me. Guess I would have to shop online, send it to my mom and make her look around Old Navy to find it all. Like treasure-hunting! :)

  11. how sweet of you! we would all shop together as a family. my hubby rarely gets new things and is still wearing things from highschool (as am I, ha!) and we are always looking for good deals on clothing for the kids. :-)

  12. subscribed by rss. i think that's the first time i've done this. i was intimidated to start that, but seems kinda cool. :-)

  13. by adding to your blogroll, do you mean become a follower?? (can you tell i dont use blogger regularly??) if so, i am a follower. :-)

  14. I love their girl clothes!! I have two daughters that love shopping and would love to spoil them and myself with some clothes

  15. What don't I love is more like it! The boys are growing like weeds and I am hoping to get them some ne duds!

  16. I love Women's Cross-Front Ruffle Dress! I would also get stuff for my kids.

    itsonlyjc AT hotmail DOT com

  17. hubby is laid off and i have two kids that need summer outfits. that would be so good to have to be able to get the some outfits so they can have so new summer outfits. my children are 4 and almost 2 so it would be great that is what i would use it on thanks for the chance to win

  18. I would like to buy some summer t shirts and a new scarf for myself. Maybe some new clothes for starting school next fall, too. If any is left over, I'd contribute to my sister's and her kiddies wardrobes. Thank you!

    [email protected]

  19. Hello! Thanks for giving those of us who seem to always miss out on the high priced coupons a chance to win one!
    I'm an impoverished college student and so I would like to buy some of those items that I'd like to have but that I really can't afford. I need a new jacket, swimsuit, and I'd love to buy some athletic clothing since I'm a yoga girl. I'd also like to buy some pants since I haven't bought a new pair of pants in over a year, I've been living off of hand me downs! I'd also want to buy my best friend a couple of things since she's in the same boat I am.

  20. Hi, Thanks for this opportunity. I've never been coordinated enough to get a good coupon from Old Navy. I would like to buy some clothes for work, especially some nice capris for summer. I would share the coupon with my husband and see what he could find.
    Thanks again, it's great to read a blog from a fellow northwest girl.

    [email protected]

  21. I would get some shirts for my kiddo, some shorts for the hubby and some capris and tops for me.
    Thanks for the chance!

    mommy1113 at gmail dot com

  22. I am hoping to get a new swimsuit to wear to Girls Camp this summer. Also, my oldest daughter needs a few new summer clothes, she has grown so much over the last couple months, I can't even believe it!

    [email protected]

  23. Love your blog! Thank you for all the work you do. I would love the Old Navy coupon. Kiddos still need summer clothes.

  24. I'd check out the clearance rack for the kids and get a swim suit for myself. Summer is a coming!!

  25. My favorite is the cute kids clothes! Its never to early to start shopping for the new school year! It adds up way to fast anyways so might as well start doing it now a little at a time. Plus I LOVE SHOPPING!!!

    [email protected]

  26. I so love your blog! Thank you for the deals. I am hoping to get some jeans for my husband. He wears his out until they have holes everywhere :)

  27. I've got my eye on the Transformers T-shirts for my 2 little guys. And of course a little something for me…maybe a fun bag.

  28. They have some cute new sandals that I would love to have, and I could really use a new swimsuit, too.

  29. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and starting to outgrow my regular clothes…so I'd LOVE to buy a few of their great maternity items! I'm lovin' their capris and their maxi dresses. They look so comfy!


    annashopper at gmail dot com

  30. I love their plain T-shirts because they seem to be longer, which I need because I'm tall. I'd also love to get a new swimsuit!

  31. I love Old Navy's layering tanks and wear them all the time! They're without a doubt my favorite basic. I've had some for a few years that are looking a bit shabby and could really use replacing! I'll probably also spend some time looking for good father's day gifts for my dad and my brother.


  32. Hey! Awesome giveaway! My husband just lost 50 lbs and I'm taking him shopping for fathers day! I'd LOVE to shop the men's clothing at OLD NAVY! All the men's clothes are 50% off!

  33. Just wanted to let you know what I love best about Old Navy. I'm a teacher so I love the wonder knit scoop neck t-shirts in all of
    the wonderful colors. I typically wear khaki's everyday and just change out the shirts because I can throw the pants in the washer
    with bleach if I need to do so. I'm not the "have to stay in your seat" type, so my class does lots of experiments and projects. We do
    get dirty! I also like the flip-flips. They are soooooo comfy and stylish too.

    If I won the coupon I would by my husband and two boys some clothes. The boys seem to outgrow shorts and shirts before my eyes.
    Thank God for healthy kids. I need to get my husband some shorts also. They would make a great Father's Day gift. And last but not least, I would get a couple of tees for myself and a pair of flip-flops. Thanks for doing the giveaway. It is appreciated!

    Sarah Lynn (by email)

  34. My favorite thing (like many others it looks like) is their clothes for baby boys. It is hard to find cute stuff for boys! But, the coupon would definitely be used to get some much needed and deserved clothes for myself!

  35. I also added you on Facebook, my name is Kendal Romero so that way you know who I am:)

    (added this one for Kendall –since she had this listed with another entry)

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