Free Sample of Starbucks Via – 4 pack of Natural Infusions {Free sample gone, $1/1 coupon instead}

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Update: The free sample offer is gone, but if you play the memory game, you can get a $1 off 1 Starbucks Via coupon.

Starbucks is offering a new FREE sample of their new flavored Starbucks Via Natural Infusions.  All you need to do is play the Starbucks Memory Game (it’s actually pretty fun! :) ) – and at the end, you’ll be able to claim your prize (you do need to be registered at, too).  The prize is a a FREE 4 pack sample of the new Starbucks Via Natural Infusions Flavored instant coffee. This is a great way to try out the new flavors to see if you like them.

So, I’m curious who has the fastest time…who’s the expert memory player??   I was pretty darn slow – let’s blame it on it being a Monday morning.  1 minute & 10 seconds! Eek! I’m sure many of you will be faster than me! ;)

Thanks The Thrifty Couple!


  1. Thanks! I bought Via last week when they had the buy a pack/get a free tall coffee offer going on. And I’ve been very impressed!

  2. I just bought some yesterday…our barista gave us my husband’s venti quad shot for free if we bought a pack! But we love free samples too:)

  3. Just did this and unfortunately missed out on the free samples – just got a coupon…maybe next time!

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